It does seem to be cooling down just a little in London but I feel that we can’t complain too much as we have had some glorious days filled with sun and sometimes almost unbearable heat. I must admit that I like that sun. I feel that I shouldn’t but getting a real tan still fills me with joy although i am trying my best to stay sun safe and I should probably point out that I am very lucky that I don’t typically burn.

I am always most careful with my face and really try to avoid having my face in the sun as the thought of wrinkles and age spots scares me. If I am not wearing makeup than I love the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for face but otherwise go for the Radical Skin Perfecting Screen as I find it sits perfectly under makeup. When I am sitting out in the sun I always have a hat, I picked up this straw one from New Look recently and I really like it, if I forget my hat or I’m at the beach then I often use a scarf/towel/t-shirt to shield my face as well as always wearing a pair of sunglasses, I am in love with my Quay pair at the moment!

I am slightly less careful with my body and do like to tan a little although I am making an effort to use a higher SPF, recently I have been going for the Clinique SPF 30 Body Cram which isn’t sticky and has protected my skin really well over the last few weeks.

To stay hydrated I think refillable bottles of water are the best, I always have one in my handbag and one in the fridge along with a facial spray to keep me cool throughout the day.

The Vichy Capital Soleil is in my opinion the best aftersun and I always take a bottle on holiday with me for any burns and it has helped some of my family/friends that have really been quite significantly burnt. If there is no sign of redness but I just want to cool the skin a little and keep it hydrated then I reach for Garnier After Sun and the Nivea Sun In Shower Refreshing Aftersun  which is quite a nice summer body wash. I don’t usually keep my aftersun in the fridge but I completely get why people do, might start doing it too.

I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll do another similar post with what sun care products I am loving on holiday.

It seems it is the products I use the most that I never mention on my blog, these are the products I use (almost) every single day and couldn’t live without. They’re not overly exciting and I may change from brand to brand sometimes but I though I would share what I am currently using. 

When it comes to deodorant I am not too fussy over which one I use as long as it smells okay, that said I do prefer a roll on and have been using Nivea Pearl & Beauty for a while. As the glass bottle isn’t very travel/handbag friendly I also use the Soft & Gentle Orange Blossom & Grapefruit Spray deodorant which lasts all day and smells great.

After washing my hair  every morning I couldn’t live without my GHD blow dryer… I love it! I have been using it for years now, it has all the settings I need and is powerful, helping me dry my hair as quickly as possible. I’ve also been loving the Airmotion Hair Brush to untangle my hair both whilst wet and dry. My only other hair essential would be Batiste Dry Shampoo which I think I have been using to close to ten years, I have never been so loyal to anything! 

When I don’t have time for a professional wax I usually just use a disposable razor and find the mens ones to be much better than the women’s. My favourite is the Gillette Mach 3 Disposable Razors as it never irritate my skin and I find it to be good quality for the price. For my eyebrow I adore the Tweezerman tweezer and can’t believe it has taken me so long to get a pair! I’ve also been using the SweetEase Face Waxing Kit for my upper lip as I find them to be easier to use then most at home wax strips. 

The biggest essentials are, of course, a toothbrush and toothpaste- I have been using the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and matching toothbrush from White Wash Laboratories. Although I don’t think there is a huge difference between toothpaste and toothbrushes, I have actually really been enjoying these two and would say my teeth are looking a little whiter. 

What are your beauty essentials?

Since London Fashion Week starts this week I thought I would share the new collaboration between Giles Deacon and Nivea who have created three new collectable limited edition NIVEA soft packs. NIVEA soft is also running an online fashion competition for anyone that wants to share their #OOTD to be judged by a panel of experts and you can get involved!

From 11th-25th September NIVEA soft will be putting together a lookbook of #OOTD and offering 60 prizes including NIVEA soft pots and a Giles Deacon designer bag! The top 15 looks (judged by the judges) will then be judged by the public after the 25th September. The winner will get a styling session with Giles Deacon as well as well as over night accommodation in London.

To get involved simply just upload your #OOTD to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #OOTD and #NIVEASOFT for automatic entry.

I’ll share my #OOTD soon.. keep an eye out!
Can’t wait to see your #OOTD

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Sadly, we have come to the end of my guest bloggers for this round but we have a great post to finish it off! I had the pleasure of meeting Victoria from In The Frow at an event a few months back and have been reading her blog ever since. Not only does she post about great beauty products but she has the most incredible hair and style! She is also lucky enough to be trekking around the US for the next few months so have a look at her social media and blog to keep up with her travels. As today is the official start of summer I thought it would be great to get a glimpse into Victoria’s summer must haves….

Whether at home or away, we all flock to the smallest glimpse of sunlight. The summer holiday is usually everyone’s favourite time in the year and the thing they remember that year by. Yet, although it may be everyone’s favourite time, so many people seem to forget to how to look after themselves when the sun starts shining. It is seen as a hassle to coat yourself in sun saving products, although it really doesn’t have to be. There are so many products out there that are perfect for saving your skin but also amazing and special to apply. Being in the sunshine no longer needs to be an issue for your skin but a time to break out some of your favourite products. Here are just a few that I love that you may like to add to your sunshine collection.
The best tinted moisturiser I have ever tried with amazing coverage and a high factor 30. Perfect for every day in the sunshine to make you look radiant whilst also saving your skin.
A beautiful and light product to apply over moisturiser and before foundation that contains a super high SPF50. A saviour for those with super pale skin and a layer you wont even feel on your skin whilst it works its magic. 
An amazing salt spray that creates gorgeous beach waves even when you’re miles away from the sea. A few spritz of the spray into dry hair will separate sections of the hair into waves without the dry, crispy texture. 
Nivea Sun Protect and Bronze SPF20 – £8.49
Probably the most important sun essential is sun protection. This product is brilliant as it contains bronzing ingredients that help the skin to prepare for the sunshine whilst protecting it from the harmful rays. 
When the sun comes out, so do the flip flops and tiny sandals which means that blister will probably be an issue at some point. These are literally the best thing for blisters you will ever use and within a few days they can be removed to reveal healed skin. 
This is amazing to keep by your side whenever you go to the beach or the pool on holiday, or even just in the sunsine at home. You spray it onto your dry hair or even after washing, to add a further conditioning product that can be left in. This will begin to protect and repair your hair, especially from the sunlight and you will find that beachy hair will feel much easier to work with after a spritz of the nourishing oil. 
Having a hair bobble handy for any time you get out of the pool or need to tie your hair up out of the wind is something we all wish we had sometimes. These from Goody, sold in Boots and most other drugstores are Ouchless as they do not include a silver fixture in the centre of the band. Instead, the bobble is elastic all the way round so that you do not end up pulling your hair out. 
This is easily the best after sun I have used and includes a tan maintainer which works its magic overnight to help you build up a beautiful tan. As I am so pale, I like to use this more than actually trying to tan in the sun, as the tan I get from this is better than the lobster red I would usually turn. 
These are from Topshop, but any sunglasses with UV protection are absolutely essential at any time you go out in the sunshine. Your eyes are so sensitive, as is the skin around them, so protecting them at all times is essential. 
The only top and bottom coat I ever use and the product that turned by nails around from broken to super strong. I apply this before and after nail colours and the difference in my nails is amazing. In the sunshine and on holiday, going in and out of the water and the pool can leave the nails weak and broken so a repair coat is the best thing to keep on the nails throughout a summer holiday.
I hope this maybe helped to give you some ideas of what to pack this summer or even what to pick up in the stores when a heat wave hits. Either way, I really hope you enjoy your summer!
Victoria, In the Frow x

What are you looking forward to using this summer?
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2013 has come around far quicker than expected, hasn’t it?! Nivea are attempting to break a lip-locking record this New Years Eve for the longest kissing chain on Twitter and you can get involved! I thought I would also share with you my #DaretoKiss lipstick of choice…

I think I will be wearing Liable by Illamasqua this evening although it is a beautiful orange-red colour it is also very Matte and needs an amazing lip balm underneath!

With lipsticks I think it is always very important to prime the lips with a hydrating lip balm especially in winter when lips are prone to drying! The Nivea Original Lip Butter has been my product of choice recently and it leaves my lips lovely and soft! The actually come in three scents; Caramal Cream, Raspberry Rose and the original all leaving lips feeling very smooth perfect to team with a lipstick or simply to wear by itself. I think the most important time to apply lip balm is just before bed as your lips have all night to soak it up and you then make up with amazing looking lips.

Who are you hoping to kiss today at midnight?
 Let me know below along with your email/twitter and you will be in with a chance to win the set of Nivea Lip Butters.
Giveaway is UK only and will end at Midnight 6th January 2013

and Follow @NiveaUK, tweet them your picture with the hashtag #DareToKiss to get involved with the record breaking attempt!

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