The Orla Kiely LFW show has caught my eye for years, it always seems a little more fun then a simple catwalk so I jumped at the chance to attend with Bourjois who were the brains behind the beautiful makeup. 
For S/S 2015 Bourjous created a beautiful catwalk look which remained wearable and easy to recreate at home. As you can see from the photos below the collection was all about Flower Power and had a 60s feel to it which was mirrored in Attracta Courtney’s makeup look.
The look was very focused on the eyes with quite a Twiggy feel, the skin was kept quite light but matte using Bourjois Java Powder over Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum and with nothing on the cheek. From the Smokey Stories Palette in Over Rose they applied a very pale colour over the lid and then a strong dark crease colour defined the socket line. The mascara really finished the look, she used Bourjois Push Up mascara on the top lashes and used the tip to create a dot-like finish on the bottom lashes.
Lips were kept quite light with Color Boost in Peach on the Beach as a base and the Cream Blush in Nude Velvet which left the lips looking muted and matte.
I loved this makeup look and it was a beautiful show with a makeup look I will be trying to recreate soon.
Smokey Storied and Push Up Mascara will launch in October but all other makeup items are available from here
What was your favourite makeup look from LFW?

I know what you’re thinking, another beauty box?! That was my first thought, I’m getting a little bored of beauty boxes, of getting samples of products I already have and I’m running out of space to store said samples.

 However over the summer all my french friends told me about My Little Box which has 80,000 subscribers in France and which they are in love with so I was naturally intrigued by their move over to the UK.

The packaging on every box is stunning and similar to what I’ve seen other beauty boxes do in the past as a one off box. They have an illustrator that clearly spends time on all the goodies meaning that there is a nice flow throughout everything the company does. Inside the box you can expect to find a range of beauty items including some from the My Little Box in-house beauty range which means you won’t find it in any other beauty box. For me the nice thing is the lifestyle items which they include that aren’t tea bags and breakfast bars like other lifestyle boxes. In the past they’ve included bracelets, candles, phone cases, necklaces and my personal favourite was a pack of beautifully illustrated girly playing cards. Everything is very wearable, fun and just really well chosen. Each box has a theme making it a little different from the month before and includes a beautiful magazine (which is currently in French but I am hoping they will include and English version now they are coming over to the UK)

I think this beauty box has a little edge over the current ones on the market and for now I am really impressed although I look forward to finding out how it goes over the year and if it will become a little repetitive. Although a little more expensive than the most popular ones on the market it’s one I would actually subscribe to. 

What do you think? Would you be tempted to subscribe or do you think beauty boxes have had their time? Would love to hear what you think in the comments.

For more info check out the My Little Box website (the photos are beautiful!) 

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If you were on Twitter at all last week you will know that Christian Louboutin have release Christian Louboutin Beaute. For those of you that don’t know the iconic Louboutin red sole came about when he used his assistants red nail polish (rumoured to be Revlon) to paint the sole of one of his shoes so it makes perfect sense for the first beauty item to be released to be nail polishes.

I was fortunate enough to go to the launch last Friday, see the product in real life and have my nails painted in the iconic Louboutin red. When I first heard about the move to beauty I was a little worried it was going to be tacky but I actually think it all fits perfectly within the brand.

The polishes you can see in the first image is the Rouge Louboutin which is the classic red which matches the sole of the shoe. All the nail polishes have a pointy end although this one is the longest and is the same length as the highest shoe heel. There will also be three collections of ten polishes released the Pops, Neutrals and Noirs with some absolutely beautiful colours in there. 

 So what do I think? I am happy to report it doesn’t feel or look as tacky as I feared it may but that said these nail polishes retail for £36. I personally struggle to hand £36 over for a foundation so they are very expensive in my opinion even in comparison to Dior, Chanel and even Tom Ford. However I don’t think these polishes are really aimed at me, I have far too many polishes to ever pay a Louboutin polish the love it deserves. It would look beautiful displayed on a dressing table or even in a walk in shoe wardrobe (which I obviously don’t have!) I personally would worry about how I would realistically be able to fit this in with any of my other nail polishes in their storage boxes.

But even still I would quite like one for my collection just to look at ever now and then. Theres something about them, maybe it’s the classic Louboutin name that still attract me to them. I never like reds but I’m actually really loving the Rouge colour I currently have on.

They will be available in stand alone Louboutin Beaute Stores and in Louboutin shoe stores rather than in the beauty halls.

What do you think of the new Christian Louboutin Beaute launch?
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Last week I was invited by Paco Rabanne to join them in Brussels for a recording session with Guy Ivory who was the UK winner in their recent music competition. I was particularly excited as Paco Rabanne has been one of my favourite perfume brands for a while now and Black XS has to be the perfect night scent.
 Back in April Paco Rabanne decided to create it’s own record label Black XS Records to help support the music industry. Backed my MTV they set out to find some new artists with the help of some music professionals along the way. The internet then got a chance to cast it’s vote resulting in 5 final winners who have all been recording two songs in Brussels to create a final Black XS album.
Along with three french winners and a spanish winner, Guy Ivory was chosen to represent the UK and has done a great job! I won’t give too much away but the two songs he has chosen sound amazing and you can check his Twitter out here but don’t forget to keep an eye out for the final two songs. I had a chance to talk to Guy who coincidentally lives local to me in London. You can tell that he has a real passion for music and has a real understanding of it which makes listening to his music particularly special.  

I had never really spent much time in a recording studio before but it was so interesting to see everything behind the scenes. Especially as everyone appeared to be having such a fun time since the entire Paco Rabanne team are all very relaxed, friendly and with a certain je ne sais quoi that only the French can portrait.

To be kept updated with the Black XS record label and album check out the website here and Facebook Page. The Black XS perfume range has also welcomed the new Black XS Potion perfume into it’s family and I can not get enough of it. It’s already in my handbag as my favourite sexy evening scent (£39 for 50ml)

Which Paco Rabanne Perfume is your favourite?
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It’s not often I blog about events (Head over to my Instagram for that) but today I thought I would share the MyZine event. I blogged about MyZine (here) a while ago when I mentioned that I had put together a MyZine with some outfits and beauty favourites. To launch the website they invited myself and a few other bloggers down to Aubaine in Mayfair for some canapés and to talk about the launch.

I had a great time and it was particularly nice to meet the creator and lots of other fabulous bloggers, of course the canapés were nice too!

Check out my original MyZine post here and don’t forget you can create your very own MyZine here
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