Bra Shopping for a Bigger Bust

I really had no idea what to call this post or even how to go about writing it but it’s something I’ve always wanted to write a little bit about, ever since starting my blog… View Post

Unwinding with New Nintendo 3DS

When Nintendo asked me to try out one of their new New Nintendo 3DS and game I wasn’t too sure if it was something I would enjoy but since I loved Nintendo when I was younger and I have a friend which… View Post


If you’re a long time reader of ALO then you will be use to this post. Every summer I am lucky enough to escape London for the month of August and head to Portugal and… View Post

My Commuting Makeup

I’m afraid to say that I would rather spend an extra 5 minutes in bed and do my mascara on the bus than get up 5 minutes earlier. I know it’s frowned upon by some… View Post