benefit cheek

benefit cheekathon paletteBefore it sells out (which it usually does) I wanted to tell you all about the new Benefit Cheekathon Blush Palette. Although I love Benefit I do think it’s quite a pricey brand but this new release is such good value, as it contains five full size Benefit box powders and a brush for £44.50, which is less than you would usually pay for just two Benefit Box Powders (£23.50 each). This palette is actually worth £117.50 so such a bargain and worth picking up before they sell out, it’s exclusive to House of Fraser but also available online.

I hope you’ll excuse the fact that I haven’t included swatches but I think this might be a product I keep in my collection untouched as I already have the individual box blushers and swatches are really easy to find online as they’re classic blushers/bronzers which have been around for a while.

If you don’t have any of the Benefit Cheek Powders then this is your chance to get five, I really do love them all and I am sure you won’t be disappointed! The only minor negative to this palette is the fact it’s a little too big too travel with (for short travel) but at the same time the perfect travel palette if you want to take quite a few blushers.

Available exclusively from House of Fraser, pick it up before it sells out!

gwen stefani

gwen stefani urban decay palette

Theres been so much hype surrounding the new Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette that I pretty much ruled it out, I thought I would be underwhelmed even though I think Urban Decay do the best palettes out there. When I first received mine I still wasn’t really wowed, it looked nice but so many palette are nice.

A month and a half on and I am head over heels in love with it, it even made it into my favourite palette video a few weeks ago, it’s a truly beautiful palette. It’s weird because it isn’t at all ground breaking, 12 or so good shades, two or three I won’t wear but still some how I have been reaching for it more than any other palette. There are some really great everyday colours, with the perfect amount of shimmer and sheen. I’ve been using this palette for both day and night- I just can’t get enough of the colours, all of which are named after something Gwen Stefani related which is really fun!

I really didn’t think I need another eyeshadow palette but this one really proved that there is always space for one as long as it is good enough.

I’m pretty sure it’s limited edition so I’d recommend picking it up soon- you won’t regret it.

£40 available from Debenhams and all good Urban Decay Stockists.

PS. click here to see palette in action 

1. One day I might need that black lipstick
2. 400 nail polishes is a normal collection
3. But it’s sooooo pretty!
4. I need to keep the collection together, I can’t get rid of two lipsticks.
5. I want to find a way to make it work
6. I need options
7. It was limited edition, I’ll never be able to replace it.
8. They’re similar but they’re not the same
9. I’m a collector and that’s part of my collection
10. One is my pale foundation, the other is my normal foundation, my tanned foundation, my fake tanned foundation, my really fake tanned foundation and I can use that one for contouring.

And by beauty hoarders I clearly mean myself… but I’m trying to get better!

YSL packaging is always something special but the Kiss & Love collection is even more beautiful than usual, it’s truly a collectors item and I think I might have spent a whole entire day just staring at it.

The collection is made up of a beautiful palette, four lipsticks and the classic Touche Eclat. I almost feel a bit silly writing this post as I haven’t used the products but I also don’t plan to, I’m simply going to add them to my collection of pretty items that I will probably never use. 

I don’t have the palette but it looks like a perfect, wearable palette for the eye, lips and cheek. The Touche Eclat is a product that I actually have a few tubes of but in the original gold packaging, it’s not a product I reach for daily but it’s a great product to use to highlight and add luminosity to the face. I also have the lipstick in Le Nu, a fuchsia shade with the lipstick print embossed in the bullet and on the cap but again it’s been too pretty to use! 

I actually have the leopard print limited edition packaging from 2013 and I’m pretty sad that I missed out of the polka dot one from last year but I will be making the effort to collected any limited edition Touche Eclat from now on. 

The collection is available nationwide  November 4th but I would act quickly as I suspect it might sell out. It’s a beautiful present for any makeup addict for Christmas but it’s also a really beautiful product to add to your collection or to your makeup bag. 

Will you be adding this stunning collection to your own collection or to your makeup bag?

The most recent fragrance to my collection is Jo Malone’s Sakura Cherry Blossom Cologne which has arrived just in time for spring. It is one of their Blue Skies and Blossom fragrances which has two other scents also based around blossoms. They are all light, floral and perfect for spring.

Although floral scents are very popular they are also not everyone favourite but this is a very demure delicate scent blended with notes of rose and bergamot (probably which I love it so much) and very easy to wear.

Although this scent is beautiful my favourite from the Blue Skies and Blossom collection is probably Osmanthus Blossom with notes of petigrain, apricot and peach but all three are stunning and perfect for this time of year.

Like all the Jo Malone Fragrances this collection comes in a beautiful gift box. It is out now and each 100ml bottle is £86 and is limited edition so if you are looking for a new spring fragrance check these out soon!

Now that I have my first Jo Malone fragrance I already have my eye on Pomegranate Noir as well as Peony & Blush Suede.