I may as well start this post by stating that I know these outfit’s won’t be too everyones taste but whilst at the Hilton hotel I took a few pictures of what I was wearing.

The one item in both pictures are my Disco Pants, sadly I can’t justify the £75 (or however much they are) American Apparel Disco Pants but was really excited to receive the Glamorous* version through the post. I didn’t think I would like them at first as I thought they would make me look larger but although they don’t make me look smaller, they also don’t make me look larger. I got them in a size 12 and am usually a size 10/12, they fit really well although they are slightly large around my waist but going a size down would have meant they wouldn’t of fitted my thighs. I can’t compare them to any others as I don’t have them but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative (only £30) I would highly recommend them!

Skull Jumper: £28 Multi Fleck Jumper £10
The skull jumper has also become a bit of a favourite, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first but it’s the perfect jumper to throw on. It’s a good medium thickness, slightly slouchy and is a great length to wear with leggings or jeans. I could basically live in this and have had to make myself not wear it. The second top is slightly more sheer and one that would look great with shorts in the summer as well as layered over a vest in the winter, it is shorter so I know some of you may think I should have worn something that wasn’t Disco Pants. They are both from FuseFashion which have some interesting things at the moment (a little different from the usual Misguided and Boohoo stock)

My boots are my current everyday favourites, from New Look they were affordable, comfortable and look ever so slightly smarter than my flat boots.

I get a feeling I’ll be layering up a little more this week since there is suppose to be snow!
What have been your favourite outfits recently?
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