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fudge shampoo fudge pro oilI like to start the new year off the way I would like to go on, so typically I have a clear out (as I want to be more organised), fake tan (because I would love to be tanned all year round) and sort out my hair as I would love nice hair in 2016.

This year Fudge Professional was nice enough to help and hooked me up with a bit of a hair refresh as my hair was really in need of some TLC. They didn’t change too much but my hair was starting to look dry and unloved as it hadn’t been coloured in quite a while and the colour that was still in it had faded. The colourist added some high and low-lights, to add an expensive, sunkissed look to my hair which I love and which fits perfectly with the current blonde/brunette (bronde) trend which is about and I love it! I did get a little bit of a trim too, as my hair is so fine that any unnecessary ends can really make it look flat and lifeless.

Since the cut and colour I’ve been using some of the Fudge Professional range and loving it! I’ve used quite a lot from the Fudge Urban range before but this is the first time using the professional products and I love them just as much as love the Urban. The Colour Lock shampoo and conditioner are not only keeping my hair colour looking great but my hair feels amazing too but my favourite hair product of the month has to be Light Hed-ed Hair oil. It adds moisture and hydrates my hair without weighing it down and I must admit I am pretty addicted to this stuff already!

Not predicting a huge hair change in 2016, probably just more of the same…

A few Sunday’s ago I decided it was time to give Bleach London The Big Pink a go. I think it’s worth stating that it isn’t designed for my hair type at all. It’s to be used on light, bleached hair but instead mine is darkened brown but I thought I would try my luck. The Bleach London range is made up of 12 different colours from beautiful pastels to darker vibrant shades. I chose The Big Pink as it is one of the most likely to show up on my hair.

I applied the colour to dry hair as I felt this would help it stick better and left it on for the recommended time. I shampooed my head but was careful not to shampoo over the dye so that I could keep it as pigmented as possible. The results were what I expected, a pink tint that was just about noticeable.  I love the smell of this hair dye and it didn’t dry my hair out at all. I have tried a pink in the past which was more pigmented that this but as this is aimed at bleached hair I think they have their pigment just right. If it is noticeable on my hair I am sure it would be very vibrant on light hair but it doesn’t seem so pigmented that it would cause staining which is important if you want it simply as a temporary colour.

 To intensify the colour I used the Fudge Hair Urban Colour Chalks (sadly Bleach don’t have any)which are fun and come out within one wash. I was expecting this to run onto my jumper but they didn’t at all as you can seal the colour in by simply using hairspray. I always find this sort of chalks a little difficult to apply as you have to rub it on your hair but I am very excited to find out more about the new spray chalks L’oreal and Bumble and bumble are releasing! I’d recommend trying FudgeHair chalks if you have dark hair and simply want colour ends for a day it’s great fun without any commitment.

(I’m so sorry about my eye, I sneezed too hard-and yes that’s the truth)
I have a few other temp colours to blog about soon so keep an eye out if you are interested! Bleach at home dye’s are available from Boots and they do a good shade range and a few different products too (Dip dye kits, Dry Shampoo and what I’ve heard is a great mask). However as the name suggest’s it is very much for Bleached hair. If at home colour is too scary they also have salon’s in London for  the perfect bright colour or pale pastel.

For darker hair (and light hair) Fudge Chalk is available from Superdrugs for £5.99 and offers a great one-day option with no bleach!

What temporary colours have you tried?
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