On Saturday, in the freezing cold weather I went to IMATS in Alexandra Palace- for those of you that don’t know IMATS is the International Makeup Trade Show which is held every year in 6 different cities worldwide. I was luckily given a press pass which was really good as tickets are about £45 and the venue is only round the corner from my boyfriends house so I got a lift there (after 30mins of faffing about with the car and removing all the ice.) I really enjoyed my time however if I had to buy my own ticket I may not have gone as I am only buying makeup for myself but if you are a makeup artist then it is worth going as most brands have great discounts.
 IMATS does get quite busy so going along early is a great idea, when I arrived at 9am is was basically empty. Watch the video below to see what I purchased, please excuse the mess I thought it wasn’t in shot!
It is a long one-I talk way too much!

We then headed of for dinner in Muswell Hill, here is a picture outside SpaceNK…

Bloggers I went to IMATS with
Kate: http://gh0stparties.com/
Milly: http://pearlsandpoodles.blogspot.com/
Lily: http://www.llymlrs.com/
Lily: http://www.whatihearttoday.com/
Emma: http://www.milkteef.com/
Anna: http://viviannadoesmakeup.com/
Victoria: http://www.vipxo.co.uk/
Katie: http://mesluxes.blogspot.com/

Have you been to IMATS? What did you pick up?

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Tomorrow is the first day of IMATS  London 2012 (for the general public), the International Makeup Artistry Trade Show which lasts two days and will take place in London’s Alexandra Palace. As Sunday is my Birthday I will be attending just on Saturday and hope to be there before 8.30am.

 I have never been before and am not sure what to expect, I am sure that it will be quite packed and that there will be some great brands showcasing their amazing talents. I have a few things which I know I want to pick up already such as a MUFE mascara and quite a few makeup brushes, most people get really excited about OCC lip tars however I think I wont pick any up.

 I will also hopefully see lots of bloggers there and if you are interested in also attending tickets will be able to purchase at the door.

For more inforamtion check out the website here 
Any tips or recommendation as to what I should check out would be great! 

Sabrina X
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