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I haven’t blogged much about e.l.f  recently although I think it’s a great brand I simply don’t order make up online very often but the Studio Blush Palette really caught my eye.

The palette comes in two shades; I have light but dark has some fabulous reviews online. The single quad houses four e.l.f  Studio Blush shades and a good sized mirror. Each individual blush can be removed meaning you can mix and match with the shades from the other palette although I would love to see eyeshadows which could fit in there as well.

Although I have the lighter option of the palettes I still think that they are all very pigmented so a light hand is needed especially with the bolder shades and it’s a shame the colour aren’t individually named.

As they are very heavily pigmented you have to be careful to avoid over applying but I found them to be good quality and smooth. It retails for £7.95 which is a great price for 4 blushers and it’s particularly great to travel with!

What is your favourite e.l,f product?

I noticed yesterday that I had a handful of new brushes which I thought I would address in a single blog post, they are all relatively inexpensive and I’ve been trying them out over the last few weeks.

Moxi Makeup brushes are a new brand on my radar and I have been trying out all five of their brushes (I forgot to photograph one), they’re beautiful to look at and start at a very reasonable £8. There are three brushes I love from this collection the Double-ended brush (which I didn’t photograph), Taklon foundation brush and the Flat top angled brush which are all soft and work beautifully but my stand out has to be the Double-ended brush. The other two however aren’t quite as nice, the Goat Hair Powder brush is okay but could be a little softer and I just do not understand the Angled Eyeliner brush at all.

I wouldn’t say I love the entire Liz Earle Colour range but the brush range is actually quite impressive. I love the clear plastic handles too, it looks sleek without being the same as every other brush. The Eye Colour Brush is great for packing on colour but the other two are stand out products. The Eyebrow Brush is my favourite as it has both things that I need, a brow spoolie and an angled brush perfect for applying powder to the brows. The Blend & Contour Brush  also can not be beaten for the prize, it’s cut beautifully and is great for both applying colour to the crease and blending eyeshadow.

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Zoeva brushes seem to be becoming more an more popular and just by looking at them you can see why, they are beautifully made and super soft.  I must admit that these brushes are so perfectly white that I was almost a little scared to use them. The Luxe Face Finish brush is beautiful for any sort of setting powder and not too dense which helps avoid any over applying. The Luxe Sheer Cheek is quite thin so ideal for contouring as well as applying product to the apples of the cheek. The Smokey Eye shader is equally as good especially if you are using cream shadows and the Precision Shader would work just as well on the lips as the eyes. I am currently dreaming about the Luxe Face Definer, that’s definitely a brush I need in my life.

Since I love double ended brushes (if don’t well) I was excited to give this new Kiko Face Duo brush from the Life in Rio Collection a go. The foundation brush is really nothing special, just a standard synthetic one but at the other end there is a angled brush like I’ve never seen before. As you can hopefully tell from the first photo it’s fairly flat before going into an angle, this is great for you girls that like me love a contour but it is fairly easy to get two contour line down the face if not blended very carefully.

I have some amazing cheap elf brushes but the Elf Small Stipple Brush seems to be pretty average. It sheds more than I’d expect a brush to and isn’t very soft but is the perfect size for a cream blush or a pigmented blusher that you want to apply lightly.

Have you tried any new brushes recently? Which brush has caught your eye?
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 When I first started watching YouTube videos the one thing I always lusted over were brushes. Everyone had fancy MAC brushes which were expensive and ‘an investment.’ I remember planning how I was going to afford these brushes ‘one every month’ I told myself because at 16years old £30 for a makeup brush was a lot of money and even now I would think about it twice. 

Five years on I am very glad I have found cheaper alternatives. Of course I do have some expensive brushes but most of my (huge) collection is Sigma and other far more affordable brushes. I won’t be discussing Sigma brushes as I think they aren’t too easy to get hold of in the UK but I think they are worth considering. As a whole I also think No7, The Body Shop and Real Technique so some of the best affordable brushes. 
I really hate that brushes are still often underrated, I hate sitting on the bus and seeing some use an awful sponge tip applicator or seeing a lady using a bad quality blusher brush. I honestly think good brushes make the makeup application process so much easier and I’d rather use my finger than bad brushes and as there are some really affordable ones I feel there are no excuses. 
From the top clockwise

ELF Powder brush £3.75
I have read that the quality of this brush has changed but I really hope not as I love this brush and actually own two. This brush is sold as a powder brush but I use it more as a finishing brush and use it to buff in any foundation, blusher or bronzer which needs a little more work.

ELF Essential Eyeshadow Brush £1.50
At a mere £1.50 there is no reason why people should be using sponge tip applicators. I personally own 3 of these brushes and thing they are perfect for packing colour on the lid, particularly if you have a smaller eye. I’ve also heard this sheds but I’ve had mine for a while and although it may have done so initially it doesn’t any more and is still a great density. It’s quite dense but also quite short which gives you a lot of control and is actually one of the eyeshadow brushes I reach for most often.

No7 Blush Brush £11.50
Opsy. It’s a little over but with a No7 money off vouchers it’s under (plus they do other deals such as buy one get one half price.) Although possibly not the softest brush on the planet I love the size/shape of this brush. Perfect for applying a little bit of rouge to the apple of the cheeks.

No7 Foundation Brush £14
Okay a little over again, same as above applies. Finding cheaper foundation brushes can often be hard as they tend to be quite flimsy however this one if dense and the bristles are the perfect length leaving an even complexion.

ELF Studio Blush Brush £3.75
This is quite a flat blush brush perfect for very pigmented blushers or simply applying a light wash to the cheek, the size makes it really easy to control.

No7 Lip Brush £7
With lip brushes I look for a good edge, shape and a small size so it can live in my handbag waiting for a red lips day. I have so many of these No7 ones as they are the perfect size and edge is great for the cupid’s bow, I don’t think I would bother with a more expensive one- this one is perfect.

Real Techniques £9.99
I love this brush for blush, bronzer or even powder. I don’t think it picks up very much product so is perfect to build up a sun kissed look, applying a dusting of powder or a touch of blusher both powder or cream.

No7 Concealer brush £8
This is quite a large concealer brush and is almost identical to the foundation brush just much smaller. As it is quite big it isn’t great for small areas but if you have problemed skin or like concealing a large area (like the V under your eyes) this is great.

No7 Eyeshadow Blend & Contour £7.25
As the above brush is a little large I sometimes use this for concealer as well as it blends really well. This brush is regularly compared to the MAC 217 and is a much cheaper alternative!

Eco Tools angled brush £5.49
Angled eyeliner brushes are all pretty similar in my opinion and this is just as good as my more expensive ones. It’s a good size, cut perfectly and a good density!

What are your favourite brushes? Do you also have some inexpensive favourites?

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Todays blog post is by Lorna from Studs & Dreams and the post is filled with one of my favourite things- lipsticks! Luckily they are all affordable lipsticks that are quite easily available….

 Recently I have become obsessed with buying lipsticks. I never used to be one for them and would usually slick on a bit of lip balm and be done but now I can’t leave the house without slicking on a bit of my favourite shade and so thought it’d be fitting to choose this as my guest post subject! 

 MAC Lipstick in Shy Girl 

This is the most perfect peachy nude and I would definitely say that it is my most used shade. This was my first ever purchase from MAC and actually I didn’t like it at first. It was so different to what I would usually use as I am generally a big fan of a bright lip, which is usually either red or pink and so a peachy nude was completely out of the ordinary for me. I really wanted to love it though as it was my first MAC purchase and didn’t want to be disappointed so I kept wearing it and eventually I was in love! It’s great for during the day, which is generally what I wear it for but it’s also great with a smoky eye at night to tone down the look as a whole making it a lot more wearable. I only have good things to say about this so would definitely recommend trying it out! 
Barry M Lip Paint in 153 
I went through quite a phase of buying Barry M products at one point and this was actually a product that I’ve recently rediscovered. I didn’t even realise I had it until a couple of months ago! It’s a lovely pink that goes great with virtually any makeup look. It’s one of those my lips but better colour lipsticks! It’s a really creamy formula which applies like a dream (unlike some of the other Barry M lip paints, 147 anyone?) The Barry M lip paints are a bit hit and miss usually, so would definitely recommend swatching them before buying! 
Topshop Lip Stick in Beguilded
I am a big fan of the Topshop makeup and this was another addition to my collection. It’s my darkest lipstick and was another one that took a while to grow on me. It is a dark purple red and is quite a daring shade in my opinion due to it being so dark and so I have to be feeling quite brave when deciding to wear it. If I do wear it I would usually wear it on a night out as I’m always a lot more daring with my lipstick choice, really want to wear this one more though. Definitely will the next time I go out. The quality of it is lovely just like the rest of the Topshop Lip Sticks as it is really creamy and applies really well to the lips.
Topshop Lip Stick in Mischief
Again another Topshop Lipstick, I would say this is actually my favourite out of the 3 in this collection. I am a lover of a red lip and this is perfect for that. I used to have another red lipstick by the brand Eyeko which was my ultimate favourite but I lost it and now it is unfortunately discontinued but this has definitely taken its place. It is slightly less creamy than Beguilded, but I actually prefer that. I really like a semi-matte lip as I feel it stays better while also looking much better. I would definitely say that it is the perfect red! Really want to try the other red in Topshop’s collection; Rio Rio is next on my list. 
Topshop Lip Stick in All About Me
I actually received this one free with a Topshop order and so didn’t make the conscious decision to buy it but I’m so glad I received it as it has made me love a pink lip so much! Before this I would always wear a red lip on a night out but this has definitely broadened my horizons so much more and also broadened my lipstick collection spurring on a huge spree for pinks… The quality is amazing just like the other lip sticks. Couldn’t recommend it enough!

MAC Shy Girl, Barry M 153, Topshop Beguilded, Topshop Mischief, Topshop All About Me 

 17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Belle
This was actually one of the first nude shades I ever owned. When I first tried it I didn’t really get it because it is a very similar shade to my lips. I started to wear it more and fell in love (yet again) it definitely used to be my number one day time lipstick before MAC Shy Girl came along, definitely need to get this one out more! The quality is great, it’s really moisturising and as a bonus it wasn’t expensive. 
ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in Coral 
I bought around 4 of these when they were quite highly discounted (I think it was 50% off, there are always big discount codes for ELF so would never purchase without) and this was definitely one of my favourites. I wouldn’t really say it’s a coral as it really isn’t as orange toned as you would expect a coral but I would say it is definitely more of a nude. It’s really wearable as I generally choose to wear it during the day. The quality is really good; I much prefer a creamy matte shade over an overly creamy lipstick so this is really great for me. I love the pen form; I actually much prefer this over the usual lipstick form in the bullet as I find it much easier to apply. I would definitely recommend picking some of these up if you’re making an ELF order. 
ELF Studio Matte Lip Colour in Tea Rose
I’m actually quite surprised I like this one as it is quite purple toned, almost lilac like. Again the formula is great and it applies really well to the lips. It is quite a natural colour and so wear it during the day. It looks beautiful on and is slightly different to the usual day-time nude – which is probably why I like wearing it so much!
Topshop Lipstick in Clueless 
This is one of my other most used lipsticks for nights out. I loved using this one on my most recent holiday to Zante. It is great for jazzing up an outfit and making it look that bit better and as I am a big fan of toning down an outfit to make room for a really bright lip this one is perfect! It is a bright blue toned pink that is very matte. These lipsticks from Topshop can be quite drying but I don’t usually find this a problem. This is definitely the creamiest of the collection that I tried but if you still find it drying a bit of lip balm over the top will sort it right out. It’s definitely worth the drying as the shade is beautiful. 
Topshop Lipstick in Powder Room 
This is the newest lipstick in my top 10 collection and it’s lovely. Again I probably love it a lot due to the pen shaped casing but the product is lovely too. This is a much lighter pink than the previous and I like to wear this during the day or with a smoky eye at night. It is slightly more drying than the previous but I’ll just put a bit of lip balm over the top if it really gets too much. I really like these and will definitely be picking up some other shades!

17 Mirror Shine Belle, ELF Matte Lip Colour Coral, ELF Matte Lip Colour Tea Rose, Topshop Clueless, Topshop Powder Room 

I hope you enjoyed the post and have found some lipstick you think you might like. I personally have my eye on the ELF Lipsticks and will hopefully be ordering some soon. 

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Lorna’s blog posts on Studs & Dreams and here Twitter @studsanddreams

What is your favourite Lipstick?

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I just recieved my ELF order which I placed earlier in the week & as I was walking back up the stairs from our front door I recieved an email from ELF about another 50% Off Offer!

Once again & apparently for the last time ever ELF is offering 50% off everything until 8am 19/09/2011 on all orders over £25!

Also I just posted a picture on Twitter of what I order (here)  and after watch HollyMBB’s video I am so tempted to order again (but will try and resist).

To get the discount use discunt code LAST50 (UK/EU) and LAST50IT (Italy.)

Happy Shopping!

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