rome wimbLast week before heading to Rome I decided that I didn’t want a big handbag that I had to lug around with me all day whilst sight seeing and eating ice cream. I had a online for handbags which I could wear cross  body and which were also light-weight and pretty. I spotted this Dorothy Perkins one on the House of Fraser website and fell in love with it as it can also be worn as a clutch.

My boyfriend was a bit of a star in Rome and offered to carry my DSLR camera in his rucksack so I just had to pack a few more of my essentials.

In terms of beauty I kept it minimal, a Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder to obviously powder my face but which also has a great size mirror, to go with that I packed my Real Techniques Setting Brush- it’s my favourite! Just incase my eyeliner did decide to melt off (it was warmmm!) I packed my Sisley So Intense Liner and my Burberry Full Kisses lipstick in Rose Apricot for post pizza application.

With that there are a few essentials; a phone charger and european adapter, my vlogging camera for quick videos and my favourite La Moda Sunglasses. When trying to keep my bag light I also swap out my big chunky purse for a smaller coin purse, this one actually lives inside my larger purse so is really convenient. In my purse I kept the basics; ID, money and my bank card.

I’m so glad I kept it light for Rome as we walked so much! I can’t wait to share more Rome posts over the coming month so keep an eye out!

Just before the Christmas madness starts and all I post about is the festive season I thought I would share what new products I received this month. Theres been quite a lot of products arriving, largely for Christmas but I think I chose a nice edit for this video, with a variety of highend and more affordable bits. 

I must admit I have been going between nude nail polishes for the last few months, I think they look modern, polished, effortlessly chic and easy to wear. I wasn’t overly wowed initially by Burberry Nude Rose, £15 in the bottle but once applied to the nail my view quickly changed.

The Burberry packaging is beautiful and luxurious, the brush is really easy use, applies the polish evenly and quickly. I was surprised to find that this colour actually only required two modest coats for a even, opaque colour. The colour is a nude/pink, pink enough that your hands look polished rather than washed out.

For a base and top coat I went for Ciate Underwear Base Coat, £12 & Speed Coat, £12 I am in love with these and would highly recommend them if you are looking for a base and top coat. The top coat is the best one I have tried, my nails dry almost instantly and it leaves a high gloss finish which almost looks like gel- I can’t see myself using anything else!

Can I wear this nail combo for the rest of the year please?

When I apply makeup I see foundation, concealer, mascara and a cheek product as the absolute essentials (actually probably just foundation and mascara) but if I had to pick wether to apply a lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner or something else then liner will always win.

That said I feel like I am still on the quest for the perfect liner, that doesn’t fade, is intensely black but the most difficult is that I need one that won’t transfer. I have tried so many different liners but unless powder my eyelids I find they always transfer.

One I have been using for a while now is the Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, it’s a great felt tip pen which stays black for a good amount of time. I quite like that the tip is a sturdy one as I think it gives great control but after using if for about a year I decided to move onto a thinner more precise tip although I still come back to it every now and then. It’s a great liner for any beginners and I always have one in my collection.

I then moved on to the Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick and Burberry Effortless Liquid Eyeliner, both of which are excellent but also very similar. Packaging wise they are almost identical apart from the colouring and they both have really fine, flexible tips which are great for a really fine liner look. I do find that as the Burberry Effortless Liquid Liner is slightly finer I don’t get quite as much control but it is also a little blacker than the Charlotte Tilbury so it’s hard to pick a favourite from the two. They are my go-to for a really fine line that lasts all day.

I’ve recently come back to Illamasqua Precision Ink which is the darkest one I have ever tried. Unlike the others mentioned this isn’t a pen which means you pick up quite a lot of product which isn’t great if you want a particularly thin liner look, however I find it to be the most waterproof and last all day without moving.

I now need to venture into affordable eyeliners but I am yet to find any that I really love or that stay black for long enough, when I do I’ll be sure to report back.

Along with having a tan I would say pretty coloured nails can really brighten my mood, these five are my current favourites and the ones I will be reaching for to lift my mood over the next few month.

I realise that Nails Inc VVB Bamboo White (review here) isn’t cheap, possibly the most expensive in my collection but I have worn it so much since getting it: it’s perfect! Although it’s quite a natural shade it looks effortlessly chic and works both on long and short nails, I’m already considering buying another bottle but it’s a shame it is only available as a duo as I haven’t had much wear from the red.

Another alternative which is quite classic but much brighter is Burberry Bright Coral Red, which applies like a dream and can really carry you from spring into summer. I also love a bright blue polish in spring (actually all year round) and have really fallen for the new Bourjois La Laque range, this one is in Only Bluuuue.

In terms of pastels, which are a must, my two favourites are Barry M Speedy in Eat My Dust (review here) and Gosh Apple Bloom. This Barry M one dries really quickly so it’s a great one when you a rushing out the door and don’t have much time but Gosh Apple Bloom is beautiful too and I think pastel green often gets forgotten.

Off to paint my nails now, probably Nails Inc VVB Bamboo White… again.