I’ve been struggling a little with blog post ideas this week so I thought that I would share with you some of the products I have been loving over the last couple of days. I love these sort of posts as they’re a nice way to talk about a range of products that I’ve really been loving.

Last week I met with two of the Murad girls, I think sometimes I need to feel someones love and passion for a brand before I too can get into it, especially with a brand that’s more science than luxury. I’ve used items from Murad before but their AHA/BHA Cleanser scared me a little as it sounds quite intense but after hearing the girls talk about it I literally got home removed all my makeup and used this. It’s a little different to most other cleansers I love, it’s an exfoliating cleanser with Jojoba beads, Salicylic Acid, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid so it’s definitely not one to be used to remove eye makeup and instead more of a second cleanse. Since my first use I have been using this every 2/3 days and really fallen it love, it really helps get rid of that dull look my skin gets every so often and leaves it smoother and healthier looking. I’ve also tried using this as a quick face mask and left it on for a couple of minutes, it’s not really what it’s recommended for but works beautifully at waking up the skin. I would say that it may not work for people with sensitive skin but I’ve fallen in love with it quite quickly.

I had a beautiful pale pink gel polish applied about ten days ago but last night I really had the urge to paint them a darker more autumnal colour. I’ve never painted over gels but it worked surprisingly well! I didn’t want the normal burgundy wine autumn shade and therefore was automatically drawn to this Soigne shade in Mysterieuse. I love khaki nails as an alternative to more traditional autumn shades and this one in particular is just perfect as it has a hint of grey.

The Sisley So Intense Eyeliner is one of the most expensive eyeliners I own and I know that it isn’t for anyone but it’s by far the best liner I have tried in years. This is one of the first time Sisley has made liners but they’ve done it so well! It’s a super intense black felt tip, with a sturdy nip and packaging too. Although I think there isn’t often a huge difference between liners there are some awful ones and some great ones with this being the best of the best. It’s easy to apply and lasts all day without any movement which is exactly what I want. If you’re a Tom Ford Eyeliner lover I would highly recommend swapping over to this one as it really outshines the Tom Ford Eye Defining Pen.

Another recent discover is black toothpaste, Curaprox makes Black is White toothpaste designed to whiten the teeth which is black in colour. Admittedly it is very strange to brush your teeth with a black paste and almost looks like coal but I’ve actually been really enjoying it. It came with a great toothbrush which has it’s own little lid which I love and I’ve actually found my teeth to be a little whiter, not anything drastic but I haven’t been using it for very long but I will update in a few weeks time.

My current favourite fragrance which was also in my September favourites  is the Jimmy Choo Illicit Fragrance, I’m awful at describing scents but I think it’s a floral/sweet scent which I find really comforting for Autumn/Winter. If you’re looking for a new fragrance than I would recommend checking this one out, I’ve hardly been wearing anything else!

Before coming away on holiday I noticed that there was a lot of drugstore creeping into my daily routine. 

The most exciting one for me was L’Oreal Elvive Oil-in-cream, which is a new product and leave in oil cream. I like to use oils in my hair but find that as my hair is quite fine it can easily look greasy but I find this really leaves my hair looking hydrated without it looking greasy or weighing it down. L’Oreal Elvive is one of my all time favourite ranges from the drugstore and this is such a great addition to that. I use it in my hair both wet and dry, I can see this quickly becoming a stable in my routine. 

A product that has become a summer stable is the Garnier Oil Beauty Nourishing Lotion; it smells great, has a great pump and leaves skin feeling beautifully hydrated too, perfect for use on holiday or whilst at home to keep skin in good condition. 

After hearing everyone talk about Essie Ballet Slippers Nail polish for years I have finally got my hands on it and I can actually see why it’s so hyped up! Its the perfect almost white pale pink. I love the finish, it applied beautifully and is a really great summer colour! 

A rediscovery is the Avon Super Shock Liners which I forgot about for a while but I always fall in love with just how creamy it is. As it’s quite soft I find it to be really pigmented but I find that it does set quite nicely too. 

The amount of nude lipglosses I have is a little deciduous but I really do love them! My most recent love is the Rimmel Oh My Gloss in the shade Purr… Glossy Cat, it’s perfect. It does have a little shimmer which I usually don’t love but it’s a really easy to wear shade that helps lips look plumper and goes with almost every makeup look. 

When I apply makeup I see foundation, concealer, mascara and a cheek product as the absolute essentials (actually probably just foundation and mascara) but if I had to pick wether to apply a lipstick, eyeshadow, eyeliner or something else then liner will always win.

That said I feel like I am still on the quest for the perfect liner, that doesn’t fade, is intensely black but the most difficult is that I need one that won’t transfer. I have tried so many different liners but unless powder my eyelids I find they always transfer.

One I have been using for a while now is the Eyeko Eye Do Liquid Liner, it’s a great felt tip pen which stays black for a good amount of time. I quite like that the tip is a sturdy one as I think it gives great control but after using if for about a year I decided to move onto a thinner more precise tip although I still come back to it every now and then. It’s a great liner for any beginners and I always have one in my collection.

I then moved on to the Charlotte Tilbury The Feline Flick and Burberry Effortless Liquid Eyeliner, both of which are excellent but also very similar. Packaging wise they are almost identical apart from the colouring and they both have really fine, flexible tips which are great for a really fine liner look. I do find that as the Burberry Effortless Liquid Liner is slightly finer I don’t get quite as much control but it is also a little blacker than the Charlotte Tilbury so it’s hard to pick a favourite from the two. They are my go-to for a really fine line that lasts all day.

I’ve recently come back to Illamasqua Precision Ink which is the darkest one I have ever tried. Unlike the others mentioned this isn’t a pen which means you pick up quite a lot of product which isn’t great if you want a particularly thin liner look, however I find it to be the most waterproof and last all day without moving.

I now need to venture into affordable eyeliners but I am yet to find any that I really love or that stay black for long enough, when I do I’ll be sure to report back.

Nudestix is a brand which launched earlier this year and got everyone talking. Although we’ve seen lots of pencils hit the beauty market recently in the form of chubby sticks, this brand is all about the pencils. This means all you need is half a dozen pencils and no brushes to quickly achieve your make-up looks. But can Stix and pencils really replace our traditional powders blushers and pot concealers?
I’ll start with my least favourite product, the Magnetic Eye Colour in Night, it isn’t actually a bad product however I found it was a little thicker than I had liked which lead me to have to create a smokier line than I would have liked but it is very dark and although creamy to apply, it sets lasting all day/night. 

The other three products the Concealer Pencil, Lip + Cheek Pencil and the Eye Pencil however are products I would happily keep in my makeup bag for touch-up throughout the day and to take my make-up from day to night. The Eye Pencil in Smoke is perfect if you want to create an effortless eye look on-the-go, it easy to apply, blend with your finger or use the smudge brush. The Lip + Cheek Pencil in Love is a great colour for the lips but looks equally as beautiful on the cheeks and saves the time wasted on worrying if your blush and lipstick match. 

The standout product however is the Concealer Pencil which I use in Light 3, at the end of the day my makeup starts to fade and this can really help wake up my base and would be my desk essential before leaving for drinks. I use a little under my eyes and around my nose to conceal darkness and redness as well in the corner of my eyes and under my brow bone to highlight. It’s super creamy, easy to apply and blend, I think I’ll be keeping this one in my bag for daily touch-ups.
Nudestix is available from Cult Beauty

The new Kiko Daring Game collection really caught my eye recently as it has a great range of products from sculpting powder to kajals all in beautiful card themed packaging.
What got me interested in the first place was the Golden Game Sculpting Bronzer, the contour shade is cool toned and matte making it look natural on the skin. The highlighter however isn’t quite as fine as the contour shade meaning it can appear a little too shimmery on the skin. That said I still think the contour shade still makes this a great product. 
The lip products are both creamy and long-lasting, I have the Ace Of Diamond Lip Pencil in 25 which is a twist up, gorgeous shade and the Ace Of Diamond Lipstick in 25 which is a very pigmented Demi-matte finish, in a perfect autumn shade. 
The All-in marker and kajal is perfect if like me, you love liner with very black formula and although I haven’t had a chance to try the nail polishes the colours and packing are really nice. 
I haven’t seen the blush or eyeshadow palette in person so I can’t really comment on those but I don’t really love the Face Brush which they sell as a contour and highlighting brush. I find it to be a little gimmicky although it would work well for a simple sweep of face powder find it isn’t precise enough for contour and highlight.
The Long Lasting eyeshadows are also just a little shimmery for me with not enough colour and a little chunky although the Smokey Eye Pencils are great eyeliners.
Although I hear a lot of people refer to Kiko as ‘Drugstore prices’ I actually think that it’s a little higher and products can really vary from being affordable to a little expensive so I hope my favourite picks from the collection will help you pick out products you also love.
What do you think of the collection? Has anything really caught your eye? What has your experience been like with Kiko?
Available in Kiko stores and online here for a limited time.