It was a hard decision but I think my favourite Lush Christmas gift has to be the 12 Days Of Christmas set. It’s not the cheapest at £49.95 but inside are 12 of the most popular Christmas Lush Products.

Strictly speaking the 12 Days of Christmas start on Christmas day but I think this is a great treat to start opening in the lead up to Christmas, almost like an advent calendar (Lush need an advent Calendar, can you imagine how magical that would be?!) Inside are a variety of Lush products including bath bombs, shower gels, body lotions and soaps to have you smells sweet and feeling relaxed either post or pre Christmas.

It’s great if you haven’t tried much from Lush or are an absolute Lush addict as it has a little bit of everything! It has my favourite Lush soap, Honey I Washed The Kids as well as Snow Angel which is a beautiful Bath Melt and Golden Wonder which I have heard great things about. I am surprised that there is no Snow Fairy inside but since I am not the biggest fan I don’t mind.

I’ve mentioned that I think buying makeup for others can be very difficult which is why this is great, theres a variety of bath and shower products, so no what mater what skin type or colour preference someone has in makeup they’ll love this.

But really I think this is a fabulous treat for yourself and I can’t wait to start using the products! I’m not sure if I should wait until 12 Days before Christmas or just start using it know.

What is your favourite Lush Christmas product? 

The 12 Days Of Christmas Set is available here for £49.95

With just over six weeks until Christmas I think it’s time I start sharing some of the magical products the beauty industry have to offer, starting off with the beauty bloggers favourites- Lush! I’m not sure what the Lush Christmas collection usually looks like but this years seems to be bigger and better than ever!
There are eight bath bombs and seven bubble bars as well as a great selection of bath melts, soaps, shower gels, lip products, skincare and more! 
Lush have released two new bath bombs to accompany their existing ones, the new Dashing Santa and Butterbear which are ridiculously adorable although my favourites are So White and the Golden Wonder does look particularly exciting. In terms of bubble bars they have a re-release of the Christmas Penguin, Magic Wand and Christmas Eve as well as the new Holly Golightly and a few others. The Melting Snowman Bath Melt is back with the new Snow Angel and a fun snowman making kit perfect for both adults and children.
Most people will be most excited to be able to stock up on the Christmas classic Snow Fairy although I personally prefer the So White Shower Gel.

As always the Lush Gift Sets are also back ranging in size, starting at just £7.95 for Poptastic all the way up to a £155 for the Wow collectors hat box

Hope this helped some of you get excited for Christmas but sorry if it was a little photo heavy for some (or Christmas heavy for the Christmas haters)! Let me know if you would like to see what Christmas Lush products I have and don’t forget to comment with what has caught your eye.

Now excuse me whilst I have a glitter filled bath… 

I find that during the colder months is when I need the most sleep, especially in the run up to Christmas when everything gets a little busier and the late nights start to accumulate. I try to get as close to eight hours sleep as possible and allow myself to play a little bit of catch-up by over compensating over the weekend. Theres a handful of tricks I use to really ensure that I get a good nights sleep over just an average one.

Go Tech-free. This is probably the hardest one for me and the thought of two hours, at home, with no phone or laptop almost worries me. Switch it off two hours before bed time and get started with the following.

Fresh Sheets and PJ’s. I feel like this is a strange place to put the actual task of changing your bed but it’s hardly that strenuous and it will give you a chance to adjust to being disconnected from the internet before your bath. Theres something strangely relaxing about clean bed sheets and PJ’s which always seems so much more relaxing. In the last year I upgraded to a goose down duvet and pillow which was life changing, the temperature is always perfect and they’re just that little more comfortable- worth the investment.

A long hot bath. A hot bath is basically like the best hug ever in my opinion, just even more relaxing. I’m not too loyal to bath products but my favourite affordable bath soak is the Radox Soak, which I use almost daily. For something a little more special I am in love with the Neal’s Yard Bath Salts and Aromatherapy Associates Oils but Lush Bath products are also a great affordable option.

Lotions and Potions. After the bath it’s time for more of a pamper, think rich body butters and body oils. Once again it’s Neal’s Yard I’ve been reaching for recently- I love the beauty Concentrate for my face and the L’Occitane Relaxing Massage Body Oil for everywhere else. If you struggle sleeping another great products is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray which is naturally scented lavender, vetivert and wild camomile which I find really helps relax, de-stress and generally sleep a little better.

After that I am pretty much ready to sleep for a solid eight hours (or ten). I hope this post helps you with a few tips on how to get the best nights sleep.

What do you do to get the perfect nights sleep?

If you haven’t noticed yet it’s a bit of a Halloween week on ALO this week and since it is October there are few things that I love more than hot baths.
This year Lush has a great range of Halloween products from soaps and bath bombs to fabulous gift sets for those of you that want more than just one halloween themed bath. My personal favourite has to be the Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar– it’s just halloween perfection! It has quite a citrusy smell but remains still quite warming, it turns the bath water orange and adds a sparkle to the night. However I have heard that you do use this bubble bar in the evening you should be sure to be out of the bath by midnight before it turns back into a pumpkin. 
Since I am all about the bubble, I also have a soft spot for the Wizard Bubble Bar which magically fills your bath with bubbles and essential oils. If you prefer Bath Bombs the Lord of Misrule is a great one to watch and to relax with. It has a spicy scent, a green exterior and a pink centre making it one of the more interesting seasonal offerings- I also love that it has popping candy inside. 
If baths aren’t your thing (or if they are), try the Fairy Ring Soap which is made with fresh mushrooms! The mushrooms are believed to increase blood circulation, be antibacterial, whilst the Jasmine and Ylang Ylang Oil give it quite a sweet/floral scent.
And if Halloween simply isn’t for you, celebrate Guy Fawkes night instead with the Sparkler Bath Bomb. This smells heavenly and like roses, which surprised me as it is yellow. It spins around in the bath, fizzes and crackles whilst you watch your very own sparkling display. 
The last of the Halloween product is Northern Lights which sadly smashed in the box (which is why all the other products are purple) but the online reviews are great despite it being quite a fragile one. 
Have you tried any seasonal Lush Products recently? 

Summer is pretty much the only time I think about Bodycare (bad- I know!) so I’ve taken the last few weeks to try new products in an attempt to get my body Summer Ready and thought I would share some of my top recommendations.

Clinique Sparkle Skin Body Exfoliator £22.50
I raised my nose up at this initially as the particles just didn’t look good enough but I have actually gone and fallen in love with it, it may even be my favourite scrub ever (joint first at least). It’s got quite a minty scent which although is a little strange I do like as it’s cooling and refreshing on the skin. On the body it feels like it’s removing everything but without being too abrasive and most importantly leaves my skin incredibly soft. As far as body exfoliators go this one is fairly expensive although a little goes a long way. I am thinking of saving mine to take on holiday as a bit of a treat, it really makes the skin look amazing.

Lush Dream Cream £11.50
This seems to be a favourite with lots of people, I love it particularly now in the summer as it’s cooling and soothing on warm skin and on tired legs. It does exactly what I want a moisturiser to do without irritating the skin at all. It’s also suppose to be amazing for anyone with eczema however I can’t comment as I don’t have any but if you do and have tried this I would love to know how you found it.

Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control £36
I’m not claiming this works nor that it doesn’t as I simply haven’t used it for long enough and am not that anything but exercise can truly get rid of Cellulite. However I have really been enjoying using this on my thighs and bum, it tingles it a little which makes me think it is at least increasing the circulation to this areas which could potentially help reduce any dimpling.

He-shi Rapid 1 Hour Tan, £22.50
My skin always looks better a couple of shades darker but sometimes I just haven’t got the time to do an over night tan which is why the He-shi 1 hour tan is so perfect. I personally like to leave it on for a little more than just an hour (about 3/4 hours) for a deeper tan but leave it on overnight for one of the darkest fake tans I have ever tried.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Sorbet- £7
I’ve got a few different scents of these but this scent blew me away, I just love it, although they are a little more subtle in the shower. These are ideal for the summer as they have a cooling effect of the skin, they aren’t particularly heavy or sticky so are ideal for the day time but I would use something a little heavier at night. These launch on the 16th July and there are some great other scents so it’s worth keeping an eye out!

What body products have you been loving? Are there any products you use every spring/summer?
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