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Although the bf and I go out for dinner all the time I don’t think we really do enough other date night (probably my fault) so this weekend we went bowling, just the two of us and it was such good fun!

I’ll admit that I never win him at anything that required physical activity other than at a golf driving range and he totally taught me everything I know. I’m not the best loser so luckily he also helped me through bowling and I think I got my first spare and strike in the last ten years!

We went to All Star Bowling Lanes which I’ve actually been to before and it’s by far the best bowling alley I’ve ever been to! It’s not too big and I would recommend booking but it’s got a real luxurious feel to it.

After our two games of bowling (and yes I lost both) we, of course, had to have dinner, because what is date night with no food? The menu is very American-inspired, with all the burgers, hot dogs and nachos you would expect. We shared a Popcorn Squid, which is probably the best squid I’ve ever had as I love crispy food and I went for the Meatball Hoagie off the specials menu, Mike got a burger and we shared some chips. Actually, we ended up sharing our whole meal, since sharing is caring and he really wanted to try the meatballs.

The meatballs were so good and I’d highly recommend them (I did remove the cheese on my half as I try not to eat dairy) but they are limited edition so you’ll have to get in there this month to try them for yourself. Oh, also get the Gin and Elderflower Julep Jar, such a good cocktail!

Would highly recommend All Stars for a date night or just hanging out with friends and there are four London locations and one in Manchester but check out their website for more info.

What should we do for our next date night? I was thinking some sort of exhibition, please leave recommendations in the comments

1. Hair removal
Not the most glamorous but the last thing I want to worry about whilst I’m away is if I have shaven my legs or not. I like to get all my waxing, threading and shaving done before hand but if I’m going for more than a few days I’ll still pack a razor and tweezer just in case.

2. In-depth Skincare
Of course I’m not suggesting that I leave all my skincare at home but If I am only going for a day or two I make sure I have a pamper session; face masks, exfoliators and intense oils before I go so that I don’t have to take this away with me but also so that my skin can look as good as possible whilst I’m away.

3. Teeth whitening
I don’t whiten my teeth regularly but a little top up before I leave is always nice if I have time.

4. Paint your nails
I think a pedicure and manicure are essential especially when I’m going to be wearing sandals but I make sure I do it no more than a day before I leave to get the most wear from it. If I’m away for longer than a couple of days I’ll go for a at home gel top coat such as Leighton Denny Top That!

5. Fake Tan
Not everyone loves fake tan and I tend to skip it if I’m off somewhere where I’ll get a natural tan but otherwise it’s a must, makes me feel so much happier, look slimmer and I just prefer the look, especially in photos.

5 More things….
1. Set your ‘Out of Office’
2. Clear memory cards and space on your phone
3. Charge all electronics
4. Grab some travel entertainment (music, films, magazines, books)
5. Clear out your handbag.

1. Try out the perfect summer plait
I’ve been trying all week to do the perfect fishtail plait but my hair is a little too short but I love a good plait in the summer, especially when by the pool/sea.

2. Invest in a good underwear
A few weeks ago I went to Rigby & Peller for a fitting, I was really blown away by how beautiful every piece was and also that they done large sizes. They were also not as expensive as I expected but really great quality, a lovely treat and who doesn’t feel better when they’re wearing good underwear? If you do pop in take a look at the Maison Lejaby pieces which are potentially my favourite!

3. Up your water intake
I’ve been carrying water around with me everywhere, especially now the weather is hot. I love my reusable bottles as it’s so much cheaper than buying it on the go, better for the environment and means I always have it on me.

4. Organise your wardrobe for summer
I’ll have a whole post on this tomorrow so stay tuned for that but I always find organising it for the season reminds me of what I have, gives me more space and helps me clear items out.

5. Go for a late night walk
Make the most out of the beautiful weather which we are experiencing and the warm summer nights by going for a long walk around your city. If you’re London based than the South Bank is my favourite!

Image credits here and here via Pinterest

1. Enjoy the sunshine
There aren’t many months to enjoy the sunshine in London and since this month is looking like it will be filled with sunshine then we simply must make the most out of it!

2. Explore Kings Cross
Kings Cross has recently been renovated and there is so much to see and do now. I enjoy just people watch in Granary Square in the sunshine but you can also visit platform 9 3/4, do a little shopping or enjoy some food. For food I would recommend Caravan although Dishroom is next on my list.

3. Watch the Queens Birthday Parade
Although it doesn’t take place on the Queens actual birthday, the parade on June 13th, promises to be a display of military tradition.

4. Find the best place for dinner al fresco

5. Check out the Covent Garden Beauty Stores
Covent garden has some great beauty stores at the moment; Lush, L’Occitane, Chanel, Bobbi Brown and Clinique.

Swarovski Pen Available from THBaker

1. Find a green tea you love
It seems everyone is drinking green tea but if you’re not a huge fan why not try the Clipper flavoured Green teas, Mango Green Tea is my personal favourite but they have a whole range. I’ve also been using the Masque Bar Green Tea Sheet Mask which is almost the same, right?

2. Wash your makeup brushes
I always need an extra push to do this but it feels great once it’s done, find out how I deep clean my brushes using items you can find in your kitchen and bathroom here.

3. Get some beauty sleep
Beauty sleep isn’t a myth and getting less then eight hours sleep can have a negative effect on your skin, earlier this week I spoke about my skin after five nights of 6 hours sleep and it wasn’t pretty. Check out my results here.

4. Explore the drugstore
There are so many great products in the drugstore that it would be a shame to not spend a bit of time exploring and finding products you’ll love. If you need a bit of a guide I have shared some of my favourite drugstore brands here.

5. Start your morning with a work out
With June only a few days away, there has never been a better time to start working out. If you don’t like the gym try running outside or I’ve been loving Gilian Michael’s 30 Day Shred which you can find on YouTube.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!