I really love candles in the winter and have recently been burning them more than ever as they really add a little warmth to the room. However they can be very pricey especially as I am not too keen on the cheaper ones which often let off harmful chemicals. Therefore i think candles make great luxurious gifts and are a really indulgent treats.
Here are a few of my favourites…. 

 Diptyque Holiday Candles £25 & £45*
The world and his wife talks about Diptyque candles but I had never actually tried any until recently. They have released the most beautiful Christmas collection which start at a reasonable £25 for a mini one! Simply buying a Diptyque candle is a fabulous experience take yourself down to one of their stores or counters and take a minute to explore their scents before picking out that perfect for one for a friend or family member. They even have the most impressive large candles which are expensive but absolutely amazing!

 Neom; Home Candles £39.50 and Travel gift set £55*
An old favourite of mine has to be Neom and I think their large candles make a really nice present if you know what someones favourite scent is but the Neom Gift set which comes with four Travel candles is my favourite candle gift set of all! I like that their are four different scents and the size of each one is perfect too! The only problem is it is one of those presents I would never want to giveaway! I can’t wait to spend the next few weeks burning through these babies!

 Sanctuary £12.50
I have spoken about this candle before as I think £12.50 is a great price as I find them to be of high quality. If you are not into overly scented candles than this one is a great one! There is even a perfect little gift set of three for just £10! Make sure you burn it for a while for the first time as mine didn’t end up burning as evenly as I had hoped.

 Timothy Dunn £45*
This Arabian Fig Candle is by far the most luxurious one and is a little pricey at £45 but you can really see why! It has a perfect festive scent which isn’t over powering, is very elegant and beautiful! This would make a stunning present for an gender as the dark plum colour makes it a simply very classic candle but the other candles seem to be equally as beautiful!

The Craft Lab £18.90*
However if you want something more affordable, handmade and more original why not try this candle from The Craft Lab, it is even suitable for vegans! I have the Classic Christmas one but there are a few you can chose from. It’s main notes are orange, cinnamon & anis and looks rather luxurious with Swarovski Crystals surrounding the glass jar. They also burn for 40 hours so under £19 seems like a fabulous price! Also check out the Facebook page here  (This is a new addition and that’s why it isn’t featured in the first image)

What is your favourite candle? Will you be gifting any this Christmas?
Have you asked for any candles?
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1. The Body Shop Banana Shampoo £4.50
I have been using this shampoo for a while and although I like the smell I really don’t rate it highly. I don’t use the conditioner which I know lots of people rave about but the shampoo leaves my hair dry and very, very knotty.

2. Neom Organic Bath Foam £20
I was super excited to try this as I love Neom and this smells amazing! It is SLS free as you would expect from Neom so there aren’t quite as many bubbles as I would usually like but there are also no nasties! It is perfect if you are having a real me day or having trouble sleeping as the scent is so relaxing. At £20 it is quite pricey but is the perfect indulgence or great gift too.

3.Kiehls Ultra Facial Moisturiser £24
I really think Kiehls is pretty expensive although they so have some amazing products, this product is okay but I think it simply takes too long to sink in to the skin so I can’t really use it as a day cream.

4. Balmi Lip Balm £4.99
This is attached to my keys and I love it! It isn’t really the most hydrating product but I do think it is really practical and I would replace it if I ever lost it. (It also makes finding your keys easier)

5. Fresh Brown Sugar Eau de Parfum $80
This is compeltely unlike any other perfume I have, it is very citrusy with lemon and tangerine notes as well as having slight vanilla notes. Might not be to everyones taste but worth a sniff if you are looking for something a little different.

6. Stylfile S Buffer £4.99
I’m in two minds about this as I do think it is a good quality buffer but I don’t see how the S shape really helps and it’s a little over priced to.

7.Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence £22.50
I have been using this for quite a few months now on a daily basis as I don’t use a traditional conditioner. It helps remove any knots and keeps it looking hydrated and healthy without weighing it down. I would highly recommend this for anyone with fine hair. I would say it is a little expensive but worth every penny.

8. Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Gentle Hydrating Cleanser £17
This is a really nice cleanser gentle cleanser with only a light scent, it leaves my skin clean without stripping it. I rate this quite highly although I do need quite a bit.

What pampering products are you currently using?

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If you follow any beauty bloggers you have probably already heard of Neom (especially as we all like to post pictures of them haha) Organic Candles.I am lucky to currently have two but I have finished another one in the past and I love them!

At first I didn’t understand why people spent a lot of money on candles and I thought the cheap IKEA ones were just as good. Trust me, they don’t compare. The Neom Candles are 100% Natural made from natural wax and oils which essentially means you are left with nicer non-synthetic scents and no black smoke.

Neom Candles come in three different sizes the travel size with one wick, the home size with three wicks and the Ultimate wick with 4 wicks! I have two of the travel size candles and one of the home size candles all of which come in a variety of scents.

My newest candle is the home size Invigorate candle with three wicks and smells of Grapefruit, Bergamot & Lime. I’m too good at describing scents myself so I’m not going to try

I then have two other candles in a travel size with 1 wick Relax and Serenity. Relax smells of French Lavender, Geranium & Juniper and Serentiy smell of Vanilla & Sandalwood.

There really is a scent to suit everyone and I will admit that they are quite pricey compared to most non-organic candles but really worth it! I’m not sure what the official burning time is but I think they actually last really well and even a little better than most other candles I have had. The scent is also much nicer and doesn’t get stuck in your throat as much as cheaper scented candles do. I have only lit one other candle since having tried Neom candle but that candle let of too much black smoke which really put me off! Its funny that I had never realised before hand.

I also prefer the travel size over the larger candles partly because they are cheaper and partly because I think the larger ones can be a little over powering in smaller rooms.
My personal favorite scent is the Relax scent but have a read of the descriptions online or have a sniff  in store to find your perfect organic candle

The Neom Travel Candle retails for an affordable £15, the home candle retails for £39.50 and the Ultimate candle for a rather pricey £160.

They are available on the Neom website, BeautyBay, John Lewis, Selfridges and various other place

These candles are by far the best ones I have tried (although I have some exciting ones on my shelf waiting for me to try them!) and would make either a great treat to yourself or a perfect present!

Have you tried any Organic candles?
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