Before I get carried away with red and gold glitter nails for the Christmas period I thought I would share what I currently have on my nails. It’s always great to see bloggers releasing products so I was very excited to see Estee Lalonde’s (previously Essie Button) collaboration with The Body Shop.

They are releasing the Estee Lalonde Nail Art Kit, which comes with three nail colours and a nail art pen. The three nail shades included are Got The Blues, Deeply in Love and Gorgeous Grey- all perfectly picked as they are great all year round colours. The most autumnal shade is probably the Deeply in Love shade which is the one I went for. It has a great brush, dried quickly and applied evenly with two coats. Although I’m not a huge nail art fan I couldn’t resist using the dotting tool, I decided to dot a single Got the Blues dot at the base of my nail and I really like the clash of colour.

Really lovely nail art kit with especially beautiful nail shades and it’s out today for just £15. Stock is limited and they will only be available in certain stores so I’d recommend you start looking soon if you’re looking to pick one up.

I love discovering new brands and my most recent discovery is Palette London, a british brand of nail polish which not only sells nail polishes but also make bespoke shades and allows you to create your own.

Like any normal nail polish brand Palette London has a core collection of nail polishes, each retailing between £12 and £13.50, the range has some really beautiful shades and even some great glitters. What makes the brand stand out however, is the bespoke service it offers and which I haven’t seen elsewhere. Just like in the DIY paint shops you can take a swatch of a colour and they will make you that exact shade. The swatch can be a piece of fabric, your favourite dress, a beautiful flower or even a fruit.

This is a great service it comes with a very premium price tag, for £50 you get one single nail polish or for £75 you get the bespoke polish, base coat and top coat. I’m potentially not their target market but I just can’t see myself ever paying £50 for any nail polish, especially as I believe that if I looked hard enough I could find any exact colour I wanted. You also get only 8ml of product which is almost half an OPI bottle. For that price I would want really luxe packaging, something that rivals Christian Louboutians packaging (which costs a ridiculous £36 but is still £14 cheaper than this one) but instead I find this packaging to be very similar to that of a very inexpensive brands.

A cheaper alternative for those anyone creative and wanting to make their own nail polishes at home is their ‘create your own’ collection, which comes with five colours which you mix together. Once again at £50 I think this is an expensive set and I think that anyone that can afford it simply would want to spend the time making it. If they brought the price down to £20 then I think it would work well for teens that are interested in making their own polish but I don’t think it currently justifies the £50 price tag.

Although this might be a slightly more negative review than usual I really wanted to share it as I think it’s a great idea and I’m hoping to see the brand grow. The packaging lets the brand down especially as it’s such a premium priced product but changing this would easily make the brand feel more expensive and premium.

Looking forward to following the growth of Palette London and would love to hear your thoughts below.

Every year I wait patiently for summer to roll around so that I can start wearing bright nails, but weirdly this year I’ve been more excited about the autumn nail shades and I am so happy to finally be wearing dark plum and navy on my nails.

I love the Soigne packaging, colours and the quality of their polishes. I don’t always love more traditional reds and pinks but this is just dark enough that I love it! Soigne in Seduisant is a really classic shade, which looks good with everything and has proved a real staple in my collection over the last weeks.

Although I’m not typically a huge glitter wearer all year round I start to get very attracted to them around this time of the year with bomb fire night, party season, Christmas and New Year all around the corner. I think I’ll do another post with my favourite glitters but at the moment I’ve been most drawn to Ciate in Putting On the Ritz which is a rose gold and gold glitter with uneven pieces of glitter, unlike any other glitter polish I have seen.

A great alternative to black is Topshop Wardrobe which is a slightly grey dark blue shade, Topshop polishes are really affordable and always have lovely colours. I love a good navy in autumn but this one is a little more unusual than most.

My favourite of all has been Nails Inc Midnight Merlot which is a dark, rich aubergine shade that I find looks very classic and also quite sexy. I’ve been wearing this almost non-stop as it applies really easily, dries quickly and more importantly wears really well. This is my absolute must have autumn/winter shade, it’s perfect!

Potentially not to every ones taste but I have been loving khaki nails recently, I think it’s fun but wearable. Essie Sew Psyched is a dusty green which applies as beautifully as all Essie polishes and is a great alternative to wine shades for autumn.

What are your favourite autumn nail polishes?

I can’t get enough of orange nails recently so when this came in the door I instantly replaced my nail varnish. I haven’t tried anything from the Butter Patent Shiner 10X range as it’s a new range which is free of most nail polish nasties and designed to be long-wearing, promote brighter, stronger, healthier nails.

It applied really well with two coats and I was surprised at how quickly it tried. As it’s the Patent Shine range I was really expecting a super glossy nail, instead it was just similar to a regular Gel or Top Coat finish and looks very polished on the nail.

I have only been wearing it for five days or so but have found there to be no chips or major tip-wear although I’d be interested to see if it does smooth, strengthen and make nail visibily brighter as it claims.

I went for the colour Jolly Good and its a perfect summer shade of coral both for hands and toes!

I had planned a different Manicure Monday for today but as soon as these arrived I just had to share them, they were the perfect addition for another beautiful day in London!

I’ve actually never heard too much about Jacava London but the pastel shades and gold lids caught my attention instantly, it’s a luxury British nail polish brand which 9-free brand meaning it doesn’t include nine of the toxic ingredients which some polishes contain. Instead they are formulated with Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil and vitamin E as well as being vegan friendly.

This pastel collection is their SS15 collection, inspired by honeyed colours of an exotic beach, the sunset, sea and pastel rainbow that fall in-between. I can’t comment too much on longevity and wear as I only received them this morning but was surprised how well these colours applied with two coats. They were opaque and streak-free in just two coats, each colour I tried was even more beautiful than the last, I’m sure I’ll be getting lots of wear out of this collection.

The only negative I see with the brush is that it is longer than what I am use to which I find allows for slightly less control although it does cover the nail quite well. I tried Delicate Peach, Pink Ice and Park Lane but would be unable to pick a favourite, they’re all so beautiful!