It does seem to be cooling down just a little in London but I feel that we can’t complain too much as we have had some glorious days filled with sun and sometimes almost unbearable heat. I must admit that I like that sun. I feel that I shouldn’t but getting a real tan still fills me with joy although i am trying my best to stay sun safe and I should probably point out that I am very lucky that I don’t typically burn.

I am always most careful with my face and really try to avoid having my face in the sun as the thought of wrinkles and age spots scares me. If I am not wearing makeup than I love the Clarins Sun Wrinkle Control Cream for face but otherwise go for the Radical Skin Perfecting Screen as I find it sits perfectly under makeup. When I am sitting out in the sun I always have a hat, I picked up this straw one from New Look recently and I really like it, if I forget my hat or I’m at the beach then I often use a scarf/towel/t-shirt to shield my face as well as always wearing a pair of sunglasses, I am in love with my Quay pair at the moment!

I am slightly less careful with my body and do like to tan a little although I am making an effort to use a higher SPF, recently I have been going for the Clinique SPF 30 Body Cram which isn’t sticky and has protected my skin really well over the last few weeks.

To stay hydrated I think refillable bottles of water are the best, I always have one in my handbag and one in the fridge along with a facial spray to keep me cool throughout the day.

The Vichy Capital Soleil is in my opinion the best aftersun and I always take a bottle on holiday with me for any burns and it has helped some of my family/friends that have really been quite significantly burnt. If there is no sign of redness but I just want to cool the skin a little and keep it hydrated then I reach for Garnier After Sun and the Nivea Sun In Shower Refreshing Aftersun  which is quite a nice summer body wash. I don’t usually keep my aftersun in the fridge but I completely get why people do, might start doing it too.

I’m sure in a couple of weeks I’ll do another similar post with what sun care products I am loving on holiday.

I always find men the hardest to buy for and apart from ties, socks and the occasional watch, I really struggle to choose something. I’ve had a look around and since this is a beauty blog I thought I would share my favourite beauty items that any father would love wether the father of your children or your father.

A family favourite and a gift I have given to almost every man I know is the The Body Shop Maca Root Shaving Cream and Brush. It’s a great stable in any mans life; the brush is great quality, the shaving cream allows for a great shave (so I’ve heard) and the Maca Root range also comes with a face wash. If you’re looking for a fragrance on a budget than The Body White Musk is a great one to look into and I was surprised by just how great it smells with hints of lavender, geranium, musk and sandalwood.

If you are looking for a light summer fragrance that’s still a real man’s man scent than I would go for the John Varvatos Artisan Acqua although it has lots of floral and citrus scents it still remains quite traditionally masculine. Another great one is the Ermenegildo Zegna Uomo which I think is aimed at a slightly older more traditional man but which won’t break the bank as it’s only £18.50 currently in Boots.

If you are looking for skincare then the No7 Men Protect & Perfect Serum especially any man which is beginning to worry about ageing and hydrating. More of an investment but a great one if he’s a gym goer and is looking to really clean his skin to keep blemishes at bay is Clinique For Men Charcoal Wash and Cleansing Brush, it’s one of my favourite brushes, not too harsh but can really change your skin.

If you’re looking for the perfect fragrance for any young man then I would start with Hugo Boss Bottled Intense, Michael Kors For Men or Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune all three are perfect for any stylist, modern father.

The Thierry Mugler’s A* MEN gift set is perfect if you are looking for a little more than just a fragrance as it also comes with a hair & body shampoo but is a really interesting, unusual but beautiful fragrance.

I’ve got my father TABAC After Shave lotion as he doesn’t typically love beauty items but this is so classic and old school that  I think he’ll love it.

Just over a year ago I shared with your the Clinique Cheek Pops and I fell in love with them. They’re beautiful to look at with a flower embossed in the powder but more importantly they are creamy and add the most stunning colour and sheen to the skin. They were so successful that Clinique are adding four new shades; Melon Pop, Pink Pop, Rosy pop and Heather Pop which shall be released 26th June. I’ve been trying two of them and thought I would share Melon Pop and Pink Pop. 

I was instantly drawn to Melon Pop first as I love the peachiness and it reminds me of Clinique Lip Pop’s in Melon which is one of my favourites. It a really pretty day time peach which I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of this summer. Pink Pop is quite a normal bubblegum pink, which is probably why I wasn’t as attracted to it. I find these a little less pigmented than the originals but this just means that they are natural looking on the skin and still remain buildable. 

If you haven’t tried any Clinique Cheek Pops then I would really recommend them, particularly the original shades but Melon Pop is also the perfect colour for summer!

I usually like to do my monthly favourites as a video but I wasn’t terribly happy with this months video and also didn’t to share my favourites too late so I thought I would instead share them as a blog post.

I know people say this every single month but I am shocked by just how quickly the year has been going, I can’t believe it’s May next month and then June. Crazy.

This month I have been loving the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation which I review earlier this month (here). If you like to change over to a lighter foundation for the spring/summer this is a great, affordable foundation to go for. The coverage is still very buildable but it blends effortlessly into the skin, giving a natural but flawless finish.

I also stumbles across the new EcoTools Complexion Collection brushes brushes, if I’m honest I judged them by their cover and as they are a bright yellow wood with a teal ferrule I wasn’t expecting too much. However as all my other brushes were dirty I gave them a try and I haven’t looked back since. They really buff the product in with minimal effort and I think there is potential for it to become my favourite foundation brush. I do find the smallest concealer brush to be very scratchy but other than that they are excellent and very affordable.

My primer of choice has been the This Work In Transit Camera Close Up which is superior to any other primer I have tried as it is also a moisturiser and mask in one. As my skin is a little dehydrated I really feel it helps my makeup apply more smoothly but more than anything it makes it last all day long.

My favourite launch of the month is the Clinique Pop Lip + Primer, the colour range is vast, they are creamy and pigmented too. Beige Pop has been my chosen shade all month but I can see myself working my way through the colours and falling in love along the way.

On my nails this month I have had two pastel shades; Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust and Nails Inc VB Bamboo White. They are very different price points with Nails Inc VB Bamboo White being quite pricey, that said it’s probably one of my favourite every colours, the quality is beautiful, it dries quickly and last longer than most. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust is far more affordable and is my go-to colour when I need something that will dry very quick. It’s a fun pastel blue which isn’t too in your face and although I don’t find it particularly long lasting it does have pigmentation and shine.

A new discovery is Bondi Sands Fake Tan Lotion, I’ve been going between the dark and light lotion this month (if I’m honest it’s because I have misplaced the dark one). It applies really well with no streaks and doesn’t take too long to dry, the colour isn’t quite the darkest but I just love that it fades very evenly whereas I find myself having to painfully scrub other tans off to avoid patchiness.

Looking forward to trying some new products in April, even some brighter colours.

Punch Pop, Melon Pop, Grape Pop, Sweet Pop and Berry Pop
Melon Pop, Cherry Pop and Cola Pop 

I had seen the Clinique Pop Lip + Primer’s popping up on Instagram and was instantly drawn to them. For some reason I expected them to offer just a sheer wash of colour with little pigment but still be quite balmy. I was so surprised when I first swatched it to find that although they do feel very hydrating they also offer much more than a hint of colour and are in fact quite pigmented and buildable to a full coverage lipstick. 

The colour range as you can see is extensive and within the colour range of 16 lipsticks there are nudes, oranges, pinks, red and dark berries- there really is something for everyone. They feel really weightless on the lips, apply really beautifully with a decent lasting power. They really help to perfect the texture and colour of the lip which I love and find the finish to be very flattering too.  

My favourite colour of all (which I didn’t photograph because I had misplaced it in my car) is beige pop, if you’re a lover of MAC Patersserie you will love this too and if I had to pick just one colour this would be it! I have also been wearing Melon Pop lots and Cherry Pop is a perfect red colour. I did however find Bare Pop and Love pop to be just a little too shimmery and would probably be the two I would skip. 

Really in love with this new line of lipsticks and they would be one of my top spring picks! They are £16 each and will be exclusive to Boots from 27th March 2015 and launch nationwide from 17th April 2015.