I simply can’t pass Duty Free without at least picking up a MAC lipstick, this time I picked up two perfect for summer and a few other bits. I’ve shared my opinion on my MAC palette here of you missed that. Sadly I don’t have any other holidays planned but I am pretty much mentally planning my next World Duty Free haul, it’ll include a few more MAC lipsticks, of course! What’s your favourite thing to pick up at Duty Free?

Morange, Peach Blosson, Vegas Volt, Pure Zen, Lady Danger and Brave

Packing lipstick is probably the hardest decision I have to make when packing, if I could take a small suitcase of lipsticks, liners and gloss I probably would. Even though that isn’t possible I ended up with six MAC lipsticks this summer and a couple from other brands too.

I’ve mentioned before that I am currently in love with MAC lipsticks so although I only originally packed four I ended up buying two more at the airport. I ended up with three everyday colours and three brighter real summer shades.

First lets talk nude everyday colours…

I packed Brave and Pure Zen but ended up getting Peach Blossom at the airport as it came highly recommended on Instagram. MAC Brave is a great everyday colour all year round with a beautiful semi-matte finish. It’s a mauve shade which everyone seems to be going crazy for but which I think works really well with most of my eye looks and can really be toned down (made less Kylie Jenner) with a good nude gloss. Pure Zen is a MAC shade which almost confuses me a little, I love it but I think it really doesn’t work on me by itself. Instead I use it to soften lip liners or tone down lipsticks but it’s actually a colour I probably couldn’t live without. Peach Blossom is one of my newest MAC lipsticks and although it didn’t blow me away it’s a fabulous everyday peach nude shade which has been living in my handbag for weeks now.

The bold shade I ended up reaching for the most was my airport purchase Morange, it really isn’t the easiest colour too as it’s a really bright neon orange but it’s just perfect for holiday with a tan. I’m not sure I’ll be reaching for this again until next summer but it’s the perfect airport MAC lipstick purchase. I also took Lady Danger as my summer time red but didn’t end up wearing Vegas Volt as I forgot my orange liner and felt that Morange offered a more intense orange. Vegas Volt is a great more wearable orange which can really be intensified with an orange liner.

Now it’s time to start thinking about autumn/winter lipstick shades, leave your recommendations in the comments please….

Whilst in World Duty Free at the end of July, I was frantically trying to decided what I should buy before boarding my plane (haul coming soon!). I’d had my eye on the MAC Warm Neutral Palette, £65 for a while however it’s pretty expensive and I probably definitely don’t need another palette but in the airport I simply could resist and ended up getting it. (It’s about £10 cheaper in Duty Free) 

It’s silly because it makes me so happy even though I know I really don’t need it and will probably not use it very much but I’ve always always wanted a full completed MAC palette. Colour wise it’s very pretty, I love the coppers and the shimmery browns but I do think it has a few too may light colours which on the eye all look fairly similar and it’s missing a nice matte transition or crease colour and could do with some darker shades. 

My favourite shades would probably be Gingersnap and Amber Lights which are both beautiful lid colours. I think these palettes are very much aimed at makeup artists, I think the colours are almost too similar, it isn’t a travel friendly palette but it is far more cost effective than building your own MAC palette which would cost around £170. Whilst on holiday I had both this palette and the Urban Decay Original Naked Palette and ended up using that much more but I’ll let you know how I get on. 

If it ends up getting little use, at least looking at it makes me very happy. (I realise that’s a little ridiculous!)

I stopped using my MAC lipsticks for a little while but I have now fallen in love with them again and can’t stop buying them. I find that my lipstick choices change quite a lot depending on the season and today I thought I would share my favourite Spring/Summer lipsticks, if you enjoy this one I’ll share my Autumn/Winter Favourites towards the end of the year.

I’ve already added Faux to my list as so many people have recommended it, might have to pick some more MAC lipsticks over the weekend. 

I have been getting quite a lot of requests for What’s In My Handbag, I’m hoping to upload one onto YouTube soon but until then I thought I would share what is currently in my clutch bag. I love downsizing in the summer to a smaller bag, which I can carry either day and night, this one is great as I think tan goes with everything in the summer and it’s a great size too.

Inside I have a few essentials although I have downsized them my smaller bag, I usually carry my full size Michael Kors purse but in my clutch I go for just the coin purse and add my Aspinal of London Card Holder for my bank card and oyster.

I then have some new Tampax Compak Pearl which are my current tampons of choice as I find them to be more discreet as they have fun, stylish wrappers which are also much quieter and softer. Although they are a small size they still have a compact size applicator which is really important to me. There are four wrappers which were co-created with leading fashion trend experts so that even your tampons can be on trend!

My current sunglasses are from StylistPick, I love Tortoiseshell Sunglasses but these have peach handles to make they extra summery. My keys are nothing special, just car keys and house keys with a couple of key rings. I also rarely leave the house with my portable charger and phone wire as my iPhone runs out of battery far too quick, this Anker one is pretty big and pretty heavy but it also charges my phone6+ times so I would highly recommend it! My phone case from Iconemsis, is one I have had for quite a long time but the quality is excellent, I’ve never had a case that has lasted so long and looked so good!

Of course my handbag wouldn’t be complete without a few beauty bits although I think it’s quite tame. I have the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, Bobbi brown Sheer Finishing Powder (which I use mainly for the mirror), a few lipsticks (Mac Lady Danger and Clinique Cheek Pop), Illamasqua Precision Ink and some Boots Wipes.

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