hair careI’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about my hair and hair care, it’s often something that’s a little neglected here on ALO as I don’t have the greatest hair but since you’ve got to work with what you’ve got I thought I would share the bits I have been loving.

Shampoo is something that just doesn’t excite me, their either average or bad but rarely do I fall in love but the Davines Prep shampoo and conditioner really took me by surprise. The packaging is pretty which is great as it looks nice on the bathroom shelf but more than that my hair loved this shampoo! The Davines Prep Shampoo is for ‘all hair types’ and the Prep Mild Cream Conditioner is for ‘fine to medium’ so since I have fine hair I wasn’t sure if it was going to do a lot for my hair but I found that it was great for rebalancing my hair. I usually have quite dry ends and greasy roots but I found that this kept my ends hydrated and my roots cleared for longer than any other shampoo. Day two hair is rare for me as my hair is usually super greasy by then, but with this I didn’t even need dry shampoo day two. It is quite expensive but I think really worth the money as I had to spend less time washing my hair! I’m currently trailing a different shampoo but will probably be putting in a little Cult Beauty order for some more Davines products soon!

I was also recently send the Kardashian Beauty hair range which I thought might be a bit gimmicky but I actually have fallen in love with the Volume Foam in particular, it isn’t too heavy or sticky but still adds a great amount of volume and hold to the hair. I have been using the Blow Dry Cream too, which adds a bit of shine to the hair and more importantly has heat protection.

In terms of tools theres nothing new really; I love my ghd blow dryer which is definitely worth the investment, I use to go for a blow dryer every few months but this one has lasted ages and dries my hair quickly. I rarely straighten my hair but I do always have a ghd styler too just in case, I currently have the new one from the Azores collection which is beautiful. I curl my hair quite often and for that I love the Babyliss Boutique Soft Waves, I find it to be the perfect size and my curls last all day with it too.

I also just wanted to mention that I did used Olaplex last time I had my hair coloured and I think that it helped my hair massively. I don’t know too much about Olaplex but the next time I get my hair coloured I’ll be sure to tell you all about it.

What hair products have you been loving?

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fudge shampoo fudge pro oilI like to start the new year off the way I would like to go on, so typically I have a clear out (as I want to be more organised), fake tan (because I would love to be tanned all year round) and sort out my hair as I would love nice hair in 2016.

This year Fudge Professional was nice enough to help and hooked me up with a bit of a hair refresh as my hair was really in need of some TLC. They didn’t change too much but my hair was starting to look dry and unloved as it hadn’t been coloured in quite a while and the colour that was still in it had faded. The colourist added some high and low-lights, to add an expensive, sunkissed look to my hair which I love and which fits perfectly with the current blonde/brunette (bronde) trend which is about and I love it! I did get a little bit of a trim too, as my hair is so fine that any unnecessary ends can really make it look flat and lifeless.

Since the cut and colour I’ve been using some of the Fudge Professional range and loving it! I’ve used quite a lot from the Fudge Urban range before but this is the first time using the professional products and I love them just as much as love the Urban. The Colour Lock shampoo and conditioner are not only keeping my hair colour looking great but my hair feels amazing too but my favourite hair product of the month has to be Light Hed-ed Hair oil. It adds moisture and hydrates my hair without weighing it down and I must admit I am pretty addicted to this stuff already!

Not predicting a huge hair change in 2016, probably just more of the same…

Bumble and bumble Cityswept £21.50

I’m still not sure I completely understand the point of this product but I still have been enjoying. It’s essentially a finishing misting balm which Bumble and bumble say helps create ‘lived-in, “street-styled” looks with separation and sheen’. As I have fairly oily hair I was a little nervous initially but I have been using it on days when I have apply a lot of dry shampoo and possibly overdone the hair powder or Dryspun Finish and my hair has gone fairly matte, to add some shine and life back into my hair. I personally wouldn’t use this on newly washed hair but if you have dry or coarse hair and are looking for some separation and shine this is also the product for you. 

Dove Refresh and Care Dry Shampoo £4.59
I’ve used Batiste Dry Shampoo for about 8 years now (gosh- that seems crazy!) and have tried numerous different ones all claiming to do the same thing but never being impressed so I was very skeptical trying this one. It has a very ‘Dove’ smell, quite clean and soapy but I actually quite like it and I’m close to finishing the bottle as it actually works. This is a much lighter dry shampoo and is probably best for those whose hair isn’t overly greasy but just need a bit of a freshening up. I also wouldn’t say it adds quite as much texture as Batiste but also doesn’t leave brunette hair with a grey cast. It is a little more expensive than the Batiste but I would still highly recommend trying it and I actually think I will repurchase this.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Root Lift Spray (not yet released)
I love a good volumising spray and was very excited to try this but I would just say it is average. It smells fine, leaves my hair a little crispy, adds minimal root life and I have gone through it at a shocking speed. There is another one in the Dove range which I will be trying soon and will report back at a later date.

Orofluido Beauty Elixir £8.31
I love the bottle this comes in, it looks very luxurious and sturdy but is also a really great product. As you can tell I haven’t used very much as a little goes a long way but its great to make hair more silky, easier to brush and I’d even say it reduces drying time.

Balmain Silk Perfume £24.50
You may remember I got this last month in the BeautyMart Beauty Box and at first I was a little confused by it, especially as it doesn’t even mention being a hair product on the bottle. It smells amazing which really attracted me to it and then I read that is is basically designed to detangle hair as well as condition it. It is great for people like me what love oils but are looking for something a little lighter. I use mine in wet hair but I think this masks the scent which always leads me to applying a little more to my ends once my hair is dry.

What new hair products have you been trying? 
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As you may know I am back from my month long holiday and although I had an amazing time my hair is a little dry so I’ve been using the Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beaute oil religiously!

 Leonor Greyl is a french brand which specialise in natural oils and was started by Jean Marie Greyl for his wife. They describe this oil as a ‘haute couture’ oil for both hair and body which is formulated using rare, fine oils which are designed to protect and enhance the appearance of the skin and hair.

I’ve been using this in both my hair and body as I love the spray which makes it super easy to use! Over my body I spray a few pumps and rub it in and although it takes a little while it makes my legs look great after. On my hair I spray just two sprays (don’t over do it!) and the pump really helps spread it a little more evenly before brushing my hair which leaves it looking beautifully shinny. It also smells heavenly of tiare, tucca and jasmine.

The Huile Secret de Beaute Oil is available at Harrods pharmacy and Net-a-Porter but the rest of the range is available at Selfridges, Cult Beauty, Bliss Pharmacy and John Bell & Croyden.

Find out more about the brand and product range here

Have you tried any Leonore Greyl Products?
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I had heard amazing things about Ojon but felt it was a little pricey but when I received the Instant Restorative Hair Serum in a Glossy Box I was very excited to try it and then got a few other products to try too!

  Instant Restorative Hair Serums
The packaging of the Instant Restorative Hair Serums nice and I like the dropper applicator. I must admit that I spilt this a good few times so although it looks basically empty most of it ended up on my dressing table. The top of the bottle is easily knocked and I would always forget to screw the lid back on as I rushed to rub the oil into my hair. I love hair oils and I think this is a really nice one, I applied a few drops to the end of my damp hair and it left it feeling really healthy. I also used it a few times in dry hair just to reduce frizz slightly and although it does work to do that be very careful not to apply too much.

At almost £20 for 50ml this product isn’t particularly inexpensive but it is cheaper than many oils out there and does a great job. I would particularly recommend this product if you are a heat addict and love to blow dry, straighten and curl your hair!

Fill Detox*
I am a huge dry shampoo fan and the hairdresser had convinced me this was going to be great, maybe my expectations were too high but I just don’t like this product. My personal favourite dry shampoo is god ol’ Batiste but this one just doesn’t do the job of soaking up the oils (sounds nice, doesn’t it!?) and doesn’t leave my hair feeling much cleaner than without this product. My biggest problem with this product though is the scent- to me it smells of curry or when you mix lots of perfumes together and they begin to just smell horrible! Saying that I know some people do like the scent but this product just isn’t for me. At a crazy £16.20 I will be sticking to Batiste!

Restorative Hair Treatment
This was possibly the product I was most excited for although I don’t typically use hair treatments especially not like this one. Inside the tub is a hard paste which you have to remove and than warm in between your hands, removing the product itself can prove quite difficult. I had to use the end of a pair of old tweezers and scrape it out which left the product looking rather ugly. You than warm it in your hands and it becomes a thick liquid which you than apply to your hair. I personally like to apply it just to my ends and unless you have very dry hair I wouldn’t recommend applying it all over, I then leave it from 20 minutes to over night and then rinse out.
I like the product itself and having to warm it up in your hands but I did feel that you needed quite a bit of product. Once I rinse my hair my ends feel nice and healthy but the feeling doesn’t last for more than two washes and I feel the product doesn’t really penetrate into my hair but instead adds shine to the surface of the hair. Retailing at £29.25 its a rather pricey product and one I would only recommend if you have quite dry matte hair or want something indulgent rather than necessary.

So rather mixed reviews about the Ojon products from me today- I still have the shampoos and a few other bits to try so watch out for that!

What is your favourite hair care brand? Have you tried Ojon?
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