jo malone fragrance jo malone perfume jo malone perfume combining jo maone creamWhen it comes to beauty, fragrance is probably the thing I know the least about. I know what I like and what I don’t but not really why and I am absolutely useless at describing scents.

I was told a while ago that Jo Malone fragrances are designed to be layered, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them all individually but instead that you can makeup something perfect for you by mixing two perfumes together. Since I know very little about fragrance I never gave this a go, I was interested in the concept but too scared to try it myself.

I recently popped into Jo Malone to find out a little more and for my own Fragrance Combining Consolation. Naturally we went through to find the sort of scents that I like but we also spoke about my favourite colour and my happy place. I mentioned that I really loved the new Fragrance Intense Orris and Sandal wood which she recommended I could layer with either Mimosa and Cardamom or Blackberry and Bay. I’m actually not a huge fan of Mimosa & Cardamom but combined with Orris and Sandalwood is the most perfect scent for me.

I ended up picking my favourite combination as Blackberry & Bay with Wood Sage & Sea Salt. The other interesting thing is that you can layer with their Body Cremes too and not just with the actual colognes, I ended up getting Wood Sage & Sea Salt as a Body Creme (although the Cologne is top of my wishlist) which I plan to wear under my Blackberry & Bay Cologne but apparently Mimosa & Cardamom also works well!

I feel like I’ve just added so many new fragrances to my collection just by learning with ones work well layered together, it’s amazing that mixing two fragrances can take an evening fragrance and turn it into a funner day one. I also just discovered the Jo Malone France Combining Tool on their website so I can’t wait to discover which other of my fragrances I can wear together!

I’d highly recommend popping into a Jo Malone store for a Fragrance Combining Consultation which are available in most stores, particularly if you’re after a signature scent, are getting married or just love fragrance!

Have you tried layering fragrance? Which fragrances do you like to layer?

1. One day I might need that black lipstick
2. 400 nail polishes is a normal collection
3. But it’s sooooo pretty!
4. I need to keep the collection together, I can’t get rid of two lipsticks.
5. I want to find a way to make it work
6. I need options
7. It was limited edition, I’ll never be able to replace it.
8. They’re similar but they’re not the same
9. I’m a collector and that’s part of my collection
10. One is my pale foundation, the other is my normal foundation, my tanned foundation, my fake tanned foundation, my really fake tanned foundation and I can use that one for contouring.

And by beauty hoarders I clearly mean myself… but I’m trying to get better!

A while ago I fell in love with the Rodial bathing balm, it is ultimate in luxury bathing. It smells amazing, has beautiful packaging, provides a gorgeously relaxing amount of bubbles and has a price tag to prove it. £35 is a little more expensive than my usual Radox bubble baths so I soon tucked it away for special occasion when I really needed a pamper.

Recently I discovered The Body Shop HoneyMania Bubble Bath Melt which is a more affordable but still luxurious, smells A-mazing and leaves the bath filled with bubbles. Although I still think there is something a little more luxurious about the Rodial Balm, I think The Body Shop HoneyMania is a great alternative. If you are looking for a bath which smells of honey and is filled with bubbles this is your product.

What is your favourite luxury bubble bath? Have you tried the Laura Mercier Creme Brulee?

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I would be lying if I were to say I’m not attracted to gold packaging however when I thought it couldn’t get any better YSL went and added Leopard Print to their Touch Eclat!

The Touche Eclat is an absolute beauty industry favourite but the Go Wild limited edition makes it just that little bit more special! I’m not sure I can bring myself to use this, it seems like a perfect makeup collectors product!

I’ve also fallen in love with the new YSL advert, how could you not fall in love with Cara Delevingne and Jordan Dunn?! It’s the ultimate sexy, glamorous and fun ad!

Out in April 2014 the YSL Touche Eclat Collectiors 2014 Go Wild is the perfect luxe item for just £25.

Have you tried the YSL Touche Eclat?
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Admittedly I am a comfort eater however t to avoid putting on any more weight I am turning to the next best thing to get me through autumn- beauty products. When I say comfort products I am talking those truly luxurious products that warm you from the outside in and that you can count on to make everything a little bit better.

If I had to chose one product out of the lot it would be Neom Candles as they are my ultimate autumn pick me up. They simply smell amazing and make me feel so warm inside, I actually look forward to autumn just so I can use them!

Then we have skin care and I look for moisture as central heating and the cold air seem to make my skin a little crazy. I love the cult favourite Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour cream for super dry patches, elbows, cuticles and general sores. For the face I love the Emma Hardy Rejuvenating Night Cream everything from the packaging to the thick formula screams comfort! It is pretty heavy so I don’t use it everyday and use it more as a treatment. To brighten and hydrate my skin I count on Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask (I’m about to get this out as soon as I finish this post!) and as I can not bare to stand half naked creaming my body I think the Nuxe Dry Oil is perfect, just a few quick sprays, a quick rub and I am ready to go.

I find for me having a tan really helps my mood so I rely on a little fake tan to get me through the cold months. I love LDN Skins but have a bottle of He-Shi Tan to try for the first time tonight and am already very excited to wake up all nice and brown.

But still the most luxurious product of all is Rodial Bathing Balm. It is super relaxing, comforting and just pretty amazing! However it is also very pricey, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative (cheaper, not cheap!) I adore Neal’s Yard Aromatic Foaming Bath.

I feel like I’m now ready for autumn, well I’ll be ready as soon as I find a pair of boots!

What are your favourite comfort products?
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