YSL packaging is always something special but the Kiss & Love collection is even more beautiful than usual, it’s truly a collectors item and I think I might have spent a whole entire day just staring at it.

The collection is made up of a beautiful palette, four lipsticks and the classic Touche Eclat. I almost feel a bit silly writing this post as I haven’t used the products but I also don’t plan to, I’m simply going to add them to my collection of pretty items that I will probably never use. 

I don’t have the palette but it looks like a perfect, wearable palette for the eye, lips and cheek. The Touche Eclat is a product that I actually have a few tubes of but in the original gold packaging, it’s not a product I reach for daily but it’s a great product to use to highlight and add luminosity to the face. I also have the lipstick in Le Nu, a fuchsia shade with the lipstick print embossed in the bullet and on the cap but again it’s been too pretty to use! 

I actually have the leopard print limited edition packaging from 2013 and I’m pretty sad that I missed out of the polka dot one from last year but I will be making the effort to collected any limited edition Touche Eclat from now on. 

The collection is available nationwide  November 4th but I would act quickly as I suspect it might sell out. It’s a beautiful present for any makeup addict for Christmas but it’s also a really beautiful product to add to your collection or to your makeup bag. 

Will you be adding this stunning collection to your own collection or to your makeup bag?

I’ve shared a few posts now about the Nars Dual Intensity Eyeshadows, although I think they’re great I think they are a little too much hard work for me but was still instantly interested in the Dual-Intensity blushers.

Similarly to the Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows the blushers can be used wet or dry, there is a range of six different palettes with a range of colours which can be used as blushers, contours, bronzers and highlights. Although instantly drawn to them I was also a little scared of them as I have never even thought of using a blusher wet (FYI- it’s not recommended unless the blush is designed to be wet)

My first choice was Jubilation which has two beautiful shades which I would use as highlighters; a gold and a peachy nude both of which are both quite warm. I think because they are both highlighters (although the one on the right could possibly be used as a blush) I was a little thrown off but once I got a few of the other shades it all made a little more sense.

My favourite of the ones I own is probably Frenzy (wearing a light dusting above) which has a much more standard blush/highlighter combo and I really love bright tangerine blush colour, especially on more tanned skin. One I haven’t had much of a chance to play with is Fervor which I have heard work particularly beautiful on dark skin and although at first glance they appear to be two blushers the darker shade can supposedly be used as a contour on medium-dark skin.

After having a bit of a play with them I am still both in love and terrified of them. Dry I find some of the colour to be really beautiful, silky and pigmented but also find that they shimmer particles don’t look as seamless as they do when wet. When using them wet I find that you get the most beautiful, almost water colour like finish, the shimmer turns the blush into an almost metallic shade but I find that it gets less pigmented and I struggle to apply it without moving my foundation.

I think this is a beautiful blusher to use dry but think it’s more tailored to makeup artists when wet, that said I’m actually looking forward to trying it on holiday when I’m more tanned, I’m using a lighter base and want a real glow to the skin.

Everyone has been raving about these so I am going to keep trying, I do see potential there.

The Nars Dual-Intensity Blushers, £30 are currently exclusive to Liberty’s but will be available on all NARS counters soon

I’ve spoken about Tom Ford quite a bit recently, it’s the ultimate high end brand in my eyes but it sure is pricey too. My most recent addition is the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate, a pretty infamous duo which is made up of a cream highlight and contour to help shape and sculpt the face.

Naturally the packaging is beautiful, luxurious and comes with a large mirror. The darker contouring shade is a matte brown cream, a little on the warm side but I like that. The highlighter is a subtly shimmery and just adds the perfect glow.

The photo above was taken straight after I received it and looking back on it, it is a little streaky and I think that’s because it took me a little while to get use to the cream formula. I personally like to apply it with a flat top foundation brush but it requires more blending than this type of brush offers. It’s quite an oily consistency and it has the tendency to move any base product with it, if I’m not careful but since I have a drier skin I don’t find the oiliness too bothering.

It also costs £57 making it one of the most expensive makeup items in my entire collection and although I really do like it I’m not sure I would repurchase it. The highlight is the stand out product but I do still like the sculpting shade, although if you are quite fair/like ashy colours this won’t be for you. I like a slightly warmer contour as I find ashy ones can often look dirty and I think the cream finish is beautiful too.

I’ve now got a Tom Ford perfume on my wishlist and probably a few more makeup bits. It’s all just too beautiful. Will you be adding this to your valentine’s day wishlist?

After making a special effort to try more Laura Mercier I can see why so many people love the brand therefore I was naturally I was very excited to try the new Flawless Contour Palette.

Contour palettes are everywhere at the moment and it seems to be the key product more than ever in the beauty industry with what seems like every brand bringing out a new contour product for 2015. Most of us have learnt to use powders so brands are upgrading to cream textures which is actually not quite as easy as I first thought although they often look a little more professional/flawless look than powders, if used right.

The first thing I noticed about the Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette is that you get five colours which are all cream; three contour shades and two highlights. The three contours are a little scary as they are fairly dark, even the lightest is darker than most other contours I have and there isn’t a choice of palette colours. I had my makeup done by one of the Laura Mercier girls who used all three contour shades and made it look amazing but I personally do struggle to get the darker ones to look natural and not too dark. I love the first highlighter which adds a beautiful amount of light to the face but find highlight #2 to almost be a cross between a blush and highlight.

Although this is a beautiful palette, filled with great quality products which is great for any contour experts out there and I think after a few days practice I’m beginning to love it too. It does however seem almost a little high maintenance within the Laura Mercier range which I find to be quite easy to use and natural whilst still being polished and delivering excellent results.

I’m going to keep going with this palette as I’m really enjoying experimenting with it and I will check in soon with a round up of my favourite contours in a week or so, I would love suggestions as to which is your favourite contour in the comments!

The Laura Mercier Flawless Contour Palette is out now and retails for £35 from Laura Mercier counters.

 It’s no secret that I like to be bronzed and although I usually prefer to fake tan and contour sometimes I need something that will just make me look healthier, tanned and more glowy all over. Although I try new ones regularly I have a few staples that almost outshine the rest.

It’s Chanel so naturally I think it’s a beautiful item to have out on my dressing table but more that that the Chanel Bronze Universel is one of my all time easy to use bronzers. I usually apply it with my Real Techniques Blush Brush and find I can get a light all over glow or build up to a more defined cheek. It’s also a great product to bring down the neck and decolletage. I can’t believe I put off buying this for so long and although sometime it goes a little unloved I would most definitely repurchase.

When I am looking for a powder product I usually go for Benefit Hoola which is a beautiful matte shade which I use for both contouring and as a bronzer. The brush inside isn’t the greatest but it applies beautifully with any other good blush brush.

My newest addition and summer love has been the Revlon Photoready Skinlights in Bronze Light which is a liquid bronzer with a very light shimmer which almost more of a sheen. It brings a beautiful highlighted bronze finish to the skin and is perfect for anyone with medium skin or even light skin as it blends beautifully to almost nothing but can also be built up easily.

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What’s  your favourite bronzer?
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