I thought I would do this monthly updates of my life, thoughts and feeling- since it appears there aren’t may other updates on my blog. (But I’m trying to change that)

I’ve spoken a little bit about my blogging rut in the past, the whole industry has changed so much that I’ve really struggled to find my place and what I want to do. That said I really feel that January was a good month for this. I know a little more about the content I want to create and I’m excited about creating it but with the awful weather I couldn’t help but still feel a little unmotivated. I also find that I get really anxious about posting on here since it’s such a rare occurrence, I’m not going to say how often I want to post as I feel like that’s me setting myself up to fail but much more than I’m currently posting. January wasn’t the content filled month I had hoped but hopefully it served it’s purpose as a gate way to a content filled year. But I guess only time will tell.

As a whole January was a crap month, from being sick at the beginning of the month and family members being in hospital but I’m going into February with a positive mine. I’m feeling better, my family members are all better and the days are getting lighter. Bring on the rest of the year. Also, I’ve finished watching Friends on Netflix which means I can no longer use that as my procrastinating tactic!

I really don’t have too much to report this month which hopefully won’t be a recurring theme throughout these monthly updates but I’m of to Barcelona in less than two weeks. I can not wait. Barcelona has been on my list of places I want to visit for ages and I hope it’s a good as everyone says it is, although I am expecting it to be fairly cold as it is February! If you’ve been and have recommendation on what to see and do then please leave them in the comments!

My final last comment is about Instagram. I don’t want to dwell to much on it but the algorithm is currently nobodies friend, for me it seems I either get okay likes or an okay amount of new followers, never the two together. If you don’t follow me already then please check out my account @a_littleobsessed and if you do, then any love on my photos is hugely appreciated! I’m not sure I’ve ever pointed this out on here but I have a Shop page on here if you ever want to shop my Instagram outfits easily.

Oh and it’s my birthday in a few days! 26. But we’ll talk about that on Monday!

Hope you all have a fabulous February!


As the days go on I get more and more obsessed with Snapchat! I can’t believe that my last post like this was back in October, since then it’s become an even bigger and better platform. It’s hard to decide who to add, as you can’t preview it so I’ve left a super brief description and links to their Instagram. I’d recommend adding the ones you might like and after a few days it might be worth having a small clear out. I’ve really tried to pick only the best, so here are 20 more of my favourites…

Emily, StyleLobster
Follow for: Everyday makeup talk-throughs, London life and the occasional drunk LOL.

Kate, TheGlowEdit
Follow for: Travel and beautiful London locations

Mimi, MimiIkon
Follow for: London life, healthy food, travel and now her pregnancy!

Tash & Dev, Tashandev
Follow for: The most beautiful beach and bikini shots. Their bodies are ultimate goals!

The Lean Machines, TheLeanMachines
Follow for: Fitness YouTuber banter

Byrdie, ByrdieBeauty
Follow for: Behind the scenes and the newest beauty launches

Madeleine Bitici, MadeleineBitici
Follow for: Urban outfit inspo and her booty

Eva Longoria, RealEvaLongoria
Follow for: Real life of the Real Housewife

Tati westbrook, TatiWestbrook
Follow for: The newest releases and real reviews

Alex Steinherr, Asteinherr
Follow for: Life of a beauty editor and Sunday DIY facials

Laura Carlson, TheLauraCarlson
Follow for: Dubai life, beauty purchases and Truthbombs

Alexia, FashionFilth
Follow for: Dog Walks, fast cars and highend bargain hauls

Gemma, OMGHelloGemma
Follow for: Country life and vegan inspo (even for non-vegans!)

Emma Hill, EJStyle
Follow for: Wearable fashion, travel and sooo many dogs!

Carter Marissa, CarterMarissa
Follow for: Fake tan goddess

Kourtney Kardashian, KourtneyKardash
Follow for: General Kardashianess and fitness inspo

Katie, Lusterlux
Follow for: Makeup and general fun with Desi Perkins (mentioned in last Snapchat post)

Amra, Amrezy
Follow for: Ultimate Instagram Makeup

Hazel Wallace, TheFoodMedic
Follow for: Fitness, Nutrition and travel

Also if you don’t follow me I’d love it if you did! My username is ‘alittleobsessed’ or simply take a photo of my ghost below using your Snapchat app. Let me know in the comments who your favourite Snapchatters are…

snapchat ghost

Admittedly I am probably a little unqualified to write this blog post but these are simply my tips, hopefully they will help some of you. Instagram just like blogging and YouTube requires that you put in lots of time and effort but is becoming more and more essential. If you already have a huge online following than Instagram is often but if not give some of my tips a go…

Taking the photos
1. Wipe the camera
You want the photo to be as clear as possible so make sure there is no makeup or else on your lens
2. Find good lighting
Natural is usually best but I often use a soft box too
3. Find a good angle
Wether you are photographing you lunch or taking a selfie you need to find the best angle. Food often looks great from above and most of us have a best side but have fun with it.
4. Find good composition
Use props such as sunglasses, makeup bits and more when photographing objects to make the photo more interesting. Play around when taking outfit photos too and always consider the background. 
5. Take lots of photos
You want to have choices so take lots, you can easily delete them after

1. Don’t feel you have to use a filter
It’s dated to think you have to use a standard filter, there are so many other choices nowadays. 
2. Use other apps
My favourites are; Afterlight, FaceTune and VSCO Cam
3. Make sure it fits with your other photos
Use a similar editing technique for all your photos so that they all look good together
4. Remember sometime less is more
Be careful not to over edit and end up looking more like a cartoon than a human. 

Building a following
1. Post regularly
Instead of posting six times in a hour spread them out throughout the day and make sure you post a few times a day 
2. Pre take photos
My days aren’t always very photogenic so I like to pre-take them and keep them for more boring days
3. Like & Comment
We all like comments and likes but it’s also a great way to get your username seen
4. Follow people that inspire you
It’s great for inspiration and to interact with people similar to you
5. Post during key times
Test different times and find which works best for you. Remember that people are less likely to like your photo late at night as they may have already gone to sleep and also whilst they are at work. 

Leave all your tips in the comments and let me know if these have worked for you 

Also don’t forget to head over and follow me on Instagram too if you enjoyed this post! @a_littleobsessed 

One of my favourite things about fashion week has to be meeting new bloggers and discovering their amazing style on Instagram. I don’t typically go to a lot of fashion events so it’s nice to meet bloggers I’ve never crossed paths with or even to just discover someone new on Instagram through the #LFW hashtag or some general Instagram browsing. Here are a few that I found recently that I think everyone should follow…
Toni Tran/I follow very few men on Instagram however Toni’s photos are far too perfect to not press the follow button. If you’re into men’s fashion he obviously dresses amazingly but even if you’re not, simply his table top photos justify a follow. 
Hannah Crosskey/A girl after my own monocrome heart. Her style is always beautifully put together but still very wearable making it the perfect Instagram for your daily dose of fashion inspiration. 
Chrissabella/If you are in need of some glam inspiration then look no further than Chrissabella. Every photo is thought out, colourful and theres a nice balance of food shots, outfits, accessories and beauty products. 
Russel & bromley PR Girl/Ultimate shoe porn which is actually affordable (just.)
Alex Steinherr/Potentially my ultimate woman crush, there is nothing about beauty that this woman doesn’t know and her Instagram proves it. Follow to see the newest products, hottest backstages and generally lots of beauty products. 
Monica Beatrice/Not a day goes by without a stunning photo from Monica wether it’s pretty flowers, inspiring outfit or a gorgeous pair of shoes. 
What Instagram account is your favourite?

I don’t often do these Instagram posts but since I was away last month and shared a few holiday photos and outfits via Instagram I thought I would share them on my blog too.

 1. Lemons I’d picked straight from the tree.
2. The weather wasn’t great so carrying a plaid shirt was an essential; I love this one from Monki
3. An evening out outfit. Top-Zara, Cardigan- New Look, Handbag- Fiorelli
4. Dress- Primark and Fiorelli Handbag
5. I haven’t read a book in years but I really enjoyed #girlboss and would recommend it.
6. Summer Nail polish loves.
7. Dinner outfit
8. Stylist pick Jumpsuit

1. Petals confetti and the wedding
2. Cocktails (well, Mocktails)
3. Beautiful Print from Arte Limited
4. Simple evening outfit
5. Spending time on the beach. Handbag- Zara and Sandals- Stylist Pick
6. Playsuit- Fall in Love Fashion
7. Found an abandoned Train Station for a few photos
8. … and back to London and jeans

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