Although I love Jumpsuit’s on other people I can never seem to find one that fits me perfectly, I recently discovered this one from Lavish Alice. I love the colour, the material is very light and I think the cut at the top with the spaghetti straps is particularly attractive. I did find that is is still a little short but I can just about get away with it however after wearing it for a couple of hours it became very static and started to cling to every inch of my body (as you can see above isn’t very flattering) which has never ever happened to me and washing it hasn’t helped. I was really looking forward to wearing it during the summer so I’d love some tips on how to stop this happening if anyone has any?

Accessories wise I kept it quite simple with some strappy Primark Sandals and gold hops. My glasses are a new pair from Triwa and are the Midnight Thelma Oversized design which I actually thought would be slightly bigger. That aside I love the shape and colour but it’s the barely noticeable pink tips that really finish these glasses in my opinion and at only £52 from I think they’re actually quite affordable. 
As it was Easter I also felt it was only fair that my Gold Plated Jana Reinhardt Bunny Rabbit Necklace also get an outing. I absolutely love this, the chains quite dainty but the bunny is so adorable and I received so many compliments on it. Finally I also wore my new Gold Plated, Arrow ring from Kris Nations at Cadenzza which has really led me to want to purchase a few more better quality rings as my normal ones from H&M simply fade too quickly. I also love that this is a little more unique and a little more special and all for just £28.

 Watch is Michael Kors… as always.

Which was your favourite outfit that you wore over the Bank Holiday?

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 When I was younger I use to love trainers but then I grew up out of that phase and didn’t own trainers (other than a running pair) for years. I relied on my trusty Converse until I began to see people start to wear trainers with smart coats. I was in two minds about ordering these, I knew I wanted them but would I actually wear them?

I got these on the ASOS sale for about £50-60 but once I used my student discount and vouchers I paid nearly nothing and I just couldn’t resist!

 Recently I have just been struggling to wear anything else; they’re comfortable, warmer than my Converse and I can even wear them with my favourite smart coat. I am now eyeing up some more colours or even a pair of New Balance’s and wondering how I have fallen in love with trainers. Everyone seems as surprised as I am, even my little cousin asked me why I am wearing boys shoes, not because they are boy shoes but just because they are far more like boy shoes than what he is use to seeing me in.

 I do struggle a little to make them look a little smarter (don’t worry I don’t ever wear them with tracksuits and t-shirt, promise!) but I usually pair them with my favourite GAP jeans, a nice jumper (this one is from Zara) and I chose this time to wear my favourite Superdry Timothy Everest Town Coat and my trusty Zara City Bag.

 Talking of bags I am on the hunt for a new one but I just can’t find the perfect one. I hate going to look for them, instead I just always buy a bag when I find one I love but I haven’t fallen for any since the Zara City Bag and that was about a year ago!

I’ll keep you all updated on whether I end up caving and buying another pair of trainers, if I find the perfect pair I don’t think I will be able to resist!

Do you wear trainers? What do you think of wearing them with smarter coats?

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 Last week I received a super pretty package from Link of London. Inside I found a stunning Star Dust  Toggle Bracelet which I feel automatically in love with! Although it’s not something I would buy very often I love having a few stables in my jewellery collection which are a little more expensive but versatile and well made. It’s the perfect bracelet to accessories any outfit wether it’s paired with a stack of other bracelets and a chunky watch or worn elegantly by itself.
I love how sparkly and pretty this is and although it’s beautifully dainty and elegant it still remains very modern, I’m sure I’ll get lots of wear out of it throughout the year! I love the rope effect contrasted with the sparkly details and it is perfect if you are still looking to drop some Valentine’s hints.

Have you got your eye on any Link of London items? What accessory are you currently loving?

This bracelet is available for £150 from Link of London stockists.
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Earlier in the week I spoke about the TK Maxx items of Jewellery which I picked up for this post and thought I would share a few tips and tricks to shopping in TK Maxx as it can be a bit of a treasure hunt.  and share some of the current jewellery trends reflected in TK Maxx’s stock. 

I currently love big chunky jewellery especially studs, crosses and spikes- I picked up the beautiful necklace above with all the spikes which looks perfect teamed with the chunky watch. The stand out thing for me in TK Maxx was the watches and how affordable they were. The one I visited didn’t have too many lady ones but there was a few I fell in love with particularly the two above.

I will undoubtedly return to TK Maxx just before christmas as they had beautiful Christmas Party pieces such as statememnt necklaces and little diamond rings and earrings. I also love the gift sets such as the pearl one above which I am sure my mum would love!

Every where is clearly separated by department and then category and then size for example women, trousers size 10 or mens, shoes, size 10.

Delivery arrive daily and sometimes even more in some stores so be prepared to see new things arrive constantly and pop in regularly. Everything that is in store goes straight to the shop floor as there are no stock rooms. I’d say if you like something try it on and decide if you want to buy it as it may be gone the next time you come in.

And most importantly don’t be scared to have a good long rummage its not as daunting as it seems! They have really upped their game with a new jewellery section but I love them for amazing handbags and discounted beauty bits. Check out their new ad to see just how great something of their pieces really are!

Check out the TK Maxx Style tour: 1.    Wednesday 18th September- LIVERPOOL 2.    Tuesday 8th October-LEEDS 3.    Thursday 10th October-MANCHESTER VOGUE NIGHT OUT 4.    Tuesday 15th October-GLASGOW  5.    Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE (Fly night before for all teams) 6.    Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF

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I try not to shy away from challenges so when TK Maxx set me the challenge to take on LBD and transform it using jewellery I accepted. Off I went to the Tottenham Court Road TK Maxx to check out their new jewellery section. There were a few items I fell in love with particularly the watches and a few rings and they were on a really good offer. I should have chosen a better LBD (not from TK Maxx) as this one isn’t the best material and pulls where it shouldn’t but here is the results….

1. I don’t usually go for converse and dresses but I’ve seen so many people do it and it can work. I went for a massive men’s watch which I LOVE and teamed it with a rose gold coloured bracelet and small studs. I wanted to keep it very laid back so didn’t want to add too much.

2. I changed the shoes for some boots and felt this look needed a statement necklace but I kept the same watch from the previous look. I love this necklace and the mixture of colours although I made it short by doubling it I would also wear it long making it quite a versatile necklace. I’d wear this outfit for drink both during the day and at night.

3. It was time to dress up the dress so I pulled out the heels and some pearls. Pearls are classic and something everyone should own and TK Maxx had a good selection. Although I don’t often wear pearls I think it is a quick way to make an outfit more classic. I’d wear this outfit for a formal party and although I don’t usually suggest wearing black at wedding I think this could work.

4. My trusty red heels and red lipstick transformed this outfit into a party outfit. I am in love with every piece of jewellery from this outfit from the watch and necklace to the stunning ring! This is a perfect Christmas Party outfit as it has the perfect statement necklace which is one of the things TK Maxx had a lot of.

5. To make this dress work for work team it with a nude shoe (or black) and tone down the jewellery. I went for a dainty necklace and earring but kept the watch still quite chunky.

 What’s your favourite piece of jewellery? 

All the items of jewellery range in price and although I wouldn’t say TK Maxx is cheap it is affordable and the offers are great. I think I’ll go back next time I need a gift for my mum or someone I know love jewellery.

What’s your favourite outfit?
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Check out the TK Maxx Style tour: 1.    Wednesday 18th September- LIVERPOOL 2.    Tuesday 8th October-LEEDS 3.    Thursday 10th October-MANCHESTER VOGUE NIGHT OUT 4.    Tuesday 15th October-GLASGOW  5.    Tuesday 22nd October- NEWCASTLE (Fly night before for all teams) 6.    Tuesday 29th October- CARDIFF

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