Morange, Peach Blosson, Vegas Volt, Pure Zen, Lady Danger and Brave

Packing lipstick is probably the hardest decision I have to make when packing, if I could take a small suitcase of lipsticks, liners and gloss I probably would. Even though that isn’t possible I ended up with six MAC lipsticks this summer and a couple from other brands too.

I’ve mentioned before that I am currently in love with MAC lipsticks so although I only originally packed four I ended up buying two more at the airport. I ended up with three everyday colours and three brighter real summer shades.

First lets talk nude everyday colours…

I packed Brave and Pure Zen but ended up getting Peach Blossom at the airport as it came highly recommended on Instagram. MAC Brave is a great everyday colour all year round with a beautiful semi-matte finish. It’s a mauve shade which everyone seems to be going crazy for but which I think works really well with most of my eye looks and can really be toned down (made less Kylie Jenner) with a good nude gloss. Pure Zen is a MAC shade which almost confuses me a little, I love it but I think it really doesn’t work on me by itself. Instead I use it to soften lip liners or tone down lipsticks but it’s actually a colour I probably couldn’t live without. Peach Blossom is one of my newest MAC lipsticks and although it didn’t blow me away it’s a fabulous everyday peach nude shade which has been living in my handbag for weeks now.

The bold shade I ended up reaching for the most was my airport purchase Morange, it really isn’t the easiest colour too as it’s a really bright neon orange but it’s just perfect for holiday with a tan. I’m not sure I’ll be reaching for this again until next summer but it’s the perfect airport MAC lipstick purchase. I also took Lady Danger as my summer time red but didn’t end up wearing Vegas Volt as I forgot my orange liner and felt that Morange offered a more intense orange. Vegas Volt is a great more wearable orange which can really be intensified with an orange liner.

Now it’s time to start thinking about autumn/winter lipstick shades, leave your recommendations in the comments please….

I feel that the name of this blog post is a little misleading as I didn’t actually finish all of these products but the large majority were finished/close to finishing or I left them in Portugal for next summer as I wouldn’t be needing them in the current weather we’re getting in the UK.

I went through a lot of sunscreen this holiday and quickly found that aerosols are my favourite as they’re really quick and easy to apply. Towards the end of my holiday I was using the Kiko Wet & Dry Sunscreen which I really liked, it applied easily- which meant I applied it regularly- it’s a really easy consistency to blend and a really light weight. I also loved using the Hawaiian Topics Sun Spray Lotion and Lancaster Milky spray, both SPF15 but really kept me protected without a sticky feeling or white cast behind. I’ve said it numerous times but I really do think the best suncream is the Vichy SOS Balm, I didn’t quite finish it this year as the weather was only decent but I’d highly recommend it if you’re going away somewhere hot.

I also almost finished two Clarins Travel sizes; the HydraQuench cream and the eye makeup remover- I loved both of these items this August and used them daily. The eye makeup remover removed every little bit of mascara or eyeliner which I find is particularly important on holiday when I want to jump into a pool. The HydraQuench cream is one I’ve used for year but had put aside but I’ve fallen back in love with it. I have pretty dehydrated skin and it’s just perfect for injecting life and moisture back into it and I think I’ll make it my holiday cream from now on.

I had a better picture of all the products in this post but sadly it got deleted and I’ve also finished and binned some of the items so I had to make to with the photos I could find.

I pack the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Shampoo & Conditioner as it was just the perfect size and really enjoyed using it. I do think it’s helped keep my hair in a good condition even if I have been in the sun quite a lot and I think the packaging is good fun too.

One of the products I was most looking forward to trying was the Institut Esthederm Sun Oil for Normal to Strong Sun, I was really expecting to love this and I imagined having a really beautiful tan once I had finished this but it was just the same as any other oil I had used previously. This is quite a premium product at £42.50 but I don’t think I prefer it to my more affordable Piz Buin, it a nice product but really quite expensive.

Before coming away I was sent a whole range of suncare products from Hawaiian Tropics but some weren’t even considered as they were either too low in SPF (can’t believe they make SPF under 10) or had shimmer which really does scare me. Luckily I packed the Hawaiian Tropics Dry Oil Clear Spray SPF 30  as I absolutely loved it! It offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and is alcohol-free, it has the traditional Hawaiian Tropics Coconut Scent which I neither love nor hate. It is really quick and easy to apply which is why I think it’s so great, I hate sitting on the beach and having to rub cream (and usually sand) into my skin but as this applies clear it isn’t really necessary. As it is so quick and easy to apply I tend to be quite liberal with the application and this didn’t last quite as long as I would have liked but I also didn’t get burnt which is the most important.

Another brand I was excited to try was Lancaster after hearing every blogger rave about it, I have been trying out Lancaster Sun Beauty SPF 15 and Lancaster Tan Maximizer Instant After Sun. I really like the Sun Beauty SPF, it’s not really anything new but I like the spray pump and it doesn’t leave my skin sticky or anything like that, I also found it to be quite water resistant and even when I didn’t reapply religiously it lasted well. The Tan Maximizer was really easy to apply and was almost like water, that said I wouldn’t have used it on an area that had been over exposed to sun but it’s a great every day one, particularly if you hate creaming like I do.

I love a good summer bright nail polish and the Electric Nights collection from China Glaze really delivered! 
I hadn’t used a China Glaze polishes in a while but have always found the quality to be excellent and these were no different. I have the shades Red-y to Rave and Glow with the Flow; Red-y to Rave is a real neon reddish-orange and Glow with the Flow is neon true pink. The application was great and I quite like the brushes to, I didn’t end up wearing the colour for very long as I got a manicure soon after but I did get lots of compliments on it whilst I was wearing it. 
What is your favourite neon polish? 

My makeup doesn’t change too drastically from season to season but there are still some items which I come back to every summer and that barely get used throughout the rest of the year.

An obvious one is sun care, particularly body sun care which I don’t use in any other season but summer. I love Piz Buin, I’ve been known to spray it in winter just because the smell reminds me so much of summer and makes me so happy. I don’t usually find a huge difference between sun creams but I like Piz Buin, it’s a good, affordable suncream option. More recently I have also been reaching for Clarins Sun Care and Clinique Sun Protection both of which are excellent, light weight but offer UVA/UVB protection.

In terms of aftersun I have been using Garnier Aftersun Soothing Lotion and Vichy Capital soleil Aftersun SOS Balm for a while. If you are prone to burns then you simply can’t go away without the Vichy one but Garnier is a great affordable option. As a body cream I also love Garnier Oil Beauty, it leaves the most perfect sheen on the body but is still light weight.

There are three cheek product which i also use religiously in summer; Benefit Hoola, Benefit Coralista and Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel. Although Hoola is a bronzer I use all year round, I find myself reaching for it a little more in the summer. Coralista however is one I rarely use outside the summer months but find it gives the most perfect glow and coral tine to the skin which I find goes particularly well with tanned skin. After putting off buying Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel for a few years when it originally came out I am almost finished mine and still really loving it. I find it to just add a natural looking bronze look to the skin without making makeup look cakey.

Although I love the Juicy Couture perfumes for summer I find them to be quite heavy to travel with which is why I have been reaching for my Stella McCartney Fragrance more, its the perfect light summer scent which isn’t too sickly sweet but instead is quite floral and that I have in a perfect smaller, handbag friendly size.

Theres something I love about using the products I reserve more for summer, it makes me so happy…