A while ago Accessorize re-launched their beauty range, it now has very pretty packaging and some great products! I have a few bits and bobs including two lipsticks and a gloss (I think I have three lipsticks and may have miss placed one). The packaging is super pretty with butterflies and flowers, its one of the prettier brands in the drugstore.

The lipstick packaging is similar to the NYX and MUA in that they have a little pot with lipstick in at the end. Both lipsticks are matte but they feel a little cheap and thick on the lips. They are quite uncomforable and drying to wear but paired with a good balm and even possibly a gloss they are wearable. Smitten is a mid toned coral and Love sick is a darker plum colour, both are highly pigmented and last a long time on the lips.

I also have one of their Intense Colour Lipgloss however I am not too sure what colour this is as it is not on the packaging. However it is a pretty darker nude and exactly my kind of colour! I’m not going to say this is the most amazing gloss ever as I feel most glosses are the same but it is a decent price, a fab colour and has pretty packaging (plus it smells of vanilla!)

Overall the lipsticks are not as wearable as I’d like but I reach for the gloss constantly!

Accessorize beauty products are available from Superdrugs and some Accessorize stores.
What do you think of the Accessorize packaging? Have you tried anything from the range?
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 When I attended the launch of the Accessorize Beauty Range there was also a few perfumes on show. The main one appeared to be the Eau De Toilette named Enchanted which retails for more than others and is in a more decorative bottle.

At £15 this probably the best perfume you will find for that price. This is a summery scent and smells very similar to all the other perfume (think celebrity) of its price range. It is summery, fruity and slightly floral and I do really like it and it’s price tag makes it the most perfect everyday perfume which you can just throw in you’re bag. It doesn’t last forever, instead it lasts as much as you expect a £10 perfume to last. I think the bottle is pretty too, a sturdy square shaped bottle with a pretty lid and two butterflies to finish it off.

The Accessorize Charm Perfume is part of their perfume wardrobe range which has a variety of perfumes to help you ‘Express yourself’. This perfume is very floral and more of an evening scent although I do think it starts of as a not so nice scent but wears down to be sorter and more wearable. Although this perfume is cheaper at just under £10 I would say it is a more mature perfume.

You can purchase the Accessorize scents from selected Superdrugs and Accessorize stores.

Have you tried anything from the new Accessorize range?
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*All products mentioned were provided for review consideration

I never buy single eyeshadows (other than MAC ones for my palette) as I think palettes are just more useful, better value and easier to store so everytime I see a palette I get excited. The Accessorize eyeshadow palette in You are Everything if one of my most reason additions- the palette comes with 32 (slightly on the small side) eyeshadows in a wide range of colours.

This palette is actually one of two, the other one ‘Lovely Day’ is more neutral and in my opinion more suited to winter (read VIPXO’s review here) where as this one is very inspiring for the summer. The packaging is also very pretty and has beautiful coloured butterflies & flowers perfect for a little added colour inspiration and also features a strong Union Jack.

For most people I would say the colour selection in this palette is perfect and more than you would ever need. Yes, it doesn’t feature a bright Yellow or a vibrant orange but how often do we get the chance (and are we brave enough) to wear such colours? The best thing about this palette is that although it does feature colour each eyeshadow is very wearable. There are some matte shades, some stunning shimmery shades, neutral shades for those of us who like to play it safe and some slightly more daring purples, reds and blues.

 As with many inexpensive palettes the matte shades are just okay, slightly chalky and with average pigmentation but the stand out colours are the shimmery ones! They are pigmented colours which are easy to apply and just as easy to blend! I would always recommend a primer underneath any eyeshadow, using my Nars eyeshadow primer these eyeshadows last pretty much all day or at least as long as I need them to.

 I am so tempted to say that this palette is good for those who actually wear colours on their eyes but instead I think it is perfect for anyone who is use to browns and nude colours on their eyes but that want to start exploring other colours.
 I think I personally prefer this colour over the other one as it covers all  bases.

This palette retails for £8.95 from Superdrugs and larger Accessorize stores
What do you think of this palette? Have you tried anything from the Accessorize beauty collection?

Sabrina X
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Yesterday I went to the launch of the new Accessorize range, which I am actually very excited about.
Please excuse the poor photos, I have no idea what is going on!
If I am completely honest I wasn’t overly excited on my way to the event, I’m not sure why but I had never tried any Accessorize products as I hadn’t really been overly drawn to anything. However, everything has changed and I am actually quite impressed, I have my eye on so many products!

The lipsticks these are probably the products I am lusting over the most, they’re are eight new shades and its far to say I want to try most of them. The colours are all matte and on trend, they are suppose to leave lips ultra moisturised and kissably soft- as they are matte I am very curious to see how they live up to this claim. They retail for just £4.95 which means I will be buying a few! I have includes some swatches and as you can see the pigmentation and colours are beautiful!

The new range includes a variety of things from14 nail shades to chose from (retail for just £2.95!), brow pencils and a fibre lengthening mascara too.

There are ten colour rick silk based mono eyeshadows and I think the one I got is such a beautiful colour, I will hopefully write a post about it soon!

There are two palettes in the new range of which I have the ‘You are everything palette’ each palette contains 32 shades which are highly pigmented as you can see from the pictures. Some shades are matte others are shimmery so there is something for every occasion, the palette I have has a variety of bold colours whereas the ‘Lovely Day’ palette has more neutral colours. Both retail for £8.95 which is a great deal for some many colours.

There are three fragrances- two of which are in the long packaging. The two perfumes in the tall packaging are called Charm (pictured) and Passion  they both retail for £5.99 and are both part of the Accessorize fragrance wardrobe. My favourite is the Enchanted and it is a perfume I would actually recommend it if like me you love sweet scents, its only £15 and a good size to travel with.

The collection will be out new week on the 6th June so you don’t have long to wait
I am very excited to get my hands on some of the lipsticks! Keep an eye out for more in depth reviews of the products.

Accessorize beauty range is available in some Accessorize stores (although they only carry a small amount of products usually) and in Superdrugs.

What has caught your eye?
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