Since I was going away for 4 weeks I felt
it was essential for me to get my hair cut and coloured beforehand. I’ve had my
hair done in Portugal before and it’s always ended in tears so that was
something I was going to deal with again.
Since I loved my hair cut and colour last
time I went back to ColourNation but this time to Lucia. I had a consultation a
few days before which I found very useful, we talked though photos I had,
possible colours and how we could get what I wanted to work on my hair.
I was after just a little bit of a touch up
on the baliage I already had but a little darker on top and a little lighter on
the bottom so there was more of a difference between the two colours. We
settled on colours before hand, which Lucia logged all ready for next week.
I think colouring your hair is always a
little scary, the reason I like ColourNation is because that’s what they’re
famous for and most people in salon are getting their hair coloured. I was also
made to feel very at ease by Lucia and felt that she knew exactly what I
Last week and after a few hours in Salon I
left with newly refreshed hair, lighter ends and darker roots just how I had
asked. Oh and a great blow dry!
Very happy with my hair and I look forward
to going back to Lucia, I’m thinking dark for the winter maybe?

Do you colour your hair? If so, are you
always a little nervous before hand?

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I never thought I would sit here and tell you that I went and dyed my hair lighter but I have. I love dark hair but after having very dark hair for the last 22 years of my life I thought it was time to try something different. I haven’t made a drastic change but for me it’s the perfect colour and the perfect way to go lighter.

 Balayage is a movement on from Ombre where ends are lightened but with a more gradual, natural look. Ombre is pretty easy to achieve at home by yourself but you really need a good hairdresser to achieve the Balayage which is why I went to ColourNation. I’ve been to ColourNation in the past for highlights and was very happy with their skills so I knew that they would help me achieve the look I wanted.

I took with me a few photos (Mainly of Khloe Kardashian’s hair, she’s my current favourite!) and we discussed how we could make it work for my colouring and hair type. It’s a very gradual fade which is exactly what I wanted and I love the colour too, it’s just light enough and I even think I’ll love it when it inevitably gets slightly lighter in the summer. As you may be able to tell I have also had my hair extensions removed so I was very excited to get my hair cut and back into shape. Zahra (the hairstylist) removed just the perfect amount so it wasn’t too short but was left healthy and with a little more body.

And the blow dry! The blow dry was amazing too!

Overall I love the change and would really recommend giving Balayage a go this spring/summer. I never thought a lighter colour would suit me but this way I can still keep my darker roots meaning it still works well with my darker features. If you’re a little worried as to where to go to achieve the perfect faded colour (and for an amazing blow dry) check out ColourNation, Zahra done my hair this time but I in the past I have been equally as happy with Lacey.

What do you think of my Balayage effect hair? Will you be going lighter for the summer?
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*I was kindly invited down by ColourNation to review the service

I’d been wanted a colour for a little while so I quite excited when Colour Nation invited me down for a cut and colour. When I went in I wasn’t too sure what I wanted but after discussing my options with the stylist we settled for a few high/low lights a shade or two darker and lighter than my natural hair colour and a few inches of the ends.

It was the first time I’d had my hair professionally coloured but I just wanted something to add some movement to my hair. I lost a fair bit of the ends but I do think it’s important to get a good cut every now and then to keep hair healthy. Losing a few inches also makes my hair a little fuller as it means it isn’t weighed down. I left the salon with mid-length hair with a few highlights here and there, the hairdresser also kept my layers slightly longer than normal which I have been liking. All very natural but still makes a big difference to me. I’m very happy with my hair although I am thinking of going slightly warmer next time… we’ll see!

I really liked ColourNation as a salon clean, modern, easy to get to as it is located just off Oxford Street and with very friendly staff. Plus, they have those massage chairs at the basins which are always quite nice!

I haven’t done anything with my hair in the photos above just so you can see the cut clearly. I would highly recommend Colour Nation especially as it reasonably prices for a London salon!
What do you think of my hair cut/colour?
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