Fake tan can often be quite scary as we are bombarded with fake tan mishaps in magazines and websites. However I absolutely love fake tan and really don’t think it need as be even half as scary as people think it is. With a little bit of practice, some tips and tricks, you will be able to get an even head to toe tan without any problems.

Pre-fake tan- Before fake tanning make sure you exfoliate and shave. I like to do this the day before and my favourite body scrub is the Soap & Glory Breakfast Scrub, it’s quite abrasive but I think that’s what you need on your body to remove any old tan and dead skin. If you don’t feel like purchasing a body scrub I also think exfoliation gloves are great just teamed up with any shower gel you may be using. Also don’t forget to remove any deodorant/perfume you may be wearing.

Fake Tanning- If you’re a newbie practice on your legs as you can easily cover this up if you do happy to go a little streaky. You also want to work in sections, for example your lower leg and then your thigh, it just makes it easier. Fake tan your hands last and make sure you don’t get any water on your tan. I’d highly recommend sleeping in your tan as this way you are far more likely to be streak-free as you won’t be dealing with water or anything else. Most products take 4-8 hours to develop before you can wash it out which is another reason why sleeping in it is a great idea.

Post Fake Tan- After your fake tan is on for the given amount of time you will need to wash it off and should be left with an even colour. To prolong the tan you should avoid hot baths, moisturise regularly but also every few days to insure that the tan fades evenly.

Check out the video to find out all about my favourite fake tans and more tips and tricks. It is a long one but hopefully it’s got all you need to know.

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I like to start the new year with two main think; 1. a clean room 2. freshly pampered and since it is the last Sunday of the year today seems like the perfect year to achieve at least the latter.

The Body Shop Body Butter here*// Xen Tan Exfoliator here* // Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair here // Bleach London Mask here// Moroccan Oil Treatment here // Clarins Brightening Toner here // Aromatherapy Associates Minis here

The reason I start this task a few days in advance is to remove all of my fake tan which I have only half heartedly removed throughout the year. This for me always required a few soaks in the bath and a good exfoliating session so takes at least two days. I start with a nice long relaxing bath, in which I exfoliate with a glove and also my favourite scrub plus I also take the time to shave as I find it helps with the tan removal.  After the bath I like to use thick body butters for an intensive moisturise.

For my hair I give it a nice long mask which I actually put in 30 minutes before getting in the bath and wrap it in a towel. Once I’ve washed my hair with a clarifying shampoo in my roots I follow it with Moroccan oil to leave it extra shiny.

Of course my skin also needs lots of TLC especially in this cold weather. I go for a good cleanse, face mask, exfoliator, face oil and moisturiser to keep my skin healthy and hydrated.

I’ll start my fake tanning again in the next few days so I can have a nice deep tan by the start of 2014!

What do you do before the start of a new year? 
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A few weeks back I was invited down to The W Hotel in London for my first ever spray tan*. At first I was a little worried, new experiences are always a little scary even if it is just for a spray tan! The spray tan was applied by James Harkett The Spray Tan Man so I knew I was in safe hands.
At AWAY spa at W London I was met by James Harkett and a menu of tanning menu with four options The New York (SJP’s finest), The London (Kate’s fashion tan), The Barcelona (Penelope Cruz shows her friends how it’s done) and The Santa Fe (J Lo Smolders like burnished bronze). I went for The Barcelona which is applied in layers to give the extra dark tone.

On the day of the tan you are left with a guide colour which doesn’t look perfect and after hitting twitter to share my worries I was reassured that it would be beautiful in the morning. After a shower in the morning the colour was absolutely perfect! It wasn’t patchy and it looked a beautiful natural colour like I had spend weeks working on a beautiful brown glow.  The above photo shows my tan a few days after and it still looked fantastic and lasted about 5/6 days, since I didn’t moisturise as much as I should of.

A few tips for any newbies…
Waxing/shaving should be done 24hours prior
Exfoliate body and face with oil free products
Don’t wear moisturizer, deodorant or perfume (it turns green)
Remove all makeup and jewellery
Wear lose clothing

Only shower 8 hours after
Avoid having long hot baths instead have warm showers
Moisturise often

I really loved getting this spray tan and would highly recommend James Harknett at AWAY Spa in The W.
I can not wait to get another spray tan, life just seems so much better tanned!

Check out James Harknett’s website and Twitter
For further information or to make an appointment call 02077581071 or visit the website

What have your spray tan experiences been like?

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