My Favourite Apps

I finally got a new phone! It took me ages, until a few days ago I still had an iPhone 5 which is fine but since my work is largely online and involves taking lots of… View Post

January Favourites

I’m not really too sure how we’re into the second month of 2016 but we sure are! I’m hoping February will be a fun month so I’m actually really looking forward  to it but more… View Post

5 People to Follow on Snapchat

Snapchat is quickly becoming one of my favourite social media platforms, I love how instant it is and that they only last 24 hours. I catch up on Snapchat everyday before bed and view them… View Post

Summer Non Beauty Favourites

With autumn starting in a couple of weeks time I though I would quickly recap some of my non-beauty favourites. I totally missed Augusts beauty favourites on my YouTube channel but that just means I’ll… View Post

May Beauty Favourites

Although it’s hard to believe judging by the weather today in London, somehow June starts tomorrow! This both excites and scares me greatly, I’m excited for the sunshine but not quite ready for shorts and… View Post