I’ve mentioned before that My Little Box is probably my favourite out of the subscription boxes, it’s the only only one which is doing anything mildly different and I love that you get more than just beauty products, plus the illustrations are just beautiful.

This months box however is even more exciting as they have teamed up with L’occitane to produce My Little Provence Box, merging together the french brands.

Inside there is a range of L’Occitane’s best selling products in perfect mini sizes, especially if you are traveling this summer. My favourite is the En Provence Roses et Reines Hand and Nail Cream which is one of my all time favourites, En Provence Mer & Mistral Shower Gel smells amazing and the mini soap and Body Lotion are also perfectly sized.

From the My Little Box own brand there is a beautiful metallic bronze eyeshadow crayon which is very creamy and the most perfect colour to reach for if you are on a rush and just need a wash of colour over the lid.

The box also comes with a fun magnet sheet which you can play dress up with (sorry forgot to photograph it but it’s super adorable) which is a nice extra touch and also a DIY accessory kit to personalise your own gold cuff bracelet.

I attended the launch of the box at the Covent Garden L’Occitane which you must visit if you are ever in central London. I was treated to champagne and a hand massage which was amazing, they initially used a lovely body scrub and finished with their best selling hand cream. I love their hand creams and it’s clear why they are always so popular.

There have actually been some great subscription boxes this month; Birchbox had a limited edition box which you could colour in and the products in GlossyBox were the best I have seen in a long time but this still remains the only one I would personally consider signing up to as I like the mixture of products. A great box to try if you have never tried either My Little Box or L’Occitane, my Little Box’s are £14.95 including P&P and you can order your own here.

A little late with the favourites this month but I have a nice range of products to share from high end to more affordable and from skincare to fragrances. 

The launch of new products for spring has been pretty impressive and I’m struggling to keep up, last week I spoke about some of my favourite lipstick launches and I thought today we would look at some of my favourite fragrances.

I love the idea of changing my fragrance for spring and summer, usually opting for something a little lighter, sweeter or more floral. Although celebrity fragrances typically have a bad reputation the Taylor Swift Incredible Things perfume, £23 doesn’t have the typical celebrity fragrance scent. It is a really beautiful day time option which has notes of vanilla, musk, pink pepper and grapefruit. Although it is initially quite a sweet scent it develops into more of a musky vanilla and isn’t as young as it sounds, probably one of my favourite celebrity fragrances which I will be wearing this spring.

Another great inexpensive option are the new DKNY fragrances, I have already spoken about the DKNY Delicious Delights range but they have also released their yearly Women’s Limited Edition fragrance (£41, exclusive to Superdrugs). Admittedly I hate the long bottle as it isn’t the easiest to store but the fuse of sweet orange, grapefuit, vanila and patchouli make it a really wearable fragrance. 

One of my all time favourite perfume range is the Juicy Couture one, I love the tacky bottle and they just all smell so incredible and the new Hollywood Royal, £35 is no different. More of a evening spring/summer scent it maintain the usual florally sweet notes and I think you can really smell the marshmallow, candy apple, vanilla and jasmine notes.

If you are a fan of Burberry Brit Rhythm then you are probably excited to hear about the launch of Burberry Brit Rhythm Floral, £50 which is a floral fragrance enriched with citrus fruit. Although you can definitely smell the floral scents I find this to be a very lemon and orange based fragrance. It is really perfect for day time in the spring and very understatedly sexy.

New from L’Occitane is Iris Bleu & Iris Blanc £52 which is unlike any of the other fragrances I have in this post. It is grown up but not at all in an old-lady overly floral way (I’m awful at descibribing fragrances), it is a mixture of blue iris floral water and white iris which notes of citrus, peach and musk. Quite unique in my opinion, not something I would typically go for but actually really pretty, especially as it’s unlike what my friends usually go for.

Two brands which I have never owned perfumes from are Thomas Sabo and Marni. Thomas Sabo has released a perfect summer fragrance called Charm Rose Beach, £44.95 which goes with it’s recent charm collection, as the name would suggest the scent is very much sea inspired with notes of mandarin, bergamot, musk and spicy cedar. From Marni they have launched Marni Spice, £49 which although may not be for everyone is a great spicy fragrance with cinnamon, black and pink pepper with a range of floral notes too perfect for the evening. 

Diptyque Florabellio, £58 launches in April 2015, providing floral harmony refreshed with salty sea aromas. This unisex fragrance also includes notes of apple blossom, roasted coffee and toasted sesame. I think this would be the perfect holiday perfume and would work just as well for your partner. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I know that fragrances aren’t quite the easiest thing to read about and imagine.

I find that during the colder months is when I need the most sleep, especially in the run up to Christmas when everything gets a little busier and the late nights start to accumulate. I try to get as close to eight hours sleep as possible and allow myself to play a little bit of catch-up by over compensating over the weekend. Theres a handful of tricks I use to really ensure that I get a good nights sleep over just an average one.

Go Tech-free. This is probably the hardest one for me and the thought of two hours, at home, with no phone or laptop almost worries me. Switch it off two hours before bed time and get started with the following.

Fresh Sheets and PJ’s. I feel like this is a strange place to put the actual task of changing your bed but it’s hardly that strenuous and it will give you a chance to adjust to being disconnected from the internet before your bath. Theres something strangely relaxing about clean bed sheets and PJ’s which always seems so much more relaxing. In the last year I upgraded to a goose down duvet and pillow which was life changing, the temperature is always perfect and they’re just that little more comfortable- worth the investment.

A long hot bath. A hot bath is basically like the best hug ever in my opinion, just even more relaxing. I’m not too loyal to bath products but my favourite affordable bath soak is the Radox Soak, which I use almost daily. For something a little more special I am in love with the Neal’s Yard Bath Salts and Aromatherapy Associates Oils but Lush Bath products are also a great affordable option.

Lotions and Potions. After the bath it’s time for more of a pamper, think rich body butters and body oils. Once again it’s Neal’s Yard I’ve been reaching for recently- I love the beauty Concentrate for my face and the L’Occitane Relaxing Massage Body Oil for everywhere else. If you struggle sleeping another great products is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is naturally scented lavender, vetivert and wild camomile which I find really helps relax, de-stress and generally sleep a little better.

After that I am pretty much ready to sleep for a solid eight hours (or ten). I hope this post helps you with a few tips on how to get the best nights sleep.

What do you do to get the perfect nights sleep?

 I can’t believe summer is over almost over, just another few weeks until we can officially say it’s autumn. I had a great August but makeup wasn’t really a priority and it’s reflected in my favourites. Although I spent most the time with bare skin and with dry shampooed hair I put a little more thought and love into my sun care and skin care products and found some true gems which I suspect I will be using for many summers to come. I really over packed beauty items and could probably say 1/3 of my 23kg luggage was beauty related in some way. I obviously didn’t use all of them and instead went for the best bits…

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