1. Easy Nail Art

2. 5 Favourite Budget Blushers
3. My Brow Routine
4. Top 5 Perfumes
5. Hair Tools I couldn’t live without
6.  Body Care Staples
7. Evening Makeup Look
8. Beauty Dupes
9. Beauty/Fashion Haul
10. DIY Facial

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1. 5/10 Minute Makeup

2. Beauty Blogs everyone should follow
3. Products I regret buying
4. Top 5 Eyeshadows
5. 10 Beauty products I couldn’t live without
6. Evening routine
7. Favourite Mascara review
8. Pamper day essentials
9. Makeup Collection/storage
10. Nail Care Loves
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Since my last Ten Blog Post Idea post I thought I would share 10 more quick ideas in case you’re still a little stuck for ideas…

1. Favourite Nail Polishes
2. Non-Beauty Favourites
3. Products I have finished/Empties
4. Handbag Essentials
5. Top 10 Makeup Brushes
6. Favourite Drugstore Mascaras
7. Current Haircare Routine
8. Ten Beauty Tricks
9. How to wear a bold lip/graphic eyeliner
10. Top 5 Phone Apps

Do you have any other blog post ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments! 

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Now we all know I don’t have the most creative blog ever but I thought I would share some blog post ideas for when you are struggling for inspiration, they are nothing new but will hopefully remind you of posts you’ve read previously and would also like to share with your own readers.

1. Favourite everyday Lipsticks
2. Top picks: Blushers for Summer/winter
3. Monthly Favourites
4. What’s in my Makeup Bag
5. How to: DIY Manicure
6. Current Skincare Routine
7. Top 10 under £10
8. Rediscovered products
9. Products I have repurchased
10. Everyday Foundation Routine

Do you have any other blog post ideas? I would love to hear them in the comments! 

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1. Wear White Trousers
For years I wouldn’t go near white trousers or jeans and they are definitely not the most flattering but they simply scream spring, can be dress up or down and I can’t get enough of them! Check out my top 5 looks above and how I style my own jeans here

(Print is available form Etsy)
2. Have coffee in an independent coffee shop
Has anyone else noticed the amount of new Costa’s opening up? I have five within a 10 minute walk- how is that even possible?! As tempting as it is to stick to these chains it’s very important to support the independent coffee shops and they’re usually a much nice environment. Their coffee is usually just as good, prices are often cheaper and the people serving are almost always that little bit nicer. Get a friend to join you or simply take your favourite magazine or book along. If you are London based check out TimeOut’s picks here

3. DIY Pedicure
I’ve been loving wearing sandals over the last couple of weeks and if you haven’t got your feet summer ready yet why not follow my At Home Pedicure guide, it’s super easy and you can even get your friends round for some pampering

4. Go car booting
I’m new to this whole car booting game but it’s been great fun both having a look around other people stalls and also selling. I love having a good clear out, taking it all to the car boot and hopefully making back a little money. Check out the car boot directory to find one near you

5. Read…
I’m currently loving
Ellalogy // This Fashion is Mine // The Native Fox 

What have you got planned for this weekend?

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