Before I get carried away with red and gold glitter nails for the Christmas period I thought I would share what I currently have on my nails. It’s always great to see bloggers releasing products so I was very excited to see Estee Lalonde’s (previously Essie Button) collaboration with The Body Shop.

They are releasing the Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit, which comes with three nail colours and a nail art pen. The three nail shades included are Got The Blues, Deeply in Love and Gorgeous Grey- all perfectly picked as they are great all year round colours. The most autumnal shade is probably the Deeply in Love shade which is the one I went for. It has a great brush, dried quickly and applied evenly with two coats. Although I’m not a huge nail art fan I couldn’t resist using the dotting tool, I decided to dot a single Got the Blues dot at the base of my nail and I really like the clash of colour.

Really lovely nail art kit with especially beautiful nail shades and it’s out today for just £15. Stock is limited and they will only be available in certain stores so I’d recommend you start looking soon if you’re looking to pick one up.

1. One day I might need that black lipstick
2. 400 nail polishes is a normal collection
3. But it’s sooooo pretty!
4. I need to keep the collection together, I can’t get rid of two lipsticks.
5. I want to find a way to make it work
6. I need options
7. It was limited edition, I’ll never be able to replace it.
8. They’re similar but they’re not the same
9. I’m a collector and that’s part of my collection
10. One is my pale foundation, the other is my normal foundation, my tanned foundation, my fake tanned foundation, my really fake tanned foundation and I can use that one for contouring.

And by beauty hoarders I clearly mean myself… but I’m trying to get better!

Snapchat is quickly becoming one of my favourite social media platforms, I love how instant it is and that they only last 24 hours. I catch up on Snapchat everyday before bed and view them as mini unedited YouTube videos so I thought I would share my five favourites…

Desi Perkins (Username: desiperkins) One of my all time favourite Snapchatters, Desi’s makeup always looks incredible but what makes her Snapchat is her relationship with fellow Snapchatter Lusterlux- they’re both very funny and it’s nice to see it from both sides!

Laura (Username: buynowbloglater) Laura is still probably my favourite ever YouTuber despite having stopped making videos many years ago but I think her Snapchat really helps fill the void. It’s a mixture of her outfit, makeup and her life in Dubai.

Lily Pebbles (Username: lilypebbles ) I was speaking to a few of my friends who all agree that Lily Pebbles is currently their favourite too especially as she uploads so regularly. Lily’s Snapchat is like her weekly vlogs except more chatty, therefore more personal and you really feel like your living her day with her. Most excitingly of all Lily has mentioned she will being going Snapmas, like vlogmas but on Snapchat, combining two of my favourite things- I’m already excited for December!

Victoria  (Username: inthefrow ) Victoria posts a great variety of fashion, beauty and her incredible travels. Although all her snaps are amazing I have never had such travel envy, a few weeks ago she was in the Maldives (/heaven) which looked like absolute paradise!

Sarah Ashcroft  (Username: sarah_ashcroft ) I don’t follow too many fashion bloggers on Snapchat but Sarah is my favourite, it’s great to put a personality to the Instagram photos and join her at events/shoots.

Also of course, I’m going to plug myself here too, join me on Snapchat, username: alittleobsessed, I’m off to Spain tomorrow for two days and would love to bring you along…

Who are your favourite Snapchatters?

1. Hair removal
Not the most glamorous but the last thing I want to worry about whilst I’m away is if I have shaven my legs or not. I like to get all my waxing, threading and shaving done before hand but if I’m going for more than a few days I’ll still pack a razor and tweezer just in case.

2. In-depth Skincare
Of course I’m not suggesting that I leave all my skincare at home but If I am only going for a day or two I make sure I have a pamper session; face masks, exfoliators and intense oils before I go so that I don’t have to take this away with me but also so that my skin can look as good as possible whilst I’m away.

3. Teeth whitening
I don’t whiten my teeth regularly but a little top up before I leave is always nice if I have time.

4. Paint your nails
I think a pedicure and manicure are essential especially when I’m going to be wearing sandals but I make sure I do it no more than a day before I leave to get the most wear from it. If I’m away for longer than a couple of days I’ll go for a at home gel top coat such as Leighton Denny Top That!

5. Fake Tan
Not everyone loves fake tan and I tend to skip it if I’m off somewhere where I’ll get a natural tan but otherwise it’s a must, makes me feel so much happier, look slimmer and I just prefer the look, especially in photos.

5 More things….
1. Set your ‘Out of Office’
2. Clear memory cards and space on your phone
3. Charge all electronics
4. Grab some travel entertainment (music, films, magazines, books)
5. Clear out your handbag.

1. Try out the perfect summer plait
I’ve been trying all week to do the perfect fishtail plait but my hair is a little too short but I love a good plait in the summer, especially when by the pool/sea.

2. Invest in a good underwear
A few weeks ago I went to Rigby & Peller for a fitting, I was really blown away by how beautiful every piece was and also that they done large sizes. They were also not as expensive as I expected but really great quality, a lovely treat and who doesn’t feel better when they’re wearing good underwear? If you do pop in take a look at the Maison Lejaby pieces which are potentially my favourite!

3. Up your water intake
I’ve been carrying water around with me everywhere, especially now the weather is hot. I love my reusable bottles as it’s so much cheaper than buying it on the go, better for the environment and means I always have it on me.

4. Organise your wardrobe for summer
I’ll have a whole post on this tomorrow so stay tuned for that but I always find organising it for the season reminds me of what I have, gives me more space and helps me clear items out.

5. Go for a late night walk
Make the most out of the beautiful weather which we are experiencing and the warm summer nights by going for a long walk around your city. If you’re London based than the South Bank is my favourite!