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So I thought today I’d tell you about two treatments I had done recently.

The first I’ve had done before but Toni & Guy done such a good job that I thought we’d talk about it a little. I wanted something a little different for winter but went in without much of a plan. I went in to see An who is a colourist and stylist at Toni & Guy North Audley Street. We decided to go a little darker but keep a hint of the balayage towards the tips and just tidy the shape up a little. I wasn’t too happy with my previous cut and colour (which I had done elsewhere) but I love the current colour and shape. An also applied Olaplex, which if you haven’t tried, I honestly think it’s amazing and a must for coloured hair!

It’s also worth noting that they have a Fashion Fix Menu in-salon which is perfect for all your festive hair needs. You can choose from 24 key Blow Dry styles to statement up-do’s, all done within 30minutes.

Onto Nouveau Lashes LVL treatment…

I’ve had Nouveau Lash Extensions before and I liked them but felt that they were a little too much work for me but LVL, that I can get behind! It’s a semi-permanent treatment which straightens your natural lashes at the root (lifting them up, similar to curling your lashes with a lash curler), making them look longer and thicker. They also tint the lashes which creates a mascara-style look.

I went in for my treatment on Harley Street and was made to feel super comfortable. The beautician and I spoke through the treatment and decided to start with the medium size curl as some of my lashes are quite straight and they’re quite long so could end up printing onto my brow bone. It’s ever so slightly uncomfortable but pain-free and only took 45minutes which is much quicker than lash extensions.

The reason why I prefer it to lash extensions is because it requires less maintenance and only needs to be topped up every six or so weeks, the treatment is shorter and you’re free to use whatever products you want on your lashes after. Plus, I like that no one can say they’re fake as they’re completely real just enhanced. If you want the super thick effect lash extensions give you then these aren’t for you but if you want enhanced lashes that don’t require too much work I can’t recommend LVL enough! I’ll write a bit of an update after I’ve tried it a few more times to share my thoughts about how it wears and the effect on my lashes.

Other than the essential pre-holiday beauty treatments my favourite has to be false eyelashes, it’s the only time I ever get them throughout the year but I really find it to be a must for a summer get away. This year I went to Perfect Lashes in Kensington for my holiday lashes and was really impressed.

It was my third time getting lashes so I knew exactly what I wanted; just a little extra length, more of a curl and an extra bit of thickness and that’s exactly what I got. The girl doing my lashes took the time to find out exactly what I wanted and was able to give me just that. The treatment although is a little long as always was comfortable and when I opened my eyes I was very impressed with the results but I believe that the real test is in how they wear.

They were perfect for three weeks (photo above towards the start of week 3) and even when I did decide to wear mascara they still looked great. Even now almost 6 weeks later I have a few still in but they don’t look tatty and often get asked if they’re real as I still get a lot of volume from them.

I’m very impressed by Perfect Eyelashes and I have already recommended it to my friends, I was able to get exactly what I wanted and they’ve lasted really well. It made my holiday beauty routine much easier and I loved being able to go in the water at the pool and beach without worrying about waterproof mascara but still have very defined eyes.

For more information check out the Perfect Eyelashes website here

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I know you may not all be huge TOWIE fans (I’m not either) but the lovely Lauren Goodger is now know for more than just the show. For the last few years she has been creating and promoting her beauty range of fake eyelashes, hair extensions and fake tans.

Last week I had the chance to meet her and find out a bit about her beauty favourites as well as an exciting new launch.

What’s are you personal favourite lashes from the range?
I love midnight diva, which is what I am wearing tonight.

How about foundation, do you have a favourite you always reach for?
I switch between my two favourites; Estee Launder Double Wear and MAC Studio Fix Fluid. I usually use either a MAC or Bobbi Brown primer underneath those.

Do you have any skincare tips?
I swear by Sudo Creme on breakouts!

Which fake tan is your favourite from the range?
I love the new Glam Tan Darker than Dark because of the colour

Can you tell me about your hair extensions?
I have Micro Ring Extensions from Tatiana Hair Extensions but for work I use my clip in’s to add extra body.

Do you have any tips on making extensions look natural?
Use a little Batiste Dry Shampoo and back comb the root.

Favourite lip products?
MAC Spice Lipliner under Rimmel Lipstick in Asia.

On the day Lauren was launching the new Darker than Dark Glam Tan which as you can guess is an extra dark tan. I love the Glam Tan so am excited to be trying the darker version. I gave it a quick go yesterday and am not sure it’s quite as dark as I’d hoped but I will keep you updated! However overall I really think the Lauren’s Way products are far better than I even expected! The Sleep-in Rollers, lashes and fake tan are all stables in my wardrobe and I would chose the Glam Tan over pretty much every other tan (except He-shi Liquid tan which is just as good!)

Have you tried anything from the Lauren’s Way Range? Are you a TOWIE fan?

Check out the full range here.
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Yesterday I went in for my first lash extensions ever. I have been ooing and ahhing over them for about a year now but was never too sure if there were right for me and I didn’t want to end up with bad ones. After doing research I found that Asma at Boudoir Lashes is one of the best, they are quite pricey but sometimes you get what you pay for really.

I spent some time googling Asma and Boudoir Lashes before agreeing to get it done. Although lash extensions aren’t permanent I want to make sure it was something that wouldn’t ruin my lashes and that I would be happy to have for at least a month.

I went done to Boudoir Lashes new home over in Shoreditch and although she is still setting up it looks like it’s going to be really nice.

After filling in a consent form and having all my questions answer (I always have a lot of questions), I was led downstairs to the treatment room where Asma prepared me for the lashes.

She explained that different peoples eyes and lashes require different extensions, I said that I usually like quite dramatic eyelashes and how natural they looked wasn’t really a big issue for me. I like that I was made to feel super comfortable with a cusion for my legs and a blanket as I often get cold lying in treatment rooms.

Asma cleansed my lashes and combed through them so they were prepped for the extensions. By far the strangest part was getting my bottom lashes tapes down, it’s a really strange feeling and although it is uncomfortable at first it’s not too bad after a little while. It is also quite difficult to keep your eyes closed in a very bright room but essential as she must see where she is placing the lashes.

The actual process is pretty easy although at a few times I did find it slightly uncomfortable but never painful but I have quite sensitive eyes anyways so that could be why. It took about an hour and a half for a full set as each eyelashes is individually glued on and after that I was free to gently open my eyes. The lashes are applied to your own lashes rather than to your skin and therefore fall out when your natural lashes do.



First thoughts
Compared to strip lashes they are quite natural but I love how comfortable, curly and natural they look. I just look like I have amazing lashes! Wearing no mascara is a plus too, as I honestly spent an extra 10minutes in bed this morning! As you can see from the pictures it looks like I am wearing a very good mascara but it has more of a curl and is more fluttery.

The thing that is a little annoying is that you have to be very careful with them. No water or even steam on them for first 24/48 hours, no oils, moisturisers, mascaras, cleansers or anything like that on them-ever! (well for as long as they last) and no rubbing as doing so will shorten the lifespan.  You even have to be careful not to sleep on your front!

This is day one and first impressions but I’ll check in sometime next month for a full review!
For more info check out the website here:

What do you think of Lash Extensions?

EDIT: Boudour Lashes is offering my readers 50% Off a full set of lashes making them just £65! T&C’s apply- Please contact Asma for more info
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(Thanks to Laura for sending me the photo above)
Sadly I’m not one of those girls that wears false lashes regularly- I think they look great but I think they are just too much hassle especially for everyday. However if someone offers to apply them I will always say yes and that is exactly what happened over the weekend at the Bourjois Event.

Bourjois is launching a range of new false lashes (which I will be showing you over the next few weeks) and I chose the Smoky Eye ones as I felt they were the ones that added the most volume. The range is quite good but as I have quite good lashes to begin with there wasn’t any that would add a huge amount of difference.

These lashes weren’t the most comfortable ones I have ever tried, the band at the base of the lash is quite thick which means they take a while to get use to. However that said I love the effect they give and they could be my favourite ever. They add a lovely fullness without being over the top- they are great for day and night plus I love how black they are!

They are reusable and although I had these on for almost a whole day they are still in great condition. The Bourjois makeup artist said she never uses mascara on the fake lashes and I think that it actually added to the end effect of the lashes. They look far softer and prettier- I think its something I will also be doing in the future!

Bourjois have released a new tool which apparently makes applying lashes much easier but as these weren’t applied by me I can’t really comment but that is what the MA can be seen using in the first photo.

Overall although they aren’t the lightest and most comfortable lashes I have every tried I do really like the effect! These lashes are the cheapest in the range which is set to release 15th September at £5.99.

What are your favourite fake lashes?
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