Eyebrows are super important which is why I have a few post coming up later in the week all about them. I personally don’t enjoy doing my own eyebrows, I find it now only to be boring but a little risky and I would much rather let someone that does them day in, day out take care of them.

Finding someone you can trust can be a little difficult so it’s worth asking friends and family for recommendation but I don’t think higher price means more skill. You will also need to decide on what you want as not everywhere offers waxing, threading and tinting.

I always get my eyebrows either waxed or threaded as I find tweezing far more time consuming and unnecessarily painful. I personally don’t have a huge preference and would recommend either although I find threading more painful. They both remove even thick hair fairly efficiently although threading can be done more often and lots of people think it offers a more defined shape whereas many believe waxing lasts a little longer.

I personally would only get tweezing done in the salon if it is right at the end to tidy up any that the Wax or Threading missed. I also always request that they trim my brows and I really find that this helps to keep them neat.

I feel like eyebrow tinting still remains somewhat of a brow secret so if you haven’t tried it you simply must! Even through I have very dark eyebrows I find it really helps define the brows and picks up on hairs you would otherwise not have been able to see.

Before agreeing to getting your eyebrows done it’s worth discussing what they are going to do and what you personally would like. For example I always simply ask for them to be tidied, left fairly thick, tinted and trimmed. It can be a little daunting but once you find someone you trust you’ll have the best brows.

So where to go? In London I would recommend Nails & Brows (review here), Browhaus (review here) and also quite like the Benefit Brow Bars (review here) which are available nationwide. I’ve had some great local salons do my eyebrows too but asking for recommendations from friends is the best way to go about this I think.

Later in the week I will be sharing my top DIY brow tips and my favourite eyebrow products.

Which method do you like when getting your eyebrows done in salon?
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Last week I was invited down to Browhaus in Covent Garden to get my eyebrows threaded and tinted.

For years I’ve had my eyebrows tinted and would highly recommend it even if you have dark brows simply for definition although I would say it made very little difference to the actual colour of my already very dark, pretty much black brows.

I have been thinking about getting my eyebrows lightened for a while now, although I think dark brows looks fabulous I think mine were just a little too dark and almost overpowering, especially once I filled in any sparse areas.

Since I lightened my hair I decided to also lighten my eyebrows even though everyone on Twitter told me not to and I even had to convince the lady doing it.

She threaded my eyebrows first and plucked any extras which the thread didn’t remove before moving on to the bleach. Bleach is often a little harder to use then a colour tint as everyone’s hair lightens at different speeds but once we were happy with the colour she removed the bleach and trimmed my brows to finish.

Although I don’t think everyone will notice a huge difference I am very happy with both the shape and colour. I think that them being a little lighter means I feel I can fill them in more to the shape I want without the risk of them look too over the top (no scouse brow here!) but they still remain defined and quite dark. I think this colour is just a little softer and flattering compared to my harsh black brows, especially with lighter hair and now it’s spring.

A Browgraphy which is a colour (lighter or darker) and shaping is £20 which I think is very reasonable for a London Salon and I would highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area.

To you tint your eyebrows either lighter or darker? Have you tried Browhaus?
For 10% Off at Browhaus book through their Twitter
(PS excuse my squinting face above, apparently it was a little sunny)

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Getting eyebrows waxed is an important but sometime costly process that comes around at least once a month. When I found out that Benefit Cosmetics and Debenhams had joined forces to provide £5 eyebrow waxes in order to raise money for the charity Look Good Feel Better I had to head down and get my very own arch!

Usually costing £18 you can get the Benefit girls transform you eyebrows and find you perfect arch for just £5. I visited the Harrow Benefit girls who transformed my eyebrows by waxing and trimming my eyebrows until they were perfectly polished. The nice this about Benefit is the after care, they use products to soothe the skin as well as filling in any sparser areas and disguising the redness cause by waxing.

If you aren’t looking to get your eyebrows arched you can also going Benefit tomorrow for their March starting in Berkeley Square for their 5K walk. For a suggested donation of £10 you will get a goodie bag and pick up products along the way as well as giving to charity! Helping others and receiving makeup- what more could you want?! More info about the march here

If you are interested in getting involved check out the Brow Arch March Website and don’t forget to get down to your local Debenhams to get the best affordable eyebrow wax you’ll ever had had.
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Hair removal isn’t the most glamorous topic but one I feel is essential to talk about on a Beauty Blog. There are so many different types of hair removal most of which I have tried however I am yet to try laser hair removal even though it claims to be (almost) permanent.

The TRIA hair removal laser is an at home machine which you can use on your legs, bikini line, underarms and most of the rest of your body too. Unlike at home lasers I have seen in the past this one is quite small and compact which I feel makes it slightly less scary.

The Tria is designed to be used on Fair to Medium skin tones with darker hair, it wont work on dark skin tones, grey, blond or red hair.

In order to use the TRIA you have to unlock it, which involves either calling them up or doing it online. I don’t mine online and it was really simple, when doing so they check if the TRIA is the right suit for you and also gives you a few tips along the way.

You have 5 different settings to chose from by the end you should be using a high setting although even at the beginning you should be using the highest setting you can tolerate. You are also suppose to use it every two weeks for 6 months for the hairs to stop growing back. Only after two months will you start seeing results and hairs should be lighter as well as finer.

I am yet to try mine but am quite excited I might do a few updates along the way to let you know how I am getting on.

The TRIA Hair removal Laser is available for £349 from online and Space Nk

Have you tried at home laser hair removal, how did you get on?
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