A few months back I tried out the Eyeko Curvy Brush and mascara and reviewed it here.

There are actually three different brushes; Curvy, Fat and Skinny. The Skinny seems to be the most popular but I seem to have misplaced mine so today I will be reviewing the Fat Brush. Just like the other mascaras it comes with the guitar pick, which I think are pretty useless.

The Fat brush is pretty big but not any bigger than most large mascara brushes.

The results
I am actually a big fan of ‘Fat brushes’ but you don’t have that much control over them and therefore if the result isn’t amazing it’s not really worth it. With this mascara it isn’t really worth it, the result is too natural n my opinion my lashes are only slightly longer and not much thicker at all. The mascara also dries out really quickly as do all the Eyeko mascara. If you have to pick up an Eyeko mascara I would recommend the Curvy brush over this one but I will be reviewing the Skinny Brush soon (if I find it!)

 Have you tried any of the Eyeko Mascaras? Which is you’re favourite?
What do you think of the results?

Sabrina X
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Eyeko Mascara Brushes
As I am sure many of you know Eyeko now only sells eye products such as mascara and eyeliner, which although means we no longer get the nail polishes and other product does make total sense for a brand called ‘Eyeko’. A while back I was invited to their offices to have a look at their ‘mascara wardrobe’ which consist of three different mascaras, with three different brushes to achieve a three different looks. There is a Skinny Brush for ‘tall and long’ lashes, a Curvy brush for ‘Curl & Hold’ as well as a Fat brush for ‘Big & Bold’ Lashes
eyeko curl wand Mascara

Today I am talking about the Curvy Brush for ‘Curl & Hold’ which has a quite unusual brush which looks like three circles. It has Shea butter and keratin which helps condition the lashes and the shape of the brush helps hold the curl and define the lashes.
If you do want drama then this mascara isn’t enough for you however it does define and curl your lashes for a natural look. I like the shape of the brush as it allows you to grip all your lashes and the size gives you a lot of control.

The mascara also comes with a guitar pick which is suppose to be placed above your eye to avoid getting any of the mascara on your eyelid, personally I would never use this, it may be useful for a makeup artist but far too much work for me on a day to day basis.

curl mascara eyeko

eyeko curl mascara
eyeko curvy

This mascara (and all other Eyeko products) is available from Harvey Nichols, the Eyeko Website and ASOS for a pretty pricey £15, I personally think this mascara isn’t worth the money however I will be reviewing the rest of the Eyeko Mascaras very soon so keep an eye out!

Have you tried any Eyeko products?

Sabrina X

 I was very excited to have the Valentines Special Glossy Box especially as it’s hot pink, I always get excited when GlossyBox changed the colour of their boxes for a special occasion.

 The packaging on the inside was also really pretty, I like the cute pink heart and I love that the ribbon is grey and not pink as well.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner
This product caught my eye first as it is one of the brands I know the most about from the whole box. Its a full size eyeliner which is one of the products from the re-brand of Eyeko. I got it in the colour Emerald green and it has led me to want to try some more. I will hopefully be able to review a few of them very soon.
Clarins Extra Firming Night Cream & Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream 
These Clarins creams added little value to my Glossy Box as they are aimed at an older audience however some people received a Davines cleanser and moisturiser which I would have been very happy with.
FAB Gentle Body Wash 
I don’t often use these little body washes however I think if you travel a lot or stay over at friends houses these are perfect sizes to carry around with you, I am yet to try this one but I do love the packaging.
Murad Hybrids Skin Perfecting Primer
I was very happy to see the primer in my box and I tried it straight away, I am going to continue trying it and it is one I would consider buying in full size.

Overall I think that this Glossy Box wasn’t quite for me as it was too skin care based, I did love the bright pink box however I still prefer last months box

These boxes would be a perfect little present to receive on Valentines day or even to gift yourself a year worth of boxes, click here for more information.

What do you think of this Valentine Special Glossy Box?
Sabrina X
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