A few weeks my boyfriend & I were invited down to try Turtle Baym a new restaurant in Walthamstow with chains also in not only in London but nationwide (Location list here). Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant and since I have never tried much Caribbean food I was really looking forward to it.

When we first arrived we both ordered Cocktails,  they were really delicious and I would highly recommend checking them out. The list of starters or ‘Cutters’ is pretty good too; Pulled Jerk Pork, Fried Squid, Garlic Flatbread, duck rolls and more. It was quite difficult to chose but we went for Garlic ‘n’ Herb Flatbreat and Chilli Fried Squid, which were tasty and I loved the Caribbean twist.

For main course we had Jerk Pit Burger and Double Dipped Steak both of which were nice but not really anything very special with the burger actually being a little dry. Looking back on it I wish I had gone for something a little more traditionally Caribbean such as one of the One Pots or Jerk Chicken. The portions were all quite generous, reasonably priced and we left feeling satisfied.

Overall I think Turtle Bay serves nice food, with great cocktails and starters however you could probably find somewhere a little more authentically caribbean in London as I did feel it was very much adapted to be quite commercial (as you would expect from a chain).

Have you ever visited any of the Turtle Bay Restaurants? What is your favourite Caribbean restaurant?

Sadly I really like burgers and after two weeks of eating healthy I had a major cheat meal! The world and his wife seem to be talking about Patty & Bun wether it’s online or offline, it has become the must-go to place in London. After checking out Burger and Lobster (which I thought I reviewed but didn’t) I decided it was time to check out Patty & Bun. I headed down there will Laura and Alice and faced about a 30minute queue on a Friday at 12.30.

 The restaurant itself is pretty small but they do offer a take away service which I’d assume is quicker. We all got Ari Gold cheese burgers (I got mine with bacon) and skin on fries, the fries come with rosemary and salt- I actually don’t love rosemary so that wasn’t a great start.

Now onto the burger, after all that the most important part! The meat itself is very juicy and comes with pickled onions, american cheese, lettuce and in my case crispy bacon. I promise I had simply unwrapped the burger in the picture below but it was quite messy and for me it was too much of a sloppy burger.

I have heard great things about the chicken wings but didn’t try any myself. I would say the burger and chips are quite a large meal by themselves.

Patty & Bun has become a very ‘trendy’ place to eat meaning it is always very busy and has a long queue outside so I would recommend avoiding peak times and instead go for a late lunch.

If you love sloppy burgers this is the place to go but if like me you prefer a slightly neater burger this may not be for you.

I’ve got quite a few requests for food reviews (as well as other lifestyle type posts) so I hope you enjoy this one!

Where is your favourite place to enjoy a burger?
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