I love changing my phone case but they can become quite expensive and even difficult to store. By making these you are able to buy a very inexpensive clear case and regularly change the inside image cheaply and no one will have the same case as you.

All you need is a clear case (my phone case is from here), a pair of scissors, a pen and some paper. Easy.

Get creative, you can use magazines, print outs, crafting paper, fabric, menu’s, maps, drawings (even from your child), photographs, wallpaper, wrapping paper and so much more.

– Draw around your phone and carefully cut out the shape ever so slightly smaller.
-Put the paper in the case and insert your phone
-Once you are happy it is the right size carefully draw inside the camera lens and flash hole.
-Remove the paper and cut out the hole using scissors or a craft knife but don’t worry if it isn’t perfect the case usually hides it

Super easy to change whenever you get bored or simply find something fun to replace it with!

Will you be giving this a go? What will you put in yours?
I’d love to see them if you do- tweet me @sabrinalovesyou

PS. I have another phone case idea, would you like to see it?
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