Since I haven’t spoken about GlossyBox in a little while I thought it would be worth sharing the content of their new September box as well as introducing you to their new beauty subscription. 

 The September box is a Union Jack themed one with 5 tops british products stored inside. I’m not a huge fan of the box itself (Union Jack print has kind of been and gone, no?) but I love the cute tissue paper and think theres some great little products inside. There is a mini Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for the lips which is a favourite with most people and Eyelure Pre-glued lashes which are really wearable (and not like some of the horrible gold ones I have previously seen in beauty boxes). The other three products are items I have never tried; a Toni & Guy Limited Edition Shine Gloss Serum which is always useful and a Be a…Bombshell liquid eyeliner in Onyx which is super black. I was also super excited to see a HD Brows product but didn’t expect it to be a bronzer, I’m not too sure how a bronzer fits the brows category but I am very excited to try it.

I was particularly excited to receive the new GlossyBox Woman box which is a new addition to the GlossyBox family. I feel that GlossyBox has been looking for something new to add to their brand; they tried the male box and still currently have a MissGlossy box aimed at a younger audience but I’m not too sure there is enough money/interest in these two categories however this 40+ box is able to attract beauty lovers with a little more disposable income. Inside there are 5 products all aimed at an older age group meaning they are anti-aging and more hydrating which means that the subscriber knows they will only get something specific for them. It is a little more expensive however there are some really great products in this box at least as well as a magazine and I can see a woman of 40+ loving every product!

This months box’s edit includes a day and night cream from Lulu’s Timebomb, Redken color extend treatment spray, Comfort Zone Mask and in my opinion the stand out product is the Ole Henriksen serum (which is worth over £20!)

This box comes out every 8 weeks and costs £14 plus £2.95 packaging but I actually think it will be really successful as it appears to be really well thought through and I think it will probably get better reviews then the normal GlossyBox. It would make a perfect gift for a 40+ woman that loves beauty

What do you think of these boxes? What do you think of the new Glossybox Woman subscription?
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 I know I wrote a Glossybox post not too long ago but I really couldn’t resist telling you about the new flashbox celebrating 150years of Roger & Gallet! As many of may have already know Roger & Gallet is a brand that has been around for awhile and although I think it is generally associated with older ladies but I think it is underestimated by young age groups. It has a premium feel to it and has lots of heritage as well as stunning fragrances and textures.

When I first opened the box I honestly gasped, not only goes it look amazing with the beautiful gold sticker and expensive looking ribbon but it smells divine! Inside are five great size samples product; a body lotion, foaming shower honey, perfumed soap, dry oil and fragrance water.

 The samples are all decent sizes and smell amazing. The nice thing about this Limited edition box is you know exactly what you are getting. However there are a limited amount of boxes so keep an eye out on the Glossy Box website to find out when you can buy them as I am sure they will sell out fast. They will retail for £10 to subscribers and £13 to non-subscribers plus P&P but it is well worth it for this box, for the first time ever I may get use out of everything that comes in a Glossy Box but it is an extra and isn’t part of the monthly subscriptions. Unlike with monthly Glossybox’s you will receive exactly the same box as all other subscribers if you do chose to buy it.

This box is available here

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I realised whilst analysing my stats at the end of last year that although my Glossy Box posts don’t get too many comments they do get read quite a lot so I am hoping that these reviews will run all year.

I received the January box this morning and realised they had made a few changes to the box. The normal box ‘menu’ now comes in more of a leaflet/magazine form which I am in two minds about; you get more information but looks a little cheaper than the card they use to use. I feel like it is moving towards the magazine supplements which other beauty box include as it has a letter from the Glossy Box team and a little about new year resolutions.

This months box is conveniently a detox box to help you recover from the indulgent holiday season. I opened the menu first (I like the layout) and was quite happy with the content but when I actually opened the box there was an unexpected little extra which made me like the box more. I love it when I see brands I love and trust in the box mixed with just a few new brands as I feel it’s easier to digest, one new brand at a time. Inside was Monu, Elemis Fresh Skin, Jason, Duck Island Limited and Paul Mitchell. The standard product I wasn’t wow’d by nor disappointed by is the Duck Island Limited Body Lotion, I like it, will use it but it doesn’t stand out. On the menu they mentioned the Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo and conditioner so I was a little disappointed to find that I got the Conditioner and not the shampoo, I don’t love conditioner so this may be pushed aside.

The Jason Lips Bee Healthier is a product that I already own and at a regular price of £1.99 it isn’t really a treat although everyone needs a good lip balm. Stand out products for me were a Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator as I have never tried it but am always on the look out for a good exfoliator and the Monu Aromatic Mask. The mask was the top product for me, I love Monu but have actually only tried it though Glossy Boxes, I have been meaning to buy some for myself so was excited to see a new product to try! It’s a clay warming facial mask which is nice, especially in the winter and I will be trying it tonight.

The added extra was a sleeping mask which I am super excited to use! It’s perfect for during the day naps when it’s still a little bright in my room even with the curtains closed.

What did you get in your Glossy Box?
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 I haven’t heard too much about Glossy Boxover recent weeks (probably as I haven’t had time to read blog as much as I’d like) so I thought I would briefly share the content of this months Christmas box*. The box itself is a grey one, the same as the old Glossy Box for men boxes and comes with black and silver tissue paper which although covered in stars doesn’t seem festive enough to be a Christmas box.

However inside are 6 products and all in all the content of the box looks quite impressive. The three products that caught my eye the quickest were the Rituals Magic Touch Body Cream, Seche Nail Lacquer and the Sleek Lipstick as they are all brands I really trust. I was happy to see that the lipstick was one I don’t own and is actually a bright one which would look great at a Christmas party, the nail polish is in the colour Enamored which isn’t a shade I would usually go for but I will give it a go. Seche Nail colours are actually something I have been meaning to try so to find it in the Glossy Box is great. The Ayuuri Natural Face Wash isn’t something I have ever heard much about but is a great large tube which I am sure would last a while. There is a Lemon by Mary Greenwell sample which I am sure has been in a previous box and a Glossy Box own brand blush which is a great extra especially as it is a lovely colour, excited to see how it applies!

Overall this is a really nice box however it didn’t match the standard of last years amazing Glossy Box! I was expecting at least a little glitter!

What do you think of this years Christmas Glossy Box? Will you be carrying your subscription on into the new year?
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 Last month I didn’t get a chance to write about my monthly Glossy Box as I was away so I am quite excited to share this extra special Glossy Box with you. As you can tell this month’s box is extra pretty and designed by Maggie Li which is an extremely talented Illustrator! I popped in to their Glossy Box September box launch this month and was so impressed by all the products you could get this month- there are some fab-ulous items!

 I even got my nails done with the cutest design inspired by the box! Sadly my nails are a little shorter than I like them so I chose not to write a whole post on them. However I love them and the manicurist did a great job, I am so jealous of easy she managed to do the pattern too!

 I was pretty impressed with the content of my Glossy Box as it was quite full and even had a great full size product. The full size product is the L’Oreal Mythic oil which I love and use almost daily, there is also a shampoo and conditioner sample sachet which I will be trying very soon. After hearing about the Lady Gaga perfume everywhere I am glad that there is a Flame Black Fluid include I use to really moan about perfume samples but I am beginning to warm to them. There are four Rodial Sachets two  Glamoxy Snake Serum and also two 5 Minute mask’s. I am actually quite a fan of Rodial and their products can be quite expensive so even if I like this sample the full size is far to expensive for my student budget! I have also been loving Balance Me recently so the Wonder Eye cream has also caught my eye but is probably something I won’t use too soon as I am not too big on eye cream. For me the least exciting product is the Olay Regenerist wrinkle relaxing complex as I simply won’t use it but I am sure if I pass this on to someone else they’ll be happy- its just not really aimed at my age.

Overall I actually think Glossy Box has been doing a good job recently and the brands have been pretty impressive. This September box is being shipped early next week but you still have time to subscribe.
The box cost £10 plus P&P but check out all the other offers here

What do you think of Maggie Li’s print? What do you think of this months content?
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