Finding a background can often be quite a difficult decision, especially if you want to change it up every now and then. More and more bloggers are opting for not only beautiful backgrounds but also the usage of props, although that isn’t something I’m covering much in this post. The key is really to work with what you have around you but I thought I would share some basic ideas which I use regularly. 

Simple White
I think a lot of bloggers have painted their room white in order to use a simple plain white background and I think it will always be my favourite. The white surfaces help bounce around light and it also means you have nothing in the background distracting you from the product. Alternatively you could also use a different colour background but I would keep it nice and light. I personally use my white walls and my white desk from IKEA but you could also just get a cheap small table top to use as the base of your photos from IKEA or even some paper/card. 

DIY Marble
If you’re lucky enough to have a marble table top than make the most of it, I personally don’t so simply stuck some sticky-back plastic in a marble effect to a piece of thick plastic and I love it because the photos look quite smart up against it but also because it’s portable. 

I save beautiful photos which I find in old calendars, books and postcards to then take photos on top off, I usually try and make them slightly related even if it’s only because of the colour choices but I find it’s an easy way to dress up a boring background. 

Framed Print
One of my favourite backgrounds, as once again it is portable and I love how the glass reflects the light. I usually use quite a monochromatic print which has lots of white to keep the image still very bright. 

I love using the beauty pages of my favourite magazine as a backdrop and often rip them out and keep my favourite images. They’re also great inspiration for a look both for you and your readers. 

One of the easiest is when I use my desk or a notebook as they are always to hand. Sometimes I don’t feel like removing everything off my desk in order to make the space all white but find that keeping my frames and belongings can add a bit of personality to the image although as always I try not to keep it too cluttered and insure my product doesn’t get lost amongst everything else. I also like a notebook as the lines don’t clutter up the image too much but it’s something a little different. 

Acrylic Storage
The nice thing about using acrylic storage is that it’s clear so you can put product’s in the drawers, under the drawers or on top of them.

You can use anything from your duvet cover to a jumper but I think fabrics work best in Autumn/Winter to add quite a warm feeling to your photos.

Wooden Floor Boards
Sadly we don’t have the nicest floor but if I did (or even beautiful tiles) I would use them non-stop! 

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect one but trays are become continuously more popular as blogger backdrops, you can place product on and off the tray which can make the photo composition particularly perfect, 

What do you use as your photo background? What will you be trying in the future?