I love liquid eyeliner but even with daily practice applying eyeliner can still be a little tricky so when I heard of these new 3-end dot felt tip liners which are suppose to make applying almost fool proof I couldn’t wait to try it. They have 3 tips which you apply to the lash line in dots and once they are all joined up they are suppose to make a perfect line.

I have two of these types of eyeliners the first one I got was from Clarins and I have used it for quite a while but I also recently got a new Bourjois one. Personally I found these eyeliners a little harder to use than I expected- you have to make sure you are always holding the eyeliner in exactly the right position and achieving a flick or thicker line can prove tricky. However, I do think if you are not use to using liquid eyeliner and all you are after is a thin line along the lash line then this is worth a go but if you are after something thicker than it gets a little trickier.

 The Clarins 3-Dot Liner and the Bourjois Intuitive Liner are very similar; the packing is almost the same (other than the writing, of course) and the brushes are pretty much identical. The only difference I really found was the difference in colour, the Clarins one applies quite a bit darker and is a very dark black whereas the Bourjois isn’t quite as dark. I did also find that the Bourjos eyeliner was slightly runnier (maybe that’s why it isn’t as dark) but once set they are both completely smudge proof!

The other large difference is the price; the Clarins liner retails for £20 and the Bourjois one retails for just £7 which is a lot less (almost a third!!) but is it worth spending the extra cash? In short, no. I do prefer the Clarins liner as I think the intensity of the colours is much better but I hadn’t had them right beside each other I wouldn’t have realised much of a difference.

The Clarins 3-dot liner is available for £20 and the Bourjois Intuitive liner is available for £7 (from next week from Superdrugs & Boots

Which eyeliner will you be trying?
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