I don’t often do these Instagram posts but since I was away last month and shared a few holiday photos and outfits via Instagram I thought I would share them on my blog too.

 1. Lemons I’d picked straight from the tree.
2. The weather wasn’t great so carrying a plaid shirt was an essential; I love this one from Monki
3. An evening out outfit. Top-Zara, Cardigan- New Look, Handbag- Fiorelli
4. Dress- Primark and Fiorelli Handbag
5. I haven’t read a book in years but I really enjoyed #girlboss and would recommend it.
6. Summer Nail polish loves.
7. Dinner outfit
8. Stylist pick Jumpsuit

1. Petals confetti and the wedding
2. Cocktails (well, Mocktails)
3. Beautiful Print from Arte Limited
4. Simple evening outfit
5. Spending time on the beach. Handbag- Zara and Sandals- Stylist Pick
6. Playsuit- Fall in Love Fashion
7. Found an abandoned Train Station for a few photos
8. … and back to London and jeans

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I wasn’t too sure whether I should share my holiday photos on here as they are unlikely to inspire many outfits now as I doubt you will be able to wear any of my holiday outfits in the current weather here in the UK. However I’ve missed writing outfit posts although there will be more later this week…

1. I wore this outfit to a little fair in Viseu and just wanted something quick and easy. I love this little black dress, even though it cost me under £10 from H&M it has lasted about 4 years and I wear it over and over again! I teamed it with this waist coat from Primark as I wanted something a little extra and then my usual sandals and clutch. Sadly this was also the day I smashed my iPhone… and trust me I mean smash!
2. I bought this dress a while back but never got around to wearing it but decided to wear it on a night out. It’s a Topshop dress which I actually love now and has made me want to start looking for LBD’s in Topshop more.
3. This was another quiet night and this whole outfit is Primark (apart from the Clarks Sandals). I wouldn’t usually wear a crop top but as the skirt came up quite high and I wore a waist coat to cover up a little more I thought it was okay. It’s not my typical outfit but I wanted to show of my tan but I don’t think the locals understood it!

4. I love this dress I wish I remembered where it was from but I can’t find the website. I love that it’s quite classic and versatile but it isn’t black!
5. Midi skirts are everywhere although they aren’t very popular in Portugal (yet) I teamed this one with a crop top as once again it is quite high and I feel I can just about get away with it. I bought these nude pointy heels in the Zara Sale on Holiday for less then £8!
6. Another Zara Sale purchase was this shirt, I wanted a utility but felt everyone had them so I decided to go for this shirt which I think is far more versatile. I have so many plans for it but I like this simple look with my black shorts that have also lasted me 4 years and my H&M sandals.

7. Once again wearing my trusty black shorts with a black H&M shirt. I love dressing up shorts and this my Zara nude heels really helped achieve this.
8. I picked this dress up in the supermarket in Portugal as I was feeling shopping deprived but I actually really like it as it’s just the right length.
9. My final Zara shirt also bought in the sale, teamed with my trusty shorts and sandals. I just love shorts and shirts, shame it’s too cold for that now!

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Which is your favourite outfit? What was your go to outfit this summer?
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 I though I would just plug my pinterest today as I haven’t ever shared it on my blog, I am really enjoying making boards of my favourite looks and inspirational images! It would be great if you came over to join me here I post quite regularly and would love to see your pins!

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Hi, remember me? 
Well I apparently thought I should take a week break from blogging as I have been busy doing other things and sometimes its nice to take a step back from things for a little while. However I have missed blogging and have an incredibly long list of things to talk about. Today’s post includes photos from my Instagram which I actually posted on there a while ago but haven’t yet had time to write a post about.

1. Food in Giraffe, yummmy! 2. & 3. Nail art love 4. Rings from Studs & Crosses 5. Cocktail served in jars at the MUA event 6. Makeup Clear out 8. Chocolate brownie at Chimichanga 9. Goodies from LFW and Handpicked Media Event

1. LFW Passes 2. Boots from Tescos only £11 3. Brushes 4. Sleek Blush Palettes 5. New Sleek Contour and Blush kits 6. Finally got my eyebrows done 7. Goodies from the lovely PR at Elizabeth Arden 8. ELLE & ELLE Collections 9. Fashion Work Inspiration

What have you been up to?
Sabrina X
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Today I have the second instalment of my Instragram images however I just realised that I have included lots in this post, in future I will include do them more often so not as many images build up.

1- I went to the launch of the mens perfume spice bomb, it was actually a very exciting event.
2 Pick n Mix from the Very event
3 Wedges from Very which are sadly too small for me but I am getting them changed.
4 My stack of book- I will do a post about some of my favourites soon
5 My room looking quite tidy
6 I have been loving NEOM Candles recently, it smells Divine!
7 New blog header and layout
8 A couple of new cleansers
9 A drink that I got at the Missguided event, its a natural energy but tastes nicer then I expected
10 Its been so cold recently that the mop actually got frozen to the bucket after being left outside
11 Imats press pass
12 Wearing some new colours from IMATS

1 Inside my IMATS Bag
2 MAC Pro Card
4 A Birthday card from Moonpig
5 The fire in the house I babysit at it beautiful!
6 Snow outside the window
7 Snow at 1.30am
8 yucky half melted snow, that looks far less pretty then before
10 Hot water bottles have become essential in the cold weather
11 My boyfriend got me a Michael Kors Silver watch for my birthday which I love

Sorry if this post is a little boring, I hope you are all well

Sabrina X
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