A little late with the favourites this month but I have a nice range of products to share from high end to more affordable and from skincare to fragrances. 

Barry M is the one nail brand that always excited me with every release but this one I would say I am some what on the fence.

I love the idea of this nail polish, that you can cure your nail polish without a UV light and after trying it today I must admit I was very pleasantly surprised. I applied the base colour, top coat and then waited 10 minutes, the nail polish was completely dry meaning I could get on with my life like normal. I was expecting it to be more like a fast dry top coat but even with some real prodding it didn’t move and seemed to have really cured.

The part where I am let down a little is that there isn’t a single colour I really love, they are all just okay but hopefully this is something they work on.

Overall though it’s a great launch and I can’t wait to see if it work over my other nail polishes but I’ll report back soon!

I usually like to do my monthly favourites as a video but I wasn’t terribly happy with this months video and also didn’t to share my favourites too late so I thought I would instead share them as a blog post.

I know people say this every single month but I am shocked by just how quickly the year has been going, I can’t believe it’s May next month and then June. Crazy.

This month I have been loving the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation which I review earlier this month (here). If you like to change over to a lighter foundation for the spring/summer this is a great, affordable foundation to go for. The coverage is still very buildable but it blends effortlessly into the skin, giving a natural but flawless finish.

I also stumbles across the new EcoTools Complexion Collection brushes brushes, if I’m honest I judged them by their cover and as they are a bright yellow wood with a teal ferrule I wasn’t expecting too much. However as all my other brushes were dirty I gave them a try and I haven’t looked back since. They really buff the product in with minimal effort and I think there is potential for it to become my favourite foundation brush. I do find the smallest concealer brush to be very scratchy but other than that they are excellent and very affordable.

My primer of choice has been the This Work In Transit Camera Close Up which is superior to any other primer I have tried as it is also a moisturiser and mask in one. As my skin is a little dehydrated I really feel it helps my makeup apply more smoothly but more than anything it makes it last all day long.

My favourite launch of the month is the Clinique Pop Lip + Primer, the colour range is vast, they are creamy and pigmented too. Beige Pop has been my chosen shade all month but I can see myself working my way through the colours and falling in love along the way.

On my nails this month I have had two pastel shades; Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust and Nails Inc VB Bamboo White. They are very different price points with Nails Inc VB Bamboo White being quite pricey, that said it’s probably one of my favourite every colours, the quality is beautiful, it dries quickly and last longer than most. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust is far more affordable and is my go-to colour when I need something that will dry very quick. It’s a fun pastel blue which isn’t too in your face and although I don’t find it particularly long lasting it does have pigmentation and shine.

A new discovery is Bondi Sands Fake Tan Lotion, I’ve been going between the dark and light lotion this month (if I’m honest it’s because I have misplaced the dark one). It applies really well with no streaks and doesn’t take too long to dry, the colour isn’t quite the darkest but I just love that it fades very evenly whereas I find myself having to painfully scrub other tans off to avoid patchiness.

Looking forward to trying some new products in April, even some brighter colours.

Along with having a tan I would say pretty coloured nails can really brighten my mood, these five are my current favourites and the ones I will be reaching for to lift my mood over the next few month.

I realise that Nails Inc VVB Bamboo White (review here) isn’t cheap, possibly the most expensive in my collection but I have worn it so much since getting it: it’s perfect! Although it’s quite a natural shade it looks effortlessly chic and works both on long and short nails, I’m already considering buying another bottle but it’s a shame it is only available as a duo as I haven’t had much wear from the red.

Another alternative which is quite classic but much brighter is Burberry Bright Coral Red, which applies like a dream and can really carry you from spring into summer. I also love a bright blue polish in spring (actually all year round) and have really fallen for the new Bourjois La Laque range, this one is in Only Bluuuue.

In terms of pastels, which are a must, my two favourites are Barry M Speedy in Eat My Dust (review here) and Gosh Apple Bloom. This Barry M one dries really quickly so it’s a great one when you a rushing out the door and don’t have much time but Gosh Apple Bloom is beautiful too and I think pastel green often gets forgotten.

Off to paint my nails now, probably Nails Inc VVB Bamboo White… again.

I’ve been suffering from the winter blues this year more than ever. I just really miss the sunshine and the warmth which is why I am so excited by the release of Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry Nail paints in perfect spring shades! Hoping spring is around the corner!

Barry M are one of my favourite affordable nail polishes; their Gelly range is fabulous, I love all the colours!

The Speedy Quick Dry is no different, I am in love with all nine shades of polish (although I would prefer 10, it’s just a nicer number), they’re beautiful pastels, perfect for spring and summer. Recently I have been quite lazy with nail polish, skipping it all together as I find it just takes too long to dry so I was really excited to see how these perform.

The quality of the polishes really varies depending on the colour with some being a little streakier than others but most require two thin coats (possibly three) for an even coverage. I think the key with these is really the thin coats as it can get quite thick and in turn, quite streaky but with careful application I think they’re great. In terms of drying time, I applied two coats waited 10 minutes and got on with normal life, although they are a touch dry at about 5 minutes.

I’ve heard a lot of people say that these aren’t that exciting as they use quick drying top coats but sometimes when I’m in a rush I don’t have time to also apply a top coat making the drying time a real selling point for me. I do find these chip quite easily and I only got 3/4 days wear (slightly less than usual) but I still find them very convenient. 

My favourite colours are Stop The Clock (a pale yellow), Eat My Dust (pastel blue) and Pit Stop (pastel grey) plus I love the racing themed names and lids!

The real selling point of these polishes remains the colours although I do love that the dry quickly. 

These will be available from Superdrugs Wednesday 11th February for £3.99 and from Boots the week after