After spend a while fighting this months Carmine Box* I finally managed to open it and uncover the goodies inside!

 The November Carmine Box contains 5 products:
 Lulu’s time bomb Flashback night cream.
Made by Scottish singing legend Lulu, this powerful anti-ageing cream will turn back the hands of time while you get a good night’s rest!
New CID I-pout Lipstick in pink bliss
Glamour will know no limits once you’re equipped with this revolutionary lipstick complete with a built-in light and mirror! 
Dainty Doll Eyeliner Pencil in Night Train
This fun, versatile stick of colour comes from the make-up line of celebrity fashion and pop icon Nicola Roberts
Neom Body Lotion
The organic bath and body equivalent to champagne will leave you smelling delightful and feeling silky smooth from head to toe.
Cosmetics A La Carte Brow Ink in Taupe
The organic bath and body equivalent to champagne will leave you smelling delightful and feeling silky smooth from head to toe.

This months box contained three full size products which I found quite impressive however I still think the actual box is far too big! It looked rather empty as the product it included this month weren’t very big. I was glad that it had 3 makeup products and I think this swayed my opinion on this months box!

I love the New CID lipstick and have been wearing it ever since I got it, it’s nice that it was included in the box as I would probably never have tried it otherwise. The Dainty Doll eyeliner is a great colour and would is a colour most people can wear however as the range is aimed at paler skins I don’t think the pigmentation is great and it may not work on me. I haven’t tried any of the other products but I can not wait to try the Brow Ink!

Above: Me wearing New CID Lipstick

I am trying to conclude this post with my favourite November beauty box but I actually think that this month both Glossy Box & Carmine have sent out great boxes! I can’t wait to see next months hopefully because it’s Christmas it will be a good one!

For more information and to subscribe have a look at their website

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*PR Sample

There is a new beauty box in town called Carmine* and now that I have review Glossy Box, Boudoir Prive and the Feel Unique Box I thought it would be good to review this one too.

The first thing I always realise about these boxes is the packaging. I know that some people don’t think the packaging matters too much but I think the presentation is very important. The Carmine box is bigger then any of the other beauty boxes, black on the outside and green and red on the inside. Green and red?! Green and red just doesn’t appeal to me and makes this actual box fall right to the bottom in terms of presentation. I also think that the box is just too big and I doubt they will every fill it. I felt like the box was too empty if the box was smaller I would probably get more excited instead of thinking is that it? One the plus side I do like the red and black slightly different to the usual pink and black.

Really the imporatant thing about the box is the content so what was inside?

Inside the October box there is…

Eye Delight in Peach and Ice-Daniel Sandler
Frat Boy All-in-one Shadow/Blush-The Balm
Nail Repair Natural-Trind
Quenching Sorbet-Crème-Caudalie
Super Moisturising Hand Cream-Balance Me
I was quite impressed with the content of this box for me the two makeup products really attract me and I like that its not all about skin care. I am very keen on Hand Creams so this box is perfect for me! There is a three full size products and two not which is great! Plus, there are none of those tiny perfume samples which I am always disappointed to see in beauty boxes.
As this is the first box that they have released it is hard for me to recommend it as I have no idea what the next one may be like, this could simply be a good one to tempt you in or it could get even better. Everything considered I still prefer the Feel Unique box there was something about the packaging, the size of the box and the content that really appealed to me.
I can not wait to see what the future boxes from Carmine way hold!
The Carmine box is £10 + P&P and is available on a monthly subscription, although if you chose the 12 month plan you get a free box.
What Beauty appeals to you the most?
Click here to view their website and here to order your own box.
Sabrina X

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