Last week I posted a photo on Instagram and was then met with quite a few questions. I have always been on the quest for big hair but sadly I have quite fine hair which doesn’t really hold a curl however I’ve had extensions in and been loving blow drying my hair. This post is more for those of you that have good hair and are just looking for some products and tips on how to get a good blow dry at home. Towards the end of month (when I sadly have to remove my extensions) I will write a post about the perfect tools for those of us that need a little more than just a blowdrier to achieve good volume.

After washing my hair, I like to wait 10/15 minutes for my hair to dry a little before I start brushing it and applying products.

I always apply a hair oil to the ends and have been using either Garnier Ultimate Blend or Moroccan oil, I follow that with Bumble and bumble BB Tonic Lotion to help get any knots out, TRESemm√© Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray and brush through the whole of my hair using a Michel Mercier Brush. (my favourite for detangling!) I then apply either the Bumble and bumble Thickening mousse or Thickening Spray, I would say the mousse is the best but it does require a little more work and takes longer to dry.

Then starts the actual drying! I use a ghd blow dryer and always start with my fringe as otherwise it would be dry by the time I reach it. When drying my fringe I use a Denman Natural Bristle brush (which I could not live without, I have two in different sizes) and use this technique that I learnt from Sali Hughes although I do have a side fringe and not a full one like she does it still works perfect.

I then start from the nape of my neck and work my way up my hair using the Denman round brush. I like to have a flick to my hair so always spent a little extra time to achieve that and make sure to use the cool setting on my hairdrier to set my hair in place. Once my whole head it dry I blast cold air through my hair to make sure everything is set and in place.

What products do you use when drying your hair?