As I am sure most of you have noticed the ASOS sale has started a little earlier than most other shops. As it isn’t often you see beauty items on sale (well in comparison to clothes) I thought I would edit the sale down to my top 9 picks.

1. Sophie Webster Nail Wraps £5.50 // Illamasqua Snow Glitter £11 // Lord & Berry Lip Colour £11 // OPI I snow you Love me £8.50 // Benefit  Hot to Trot £19.50// Pixi eyeshadow set £18 // Hersheson Ion Brush £17.50 // Makeup Bag £6.50 // OPI Minnie Style £8.50 

The sale isn’t actually a whole load cheaper, just a few pounds here and there but there are still some great products especially if you are after some great Nail polish colours. I actually have these Nail Rock Wraps and am saving them as they are my absolute favourite. I’ve actually had this Illamasqua Snow Glitter polish on my wishlist on my eye as it just looks like magical snow and unlike any other nail polish I own. The Lord & Berry Lip colour set seems like an absolute steal, four lip pencils for just £11!

Don’t forget to check out the clothes sale here

Have you bought any sale items yet? Will you be going shopping on boxing day?

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Yesterday I posted a picture on my Instagram and Twitter of my makeup for NYE, I didn’t do much so didn’t want to go for a smoky eye. I had seen this glittery gold eye earlier in the week and had fallen in love so wanted to recreate something quite similar.

 I had a search through all of my eyeshadows to find some gold’s but there wasn’t one that was really impressive enough so I decided to pack on a few together. I started with Urban Decay Half Baked and then added a couple of Sleek Shades, once I was happier with the colour I added a very light contour using a Urban Decay Matte medium toned brown.

But there wasn’t enough sparkle!

I had a look through my makeup stash and found this unloved Collection 2000 Glam Crystal eyeliner, I’m not really a fan of glitter eyeliner any more so I had almost forgotten about this! I dabbed a lot onto the back of my hand and using my rind finger I pressed it onto my eyelid. This worked really well as it made it extra sparkly and the stickiness of the liner meant that the glitter didn’t fall as easily as it would of with a pigment or highglitter eyeshadow. It also means that my glitter eyeliner finally got some love and I found a new way to use it.

To finish my eyes I also used some Lauren’s Way Lashes which I thought were far too crazy at first. I was quite impressed by them; they were easy to apply, weren’t too heavy and I really liked the shape. I have a few more of her lashes at home which I am now excited to use! They aren’t overly natural or some that you could wear during the day but they are great for a night out. For the Liquid Eyeliner I used the Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner, due to the graininess of the glitter you will need to press the liner on more than usual.

 In the first picture I am wearing a YSL lipstick however I then remembered I had this Pixi Lip&Line which I hadn’t tried(Image Below). I must admit I wasn’t expecting fall in love but I did. Very quickly and quite deeply really. I’m looking forward to writing a post about this lipstick so I won’t go into too much detail but it is in the colour Fresh Pink.

On my skin I was wearing Photo Ready by Revlon, my usual Sleek Contour Kit, Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer and some Mac Powder. Eyebrows: HD Brow kit

What did your NYE makeup look like?
I shouldn’t have to do this, especially as it is my own blog! I know many of you do not like my pout, which is fine. However I have acknowledged this but I don’t like my smile so there’s not much I can do about that. If it bothers you that much than please just don’t read my Face Of the Day posts. I know many of you are not saying this to be mean but it’s just how I am choosing to take my pictures. 
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