I love mascara and it’s one of the products I wear every day (just after foundation) but removing it can prove a bit of a challenge and although I usually rely on a good cleanser sometimes it’s nice to have a eye make-up remover to hand… just incase. I’ve been giving four different ones a go and here is what I think…

No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover £8.50
I’ve been using this for a few years now and as you can see I am at the end of this bottle. It comes in a bottle with a pump which is nice as you can really control how much product you get. It is quite a oily one which I know not everyone likes but I find it really gets through all the mascara quickly and efficiently with no need for any pulling on the delicate eye area, I also cleanse my skin after so it doesn’t bother me too much.

The Body Shop Camomile Eye and Lip Make-up remover £8
Everyone on Twitter raved about this product as it is pretty affordable however I just don’t quite love it. I find the packaging a little hard to use as I never quite get enough product on my cotton wool. You can pretty much have this open and upside but only minimal product would fall out so you really have to squeeze the bottle. I also felt I had to use quite a lot of pressure to really get my mascara and eyeliner off.

Clarins Instant Eye Make-up Remover £17
Another one that is often quite raved about is this Clarins one, which also need a good shake to mix together. I’ve used this quite a lot now (I’ve also gotten it mixed up with my Clarins toner which is not what I want to do!) and have just felt that it is nothing more than okay. It is also a little too expensive to be simply okay, it is a little oily, requires quite a lot of force to be used to remove it all and somehow I still wake up with little bits under my eyes.

Clinique Take the Day Off for lids, lashes and lips £17
I’ve spoken about the Clinique Take the Day off cleansing balm before but I actually really this makeup remover too. It’s a little oily (but not as much as the No7) but I find it really removed all eye makeup quickly and efficiently with minimal effort. I would say it is as good at the No7 and quite easy to find worldwide although it is a little more expensive than the No7 one, it’s also nice that you can use it on your lips.

Out of the four I have tried, I would recommend Clinique Take the Day Off for Lid, Lashes and Lips and the No7 Cleanse & Care Eye Make-up Remover. They are both a little oily but seem to remove everything very efficiently, with little force which is particularly important around the eye area.

Which eye makeup remover do you reach for daily?

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Traditionally I think of lip pencils as matte pencils used to line the lip (and occasionally fill it in). I personally can’t help but think of someone like Pamela Anderson and her over drawn lips. However, there’s a new kind of lip pencil which are a little chubbier, less matte and just a little more fun and easy.

It all started with Clinique Chubby sticks which are moisturising, glossy and with a very buildable colour. They later introduced the Chubby Stick intense which are more pigment but remain beautifully creamy! I swatched these below although I didn’t manage to swatch any other ones that I own.

 However nowadays the high-street is rarely far behind and a handful of inexpensive brands have brought out their own chubby lip pencils.

Left to right- Two Ton Tomato, Bountiful blush, Voluptuous Violet, Roomiest Rose, Plushest Punch and Chunkiest Chili

Of course Revlon released their Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains just right and they really do rival Clinque’s original Chubby Sticks. They are just as creamy, have a similar shade range and extremely similar packaging: remove the lids and you can barely tell the difference. These are stains so perfect if you want a colour to wear at the beach and there is a nice range of seven colours to chose from. Usually £7.99 but currently on offer for £5.99

 A more pigmented chubby pencil are Seventeen Lip Crayons, I love the playful packaging on them but they are slightly stickier than the originals. However the colour range is more impressive, fun and young. There are five shades to chose from and you can achieve either a light wash or quite easily build the colour to be quite intense. They retail for a very affordable £4.99

My current favourite drugstore brand at the moment is Bourjois and they have released Color Boost Lipsticks  which unlike the other ones I have spoken about have an SPF 15 making them almost a summer essential! They are beautifully pigment but still shiny and creamy. There are four colours to chose from and retail for £7.99.

The Models Own Colour Lip Stix are the least shiny out of my whole collection which I like more for the autumn/winter. They are also the ones that smell the best as they smell simply delicious! There is a nice range of eight and retail for just £5.

I also have a lovely Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blush which is pigmented and moisturising but with limited colour choice with only two shades and more expensive than the others I have spoken about at £12

The priciest choice of all is the Pur Mineral Lip Gloss Stick which are sadly not my favourite as I find them to be quite greasy leaving an uneven colour. There is a choice of four and retail for £16.

My personal favourite is the No7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink as it is the perfect pretty pink. Its a lovely balmy consistency and I find it to be the most ‘young’ colour as most of the other shades are dark ‘grown-up’ colours. The range is made up of 5 shades available and retailing for £9

What Lip Crayons have you tried?
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After going on holiday last month and
having had some beautiful weather in London recently I feel I have perfected my
summer routine and I am pretty happy with it. Hopefully I will show it in a
video soon (well the makeup at least) but for now here are a few of my
favourite bits 

About Beauty Mulit-purpose Tint Lynne

This product was a bit of a surprise; it
looks nice in the pan but nothing special. Except it is the most perfect natural
colour for the apples of the cheeks with the right amount of sheen so you don’t
need a highlighter to achieve a perfect summer glow. Not as nice on the lips
but pretty much the only blusher I will use at the moment.
Buin Tan & Protect £17.99

(but look for a good
offer- they’re always about)
I have been quite lucky recently and
haven’t burnt in a good few years and although I do love a little sun in the
summer months I wouldn’t say I am a sun worshiper. I have however been loving
this Piz Buin Oil with SPF as it protects both UVA and UVB (which is SO
important) but I feel still helps me tan a little more. I usually use SPF15 but
go for slightly higher if you are quite pale or burn easily,
and Olay Razor

(currently on offer)

I actually saw this
first on Super Savvy Me whilst
having a read of their beauty articles.
Not only do they offer great tips and advice but also some money off vouchers
so I printed the one for this razor so I could give it a go. I often get
irritated skin when shaving but it didn’t happen with this razor and I even
felt it didn’t dry them out!

La Roche Posay Anthelios AC SPF 30 £11.62
Face SPF is the most important I think and for me 30 is just about right. I wear it under my foundation and as it is a matte one I don’t get a shiny face- plus it is super affordable!
WaterProof Mascara £12.50
(I think there are No7 money off vouchers
The non-waterproof version of this mascara
is one of my favourites so I thought I would give this a go at the beach and
considering I love swimming in the sea it held up very well and will be going
on holiday with me again next month! I sometimes find that waterproof mascaras
do very little for my nails but this one add great volume! 
What are you current summer favourites?
PS my camera lens has arrived… finally! Lots to share over the next few weeks, hopefully even a few videos so if you have any requests/ideas they’d be appreciated! 

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 When I first started watching YouTube videos the one thing I always lusted over were brushes. Everyone had fancy MAC brushes which were expensive and ‘an investment.’ I remember planning how I was going to afford these brushes ‘one every month’ I told myself because at 16years old £30 for a makeup brush was a lot of money and even now I would think about it twice. 

Five years on I am very glad I have found cheaper alternatives. Of course I do have some expensive brushes but most of my (huge) collection is Sigma and other far more affordable brushes. I won’t be discussing Sigma brushes as I think they aren’t too easy to get hold of in the UK but I think they are worth considering. As a whole I also think No7, The Body Shop and Real Technique so some of the best affordable brushes. 
I really hate that brushes are still often underrated, I hate sitting on the bus and seeing some use an awful sponge tip applicator or seeing a lady using a bad quality blusher brush. I honestly think good brushes make the makeup application process so much easier and I’d rather use my finger than bad brushes and as there are some really affordable ones I feel there are no excuses. 
From the top clockwise

ELF Powder brush £3.75
I have read that the quality of this brush has changed but I really hope not as I love this brush and actually own two. This brush is sold as a powder brush but I use it more as a finishing brush and use it to buff in any foundation, blusher or bronzer which needs a little more work.

ELF Essential Eyeshadow Brush £1.50
At a mere £1.50 there is no reason why people should be using sponge tip applicators. I personally own 3 of these brushes and thing they are perfect for packing colour on the lid, particularly if you have a smaller eye. I’ve also heard this sheds but I’ve had mine for a while and although it may have done so initially it doesn’t any more and is still a great density. It’s quite dense but also quite short which gives you a lot of control and is actually one of the eyeshadow brushes I reach for most often.

No7 Blush Brush £11.50
Opsy. It’s a little over but with a No7 money off vouchers it’s under (plus they do other deals such as buy one get one half price.) Although possibly not the softest brush on the planet I love the size/shape of this brush. Perfect for applying a little bit of rouge to the apple of the cheeks.

No7 Foundation Brush £14
Okay a little over again, same as above applies. Finding cheaper foundation brushes can often be hard as they tend to be quite flimsy however this one if dense and the bristles are the perfect length leaving an even complexion.

ELF Studio Blush Brush £3.75
This is quite a flat blush brush perfect for very pigmented blushers or simply applying a light wash to the cheek, the size makes it really easy to control.

No7 Lip Brush £7
With lip brushes I look for a good edge, shape and a small size so it can live in my handbag waiting for a red lips day. I have so many of these No7 ones as they are the perfect size and edge is great for the cupid’s bow, I don’t think I would bother with a more expensive one- this one is perfect.

Real Techniques £9.99
I love this brush for blush, bronzer or even powder. I don’t think it picks up very much product so is perfect to build up a sun kissed look, applying a dusting of powder or a touch of blusher both powder or cream.

No7 Concealer brush £8
This is quite a large concealer brush and is almost identical to the foundation brush just much smaller. As it is quite big it isn’t great for small areas but if you have problemed skin or like concealing a large area (like the V under your eyes) this is great.

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour £7.25
As the above brush is a little large I sometimes use this for concealer as well as it blends really well. This brush is regularly compared to the MAC 217 and is a much cheaper alternative!

Eco Tools angled brush £5.49
Angled eyeliner brushes are all pretty similar in my opinion and this is just as good as my more expensive ones. It’s a good size, cut perfectly and a good density!

What are your favourite brushes? Do you also have some inexpensive favourites?

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I wouldn’t say that No7 is a brand that get too much love in the blogging world but still I hear people rave about their primers. I have two of their primers but today will be talking about Stay Perfect.

I believe when this primer first came out it was limited edition but I think it has not made it to the permanent  line. Texture wise I think it is quite a strange product, it is quite foamy and feels very silky. It sits on top of the skin and leaves it feeling velvety soft without being oily. It reduces any redness I have in my skin but what I love is how my foundation looks with this product. My skin looks almost flawless and actually lasts all day!

I also have the Airbrush Away primer which I will be comparing to this one within the next few week.

I really love this primer and reach for it on a daily basis. It is priced at a rather reasonable £12.50 and available from Boots

Have you tried any of the No7 Primers?
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