hair careI’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about my hair and hair care, it’s often something that’s a little neglected here on ALO as I don’t have the greatest hair but since you’ve got to work with what you’ve got I thought I would share the bits I have been loving.

Shampoo is something that just doesn’t excite me, their either average or bad but rarely do I fall in love but the Davines Prep shampoo and conditioner really took me by surprise. The packaging is pretty which is great as it looks nice on the bathroom shelf but more than that my hair loved this shampoo! The Davines Prep Shampoo is for ‘all hair types’ and the Prep Mild Cream Conditioner is for ‘fine to medium’ so since I have fine hair I wasn’t sure if it was going to do a lot for my hair but I found that it was great for rebalancing my hair. I usually have quite dry ends and greasy roots but I found that this kept my ends hydrated and my roots cleared for longer than any other shampoo. Day two hair is rare for me as my hair is usually super greasy by then, but with this I didn’t even need dry shampoo day two. It is quite expensive but I think really worth the money as I had to spend less time washing my hair! I’m currently trailing a different shampoo but will probably be putting in a little Cult Beauty order for some more Davines products soon!

I was also recently send the Kardashian Beauty hair range which I thought might be a bit gimmicky but I actually have fallen in love with the Volume Foam in particular, it isn’t too heavy or sticky but still adds a great amount of volume and hold to the hair. I have been using the Blow Dry Cream too, which adds a bit of shine to the hair and more importantly has heat protection.

In terms of tools theres nothing new really; I love my ghd blow dryer which is definitely worth the investment, I use to go for a blow dryer every few months but this one has lasted ages and dries my hair quickly. I rarely straighten my hair but I do always have a ghd styler too just in case, I currently have the new one from the Azores collection which is beautiful. I curl my hair quite often and for that I love the Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves, I find it to be the perfect size and my curls last all day with it too.

I also just wanted to mention that I did used Olaplex last time I had my hair coloured and I think that it helped my hair massively. I don’t know too much about Olaplex but the next time I get my hair coloured I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

What hair products have you been loving?

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fudge shampoo fudge pro oilI like to start the new year off the way I would like to go on, so typically I have a clear out (as I want to be more organised), fake tan (because I would love to be tanned all year round) and sort out my hair as I would love nice hair in 2016.

This year Fudge Professional was nice enough to help and hooked me up with a bit of a hair refresh as my hair was really in need of some TLC. They didn’t change too much but my hair was starting to look dry and unloved as it hadn’t been coloured in quite a while and the colour that was still in it had faded. The colourist added some high and low-lights, to add an expensive, sunkissed look to my hair which I love and which fits perfectly with the current blonde/brunette (bronde) trend which is about and I love it! I did get a little bit of a trim too, as my hair is so fine that any unnecessary ends can really make it look flat and lifeless.

Since the cut and colour I’ve been using some of the Fudge Professional range and loving it! I’ve used quite a lot from the Fudge Urban range before but this is the first time using the professional products and I love them just as much as love the Urban. The Colour Lock shampoo and conditioner are not only keeping my hair colour looking great but my hair feels amazing too but my favourite hair product of the month has to be Light Hed-ed Hair oil. It adds moisture and hydrates my hair without weighing it down and I must admit I am pretty addicted to this stuff already!

Not predicting a huge hair change in 2016, probably just more of the same…

We’ve all seen and probably taken part in the #nomakeup selfie trend that has been going around the past year. Now Herbal Essences is challenging us to embrace naked, natural hair too and to leave glammed up hair behind resulting in a shorter morning regime. If you’re willing to embrace natural hair and #GetNaked you’ll be in with the chance of winning £2,000 worth of shopping vouchers.
Simply tweet a un-styled, natural hair selfie to @_herbalessences with the hashtag #GetNaked and embrace un-styled, product free hair.

For a little inspiration and an extra push to get you embracing your hair check out the Herbal Essences ‘Naked Truth About Dating’ video here which is sure to make you chuckle and thinking a little. We all know we spend far more time on looking like we ‘just threw something on’ than we probably should.
Herbal Essences Clearly Naked Range helps show off your natural beauty with shampoos and styling products which are paraben, silicone and dye free. There is a shampoo and conditioner to meet everyone’s needs leaving hair soft and looking naturally beautiful as well as smelling amazing, letting your hair #GetNaked too.
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The beauty world seems to have fallen for the Purely Perfect Cleansing Creme which is a cleansing creme but you use in place of a Shampoo. I must admit the words un-shampoo on the back scared me. Yes, I wash my hair a little too often but un-shampooing, well that just sounds scary!

It looks like a normal luxury shampoo; beautiful packaging and a fancy pump both of which very much attracted me. When I first used it I noticed it is very different to what I am use to. You get no lather but instead a mix of essential oils and aloe vera which cleanse your hair and scalp without any stripping. Unlike conventional shampoos which leave your hair looking great but do very little for it’s actual condition. I used this for a few weeks, it left my hair hydrated and smoother whilst still feeling clean but I’m not hooked quite yet.

The price tag for starters is £36 and even not requiring conditioner it is still quite expensive. I think this is something you must commit to, no stopping and starting however sometime I just need the instant gratification I get from a few chemicals.

It’s a great product for anyone trying to get out of using normal stripping shampoo but like a true shampoo addict I simply can’t make the switch permanent.

Have you tried any cleansing, detergent free shampoos? What do you think? 
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Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a favourite in most house holds as it’s the perfect product for those of us that want shiny, healthy hair but don’t have 10 minutes 3 times a week for another hair mask. Aussie have released a 3 Minute Miracle Light Deep Treatment Mousse perfect for finer hair that although lacks hydrations doesn’t want to be weighed down.

The Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Deep Treatment Mousse comes in two variations: Light Aussome Volume and Light Mega which are both deep conditioning mousses and which you wash out after 3 minutes post shampoo and condition. I’m often a little scared of deep conditioners (and normal conditioners) but as this is designed for fine hair and doesn’t weigh the hair down it is perfect.

Are you a bit of a conditioner-phobe? What is your favourite Aussie products?

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