With my diary a little busier over the next few weeks and since I’ve decided to do to vlogmas this year I decided that I would get a set of eyelash extensions. I will probably be on camera bare faced quite a bit and I think lash extensions can make a huge difference. 

I was asked by Lara Lashes if I wanted to review their lash extensions, after reading some great reviews online I went off to Clapham Junction for a set of my own. 

I’ve had lash extensions various times before, usually in the summer when I want to run around the pool bare-faced and need all the help I can get. I feel they’re also great during the festive season but I think I would find them a little high maintenance all year round as you do have to be fairly careful.

The salon itself was really nice and comfortable (although a little cold but that’s to be expected and I was given a blanket.) When I get my lashes done they usually tape down my lower lashes, which is often very uncomfortable so I loved that they didn’t do this and instead I got a comfortable eye cooling patch. It was actually so relaxing that I fell asleep! 

I left with a great pair of lashes although I probably asked for them a little more natural than I should have. I love that I can wake up and not worry too much about eye makeup and some days just wear a little concealer as I don’t feel the need to wear mascara. They have been comfortable although I have lost a few here and there which I think is quite normal. I’ve only had them for a week so I’ll keep you updated on how they wear. 

Check out Lara Lashes here to book for your own set of party ready lashes. 

Have you had lash extensions?

Other than the essential pre-holiday beauty treatments my favourite has to be false eyelashes, it’s the only time I ever get them throughout the year but I really find it to be a must for a summer get away. This year I went to Perfect Lashes in Kensington for my holiday lashes and was really impressed.

It was my third time getting lashes so I knew exactly what I wanted; just a little extra length, more of a curl and an extra bit of thickness and that’s exactly what I got. The girl doing my lashes took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and was able to give me just that. The treatment although is a little long as always was comfortable and when I opened my eyes I was very impressed with the results but I believe that the real test is in how they wear.

They were perfect for three weeks (photo above towards the start of week 3) and even when I did decide to wear mascara they still looked great. Even now almost 6 weeks later I have a few still in but they don’t look tatty and often get asked if they’re real as I still get a lot of volume from them.

I’m very impressed by Perfect Eyelashes and I have already recommended it to my friends, I was able to get exactly what I wanted and they’ve lasted really well. It made my holiday beauty routine much easier and I loved being able to go in the water at the pool and beach without worrying about waterproof mascara but still have very defined eyes.

For more information check out the Perfect Eyelashes website here

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I decided to get lash extensions for my summer holiday this year as I wanted something that would help me look better with minimum effort. I chose to get them done at iBrows etc as they I was promised thicker lashes than the last time and I just wanted to review somewhere new

iBrows etc is famous for their HD brows which I have tried at previous events so I was quite confident trying the lashes so I headed down to the salon in Marble Arch. The salon was lovely and I was seen to straight away, a while later I was able to open my eyes to beautiful fluttery lashes. The application process didn’t wasn’t very different to before (more info here) although I felt that at Boudoir Lashes were slightly better applied although I wouldn’t say there was a big difference but I did feel that these were thicker.

I loved having these on during my holiday and I would highly recommend them if you are going away. I had beautiful lashes all the time with no makeup and it makes a huge difference. By the pool I had thick lashes with no running mascara plus I would get out of bed looking a little more presentable. The biggest compliment I got was from a friend that said I my lashes look like that of a movie star who has just waken up (but who has actually been sitting in makeup for hours.) Two weeks later they were still perfect and I only started wearing mascara about 3 weeks in and only on nights out when I wanted them a little blacker. It’s now been over 5 weeks and I have still the odd lash in which I carefully trimmed so it is the same length as my natural lash and doesn’t stick out. I don’t feel they have damaged my lashes at all and I will be getting them again for my next holiday (if I could afford it I would always have them). The only difficult thing was that I enjoyed jumping into the pool and they would be a little heavy however they some how managed to survive all my jumps and all the times I was pushes into the pool. I did carry a little brush around with me (which they gave me) as they did need a comb every now and then.

Photo above is a week and half into it
I would highly recommend iBrows etc especially if you wanted a thicker lash extension although I would still recommend Boudoir Lashes if you are looking for a more natural lash or it is your wedding/worried about getting a lash too heavy for your lashes.

A full set of lashes is currently on offer for £99 and I would recommend checking them out! (Whilst you’re there get a HD Brow too)

Have you had eyelash extensions before? Would you consider getting them for a holiday?
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Yesterday I went in for my first lash extensions ever. I have been ooing and ahhing over them for about a year now but was never too sure if there were right for me and I didn’t want to end up with bad ones. After doing research I found that Asma at Boudoir Lashes is one of the best, they are quite pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for really.

I spent some time googling Asma and Boudoir Lashes before agreeing to get it done. Although lash extensions aren’t permanent I want to make sure it was something that wouldn’t ruin my lashes and that I would be happy to have for at least a month.

I went done to Boudoir Lashes new home over in Shoreditch and although she is still setting up it looks like it’s going to be really nice.

After filling in a consent form and having all my questions answer (I always have a lot of questions), I was led downstairs to the treatment room where Asma prepared me for the lashes.

She explained that different peoples eyes and lashes require different extensions, I said that I usually like quite dramatic eyelashes and how natural they looked wasn’t really a big issue for me. I like that I was made to feel super comfortable with a cusion for my legs and a blanket as I often get cold lying in treatment rooms.

Asma cleansed my lashes and combed through them so they were prepped for the extensions. By far the strangest part was getting my bottom lashes tapes down, it’s a really strange feeling and although it is uncomfortable at first it’s not too bad after a little while. It is also quite difficult to keep your eyes closed in a very bright room but essential as she must see where she is placing the lashes.

The actual process is pretty easy although at a few times I did find it slightly uncomfortable but never painful but I have quite sensitive eyes anyways so that could be why. It took about an hour and a half for a full set as each eyelashes is individually glued on and after that I was free to gently open my eyes. The lashes are applied to your own lashes rather than to your skin and therefore fall out when your natural lashes do.



First thoughts
Compared to strip lashes they are quite natural but I love how comfortable, curly and natural they look. I just look like I have amazing lashes! Wearing no mascara is a plus too, as I honestly spent an extra 10minutes in bed this morning! As you can see from the pictures it looks like I am wearing a very good mascara but it has more of a curl and is more fluttery.

The thing that is a little annoying is that you have to be very careful with them. No water or even steam on them for first 24/48 hours, no oils, moisturisers, mascaras, cleansers or anything like that on them-ever! (well for as long as they last) and no rubbing as doing so will shorten the lifespan.  You even have to be careful not to sleep on your front!

This is day one and first impressions but I’ll check in sometime next month for a full review!
For more info check out the website here: http://www.boudoirlashes.co.uk

What do you think of Lash Extensions?

EDIT: Boudour Lashes is offering my readers 50% Off a full set of lashes making them just £65! T&C’s apply- Please contact Asma for more info
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