A few days ago I was thinking back to when I first started blogging and first started watching YouTube videos and I can’t believe how much everything has changed! Back then every YouTuber (and there were far less of them!) had a completely over the top collection unlike now when most people seem to be taking it a little more back to basics and downsizing. However still what I find the funniest is the product which were at the top of my wishlist six years ago and how my opinion of most of them has completely changed. 
If you’ve been watching YouTube as long as I have than I invite you to look back and reminisce with me, if your new to the game I’m sure you’ll find some of these products a little ridiculous. 
Top of my wishlist was undoubtedly Mac brushes, I still think they’re great and would still consider buying a few (eg Mac 217) but back then they were the absolute best in my opinion. People use to do these huge hauls of Mac items and everyone on YouTube had an impressive collection. Since I was 16 and most their brushes cost £25+ all I did was dream about them. I still have a very clear memory of my ‘action plan’, how I was going to acquire an impressive set all to my own. After considering the Christmas Set but deciding I wanted the real deal I decided I would by one a month but with some of them retailing for £40+ I ended up only buying two. Looking back I’m actually glad I never bought them as I am extremely proud of my current collection and very few of the brushes are highend but this was pre Sigma and Real Techniques
Speacking of Mac I feel like Mac in itself was such a YouTube trend, every other haul would be a Mac haul where YouTubers would spend what seemed like an excessive amount of money on tons of Mac products. YouTubers would share their Mac collection made up of Mac Well Dress Blush, Mac Limited Edition Collection pieces (anyone remember Hello Kitty?) and so much more. I was always so jealous (and remain jealous) of the American YouTubers access to Cosmetic Outlets where they could purchase Mac and extremely discounted prices. Although I think Mac is a stable and very key brand in the makeup industry I am still surprised by just how valued it was over every other brand back then on YouTube. 
It was around this time that I decided Mac Studio Fix Fluid was a good idea. It wasn’t. It was far too heavy, which I use to love as it covered my acne, little did I know it actually made everything much worse and to this day it still breaks me out. 
One of my biggest beauty influencers back then was Lollipop26 who now runs the blog Buy Now, Blog Later and even now I would still say she was my favourite YouTuber ever, although she no longer makes videos. I bought numerous nail polishes off eBay inspired by her; OPI You Don’t know Jacques, OPI Sephora Metro Chic, OPI Lincoln Park After Dark and so many more!
Laura Aka Lollipop26 also inspired my purchase (and everyone else’s) of Gosh Darling a very nude lipstick which really didn’t suit me. Back then ‘Nude lipsticks’ were really nude, concealer lips nude. My biggest beauty faux pas was probably when I though Mac Myth lipstick was a good idea when in fact it was the worst idea ever! 
Its funny to think about just how much everything has changed but I’m looking forward to seeing what the future beauty blogger product trends will be. 

It seems that the rain and cold has hit London and left me in two minds. I’m happy that I can finally wear hats, jumper, boots and scarfs but walking through the pouring rain down Oxford Street clutching at a paper shopping bag which was about to fall through I wasn’t as happy! With any change of season come a few new seasonal wardrobe additions and I think I picked up some good ones…

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I’m back from my month long holiday and I had a great time! It’s so nice to get away to the Portuguese country side in August as it’s so different to the grey London I am use to. I had planned lots of videos and blog posts but the internet was incredibly slow and if I am honest I was also a little too busy enjoying the sun! I did however get just enough time to film one really short videos which I thought I would share…

I’ll also be sharing my other holiday outfits later in the week…

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 Today on my Youtube channel I shared the content of my bag…
My bag is from Aldo and the style is ‘Caterline’ Currently only the taupe one is online here

I didn’t show my mobile phone but thats just a Blackberry which lives part time in my hand and the rest of the time in my bag. 

Myleene Klass Nail wraps review here 

Hope you are all having a fabulous Valentines day!