Six Winter Fashion Tips

I’m a summer gal, I love bare legs, summer dress and an arm stacked full of brightly coloured bracelets. However, I live in London and summer days are rare and instead I’ve had to learn… View Post

Over The Knee

Over the knee boots seem to be everywhere and although I really love the look of them they aren’t really a timeless piece, therefore I really didn’t want to invest too much money in them.… View Post

Autumn Pinafore

 It’s hard to believe since it rained to heavily (and was so cold) the whole of yesterday but we actually had some lovely weather here in London on the weekend. I had a few new… View Post

Palais Royal Paris

Although I’ve been to Paris a few times I had never been to Le Palais Royal which I have seen in everyones Instagram photos. I’m not too sure what the building actually is but the… View Post