I feel that the name of this blog post is a little misleading as I didn’t actually finish all of these products but the large majority were finished/close to finishing or I left them in Portugal for next summer as I wouldn’t be needing them in the current weather we’re getting in the UK.

I went through a lot of sunscreen this holiday and quickly found that aerosols are my favourite as they’re really quick and easy to apply. Towards the end of my holiday I was using the Kiko Wet & Dry Sunscreen which I really liked, it applied easily- which meant I applied it regularly- it’s a really easy consistency to blend and a really light weight. I also loved using the Hawaiian Topics Sun Spray Lotion and Lancaster Milky spray, both SPF15 but really kept me protected without a sticky feeling or white cast behind. I’ve said it numerous times but I really do think the best suncream is the Vichy SOS Balm, I didn’t quite finish it this year as the weather was only decent but I’d highly recommend it if you’re going away somewhere hot.

I also almost finished two Clarins Travel sizes; the HydraQuench cream and the eye makeup remover- I loved both of these items this August and used them daily. The eye makeup remover removed every little bit of mascara or eyeliner which I find is particularly important on holiday when I want to jump into a pool. The HydraQuench cream is one I’ve used for year but had put aside but I’ve fallen back in love with it. I have pretty dehydrated skin and it’s just perfect for injecting life and moisture back into it and I think I’ll make it my holiday cream from now on.

My makeup doesn’t change too drastically from season to season but there are still some items which I come back to every summer and that barely get used throughout the rest of the year.

An obvious one is sun care, particularly body sun care which I don’t use in any other season but summer. I love Piz Buin, I’ve been known to spray it in winter just because the smell reminds me so much of summer and makes me so happy. I don’t usually find a huge difference between sun creams but I like Piz Buin, it’s a good, affordable suncream option. More recently I have also been reaching for Clarins Sun Care and Clinique Sun Protection both of which are excellent, light weight but offer UVA/UVB protection.

In terms of aftersun I have been using Garnier Aftersun Soothing Lotion and Vichy Capital soleil Aftersun SOS Balm for a while. If you are prone to burns then you simply can’t go away without the Vichy one but Garnier is a great affordable option. As a body cream I also love Garnier Oil Beauty, it leaves the most perfect sheen on the body but is still light weight.

There are three cheek product which i also use religiously in summer; Benefit Hoola, Benefit Coralista and Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel. Although Hoola is a bronzer I use all year round, I find myself reaching for it a little more in the summer. Coralista however is one I rarely use outside the summer months but find it gives the most perfect glow and coral tine to the skin which I find goes particularly well with tanned skin. After putting off buying Chanel Soliel Tan De Chanel for a few years when it originally came out I am almost finished mine and still really loving it. I find it to just add a natural looking bronze look to the skin without making makeup look cakey.

Although I love the Juicy Couture perfumes for summer I find them to be quite heavy to travel with which is why I have been reaching for my Stella McCartney Fragrance more, its the perfect light summer scent which isn’t too sickly sweet but instead is quite floral and that I have in a perfect smaller, handbag friendly size.

Theres something I love about using the products I reserve more for summer, it makes me so happy…

It does seem to be cooling down just a little in London but I feel that we can’t complain too much as we have had some glorious days filled with sun and sometimes almost unbearable heat. I must admit that I like that sun. I feel that I shouldn’t but getting a real tan still fills me with joy although i am trying my best to stay sun safe and I should probably point out that I am very lucky that I don’t typically burn.

I am always most careful with my face and really try to avoid having my face in the sun as the thought of wrinkles and age spots scares me. If I am not wearing makeup than I love the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for face but otherwise go for the Radical Skin Perfecting Screen as I find it sits perfectly under makeup. When I am sitting out in the sun I always have a hat, I picked up this straw one from New Look recently and I really like it, if I forget my hat or I’m at the beach then I often use a scarf/towel/t-shirt to shield my face as well as always wearing a pair of sunglasses, I am in love with my Quay pair at the moment!

I am slightly less careful with my body and do like to tan a little although I am making an effort to use a higher SPF, recently I have been going for the Clinique SPF 30 Body Cram which isn’t sticky and has protected my skin really well over the last few weeks.

To stay hydrated I think refillable bottles of water are the best, I always have one in my handbag and one in the fridge along with a facial spray to keep me cool throughout the day.

The Vichy Capital Soleil is in my opinion the best aftersun and I always take a bottle on holiday with me for any burns and it has helped some of my family/friends that have really been quite significantly burnt. If there is no sign of redness but I just want to cool the skin a little and keep it hydrated then I reach for Garnier After Sun and the Nivea Sun In Shower Refreshing Aftersun  which is quite a nice summer body wash. I don’t usually keep my aftersun in the fridge but I completely get why people do, might start doing it too.

I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll do another similar post with what sun care products I am loving on holiday.

I have been struggling with my skin for last couple of weeks; it’s usually anywhere between normal and extremely dehydrated but sadly at the moment it’s at the latter. I have been trying out a few products trying to keep it looking healthy and feeling less tight so here are some of my favourite additions.

The most recent cleanser to make it long terms into my skincare is the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing Balm (£46). I have to start by mentioning the price, it’s £46, so not very affordable but it’s worth the money if you are struggling to find a great all year round cleanser. It’s made with Moor Mud which gives the cleanser it’s unique natural black colour, the rich balm cleanses the skin without stripping it which is why I have been loving it. It’s also very mild and gentle meaning it removes all my makeup, even in the eye area without irritating it at all.

I’m still some what new to eye cream but I know that if I don’t start now I will regret it in a few years time so I opted for quite a light on, the Liz Earle Superskin Eye & Lip Treatment (£27.50). I was a bit worried as it is both a lip and eye treatment but I actually don’t think it works that well on the lips so I’ve been reserving it simply for the eye area. It’s light but still hydrates beautifully and I love that it’s so cooling, perfect for tired eyes.

Having finished my previous moisturiser I’ve not gone for the Origins Plantscriptions SPF 25 (£48) as I had heard so many people rave about it. Although this seems like quite a heavy moisturiser in the pot I find that it never leaves my skin greasy as it is oil-free. The SPF 25 is great for the summer but actually probably a little higher than I would usually use in the winter but it does a great job of keeping my skin hydrated.

I always have a bottle of Clarins Blue Orchid (£32) as it is my absolute saviour when my skin is feeling dehydrated, I either use this overnight or occasionally I’ll have a makeup free day and just wear this as I find it really brings my skin back to life. However if your on a bit of a budget the Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum (£15.75) is reasonably priced and make visible difference on my skin without affecting its sensitivity.

What products have you been enjoying this winter? Stay tuned for my drugstore skincare favourites towards the end of the month. 

Most of us have done it. You’ve gone out, arrived home a little late, had a little to drink and simply fallen straight into bed. Most of us with like to deny it but sometimes it’s simply too late, you can just about bring yourself to brush your teeth before crawling under the covers. I figured since most of our diaries are getting filled with Christmas parties and with New Years on the horizon I thought I would share what I do the morning after. 

Before bed- Sometimes I’m simply too tried to do this but I will try my best to cleanse, it’s usually a quick one but it’s better than nothing. Failing that I will either reach for a Micellar Water or a face wipe- I’ve recently been using the Skyn Iceland Glacial Cleansing Cloths. If I’ve had a drink or two I will also grab a large glass of water before bed as it help rehydrate you and I feel much better in the morning.

In the morning I start with another large glass of water and a really good cleanse. I double cleanse, usually with a sonic brush to help remove any makeup I left on my skin and waken up my skin. To prevent puffy, sore eyes I then use the Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels which cool and de-puff eyes. Alternatively you can keep your eye gel, eye mask or even spoons in the fridge which will also help de-puff the eye area. To cool the skin I like a facial spray such as the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist.

And then I like to move onto hydration. My skin is always super dehydrated and it’s made so much worse if I have alcohol, I like to use a serum such as Vichy’s Aqualia Thermal Serum which although feels light on the skin hydrates it and adds the luminosity my skin needs. I’ll then finish the skincare part with a little of my day cream and a great lip balm.

I then usually want to pile on the makeup but have to resist the urge and instead go for a lighter, dewy, natural look. I’ve been loving the Burberry BB Cream, it’s absolutely dreamy as it gives the skin a beautiful glow but I do then follow up with a concealer to hide tired eyes, redness and blemishes. My two weapons of choice are the Clarins Instant Concealer and Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. I apply both the BB Cream and concealer largely with my fingers to stop it from sitting on the skin and do the same with a cream blush as I find it looks the most natural.

I don’t waste time with too much eyeshadow and will either skip it or apply a light cream shadow all over the eye. I do also apply a little tiny bit of Benefits Brow Glow in the inner corner of my eye and under my brow bone just to brighten the eye area a little. Once again to open the eyes, I use my trust eyelash curlers and a good few coats of Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. I skip my brows as they are fairly dark but if you do have fair brows filling them in with make the world of difference. I then finish off with a swipe of Clarins Lip Perfector which looks fairly natural but moisturised.

What are your go-to products after a late night?