holly fulton 16 lfwthe apartment kikkik deskI have been blogging for quite a long time and have attended about 10 seasons of LFW now (no idea how!) but this season I decided to say no to every show I was invited to.  Don’t get me wrong I felt really fortunate to even be considered to attend and I really am thankful but I’m not really too sure LFW benefits me and my blog that much.

Last season I planned to attend 2 full days but shows started to run late meaning I couldn’t make it backstage for following shows and had to let the PR’s, who had been kind enough to offer me tickets, down. Other than that it’s also quite tiring, it’s fine if you have car which follows you around but rushing from location to location in high heels is stressful and painful. On top of that all I’m just not a fashion blogger, yes I might write the occasional outfit post but there are people at fashion week that very much have ‘fashion week outfits’. These are outfits that they wouldn’t wear anywhere else but fashion week and that will probably get them photographed- I’m just not that person and I feel terribly out of place in my boots/trainers, jumper and jeans.

Instead this season I decided to attend The Apartment, pop in to see Maybelline to find out what looks they had been creating as well as visit the Toni & Guy event to check out their new products. It was all far more enjoyable although Patricia, Ellie and Josie did convince me to take their spare ticket to Holly Fulton and break my no show rule for the season but since I wasn’t backstage or rushing to another show afterwards I actually really enjoyed it!

So a little bit more about what I did do…

The Apartment is a blogger lounge set up by Abi which I’ve actually been going to for 5 or 6 seasons. The whole concept is amazing as it’s a great place to relax between shows (or just relax in my case), meet other bloggers, grab a bite to eat and get your nails/hair/makeup done. Abi’s Apartment seems to get bigger every year and there were some truly beautiful brands. For beauty there was Eylure, Priv and Mark Hill so naturally I had my hair done by Mark Hill and lashes by Eylure. Mark Hill kindly added some beachy waves to my hair with a really small wand which would usually frighten me but it really worked plus the lovely girl at Eylure recommend some lashes which would work best with my eye shape which was really helpful!

For fashion sponsors included Russell & Bromley, Boden, Astley Clarke (which do the most beautiful bracelet) and loads more! I attended the afternoon tea with Caravelle which was filled with lots of delicious cakes from Aubaine and Krispy Kremes. Of course they also had a display with all the watches and Caravelle is a really great affordable options if you’re looking for a new watch.

Oh and the apartments desk were ultimate desk goals, they had a Urban Outfitters and a Kikki.K desk and I naturally fell in love with them both, would happily move them both into my house!

the apartment lfwlwf hairmaybellineAs I mentioned I also popped in to see Maybelline who sponsored a few of the shows, I’m going to talk more about the products over the next few weeks but it was great to see their products in action to create a really beautiful wearable nude look. I haven’t tried the Maybelline The Nudes palette yet but I will be adding it to my collection asap!

My final non-LFW stop was with the lovely people at Toni & Guy, I had my hair done by one of their stylists and the technique she used was really interesting! She used a hair straightener and the waves were created by the way she pushed the hair through the plates, if you’re interested I can do a whole post on this, it was easy but affective! Toni & Guy are releasing a new hair perfume which smells of the iconic T&G smell although I spotted a Volume Lotion which is what I am dying to get my hands on.

And that was how I spent my two days of non-LFW, if you don’t already I post daily on my Snapchat so add the username ‘alittleobsessed’.


Today is a bit of a preview to my absolute favourite drugstore products which I will share with you tomorrow but I thought I would quickly go through the UK drugstore brands, what products I like and which I love. I’m hoping it might help anyone that is a little scared of drugstore, looking for great affordable products or someone coming to the UK and looking to get a few products which you might not be able to get in other countries.

B. (available here)
My top pick: Brush Cleanser
Available exclusively in Superdrugs B. is quite a new brand and I haven’t tried too much from them, their brushes are quite nice but their brush cleanser is my favourite!

Barry M (available here)
My top pick: Nail Paints
One of the best brands to pick up whilst in the UK as it still isn’t too widely available everywhere else, their Dazzle Dust are quite underrated if you love shimmery shadow but their nail paints are a must try and very affordable. They offer everything from nail care to glitter and gel effect polishes.

Bourjois (available here)
My top pick: Healthy Balance Powder
Available quite readily in Europe Bourjois has really high quality products at great prices. Although their foundations break me out I think they are a great drugstore option for anyone that doesn’t have sensitive skin. Their blushers are some of my absolute favourites but their concealers and lipsticks are also worth a look.

Collection (available here)
My top pick: Lasting Perfection Concealer
Very affordable drugstore brand, I personally find the Lasting Perfection Concealer a little drying but it’s very affordable and highly rated by so many people that it’s a must try.

Gosh (available here)
My top pick: Velvet Touch Liners
Surprisingly this was the hardest brand for me to pick a top product from, everything is nice but there isn’t really anything I can’t live without. Other than the Velvet liners, the lipsticks and blushers are also both really nice.

L’Oreal (available here)
My top pick: True Match Foundation
L’Oreal True Match foundation is an absolute must have with a nice colour selection but the liners, neutral eyeshadow palettes and lipsticks are also worth picking up.

Makeup Revolution (available here)
My top pick: Eyeshadow Palettes
Known for offering affordable alternative to cult beauty products, their palettes and lipsticks are great alternatives to highend brands.

MaxFactor (available here)
My top pick: Mascaras
Although I love the whole range, no other drugstore brand offers better volumising mascaras than MaxFactor, I don’t have a particular favourite but all the ones I have tried have been great.

Maybelline (available here)
My top pick: Instant Eye Eraser Concealer
Great all round brand but the Instant Eye Eraser is a great alternative to highend concealers and I would quite happily swap my usual cocnealer for it. I also really like Dream Flawless Nude Foundation, Brow Satin Eye Pencil and their Color Sensational Lipsticks.

Models Own (available here)
My top pick: Nail Polishes
Models Own started by offering nail polishes and I still think it’s what they do best. My favourite colours are Beach Bag and Utopia although their Hypergel and glitters are generally great ranges.

MUA (available here)
My top pick: Luxe Velvet Lipsticks
Anther super inexpensive UK beauty brand, their eyeshadow palettes are also great value for money!

Real Techniques (available here)
My top pick: Core Collection brushes
Probably my favourite brush brand, their original collection is still by far my favourite along with their sponge, I would personally skip the bold metals collection (although they look beautiful) as they’re pricier and not as soft.

Revlon (available here)
My top pick: Colorstay Foundation (particularly for oily skins)
Revlon is a great brand for almost everything and it has quite a makeup artist feel to it. If you like lip crayons then Revlon do the best affordable ones.

Rimmel (available here)
My top pick: Exaggerate Lipliner in Eastend Snob
Theres so many great items from Rimmel, the whole Exaggerate range is excellent, I love their lipsticks and I reach for their foundations and concealers regularly.

Sleek Makeup (available here)
My top pick: Contour Kit
Has a special place in my heart as I use to blog about Sleek endlessly when I first started blogging. Palettes, blushers and Matte Me in Birthday Suit are all well loved in my collection.

Soap & Glory (available here)
My top pick: Kick Ass Concealer
Slightly higher price point in comparison for drugstore products but I adore their body products. Other great product include Brow Archery, Supercat liner and Thick & Fast Mascara

Topshop (available here)
My top pick: Lipsticks
Not strictly drugstore as it’s available only in Topshop stores but a great price point. All the lip products, blushers, bronzers and nail polishes I have tried have been fab but the glow highlighter has to be the best cream affordable one I own.

Would love to hear your drugstore recommendation in the comments, are there any drugstore secrets I am missing?

I usually like to do my monthly favourites as a video but I wasn’t terribly happy with this months video and also didn’t to share my favourites too late so I thought I would instead share them as a blog post.

I know people say this every single month but I am shocked by just how quickly the year has been going, I can’t believe it’s May next month and then June. Crazy.

This month I have been loving the Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude Foundation which I review earlier this month (here). If you like to change over to a lighter foundation for the spring/summer this is a great, affordable foundation to go for. The coverage is still very buildable but it blends effortlessly into the skin, giving a natural but flawless finish.

I also stumbles across the new EcoTools Complexion Collection brushes brushes, if I’m honest I judged them by their cover and as they are a bright yellow wood with a teal ferrule I wasn’t expecting too much. However as all my other brushes were dirty I gave them a try and I haven’t looked back since. They really buff the product in with minimal effort and I think there is potential for it to become my favourite foundation brush. I do find the smallest concealer brush to be very scratchy but other than that they are excellent and very affordable.

My primer of choice has been the This Work In Transit Camera Close Up which is superior to any other primer I have tried as it is also a moisturiser and mask in one. As my skin is a little dehydrated I really feel it helps my makeup apply more smoothly but more than anything it makes it last all day long.

My favourite launch of the month is the Clinique Pop Lip + Primer, the colour range is vast, they are creamy and pigmented too. Beige Pop has been my chosen shade all month but I can see myself working my way through the colours and falling in love along the way.

On my nails this month I have had two pastel shades; Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust and Nails Inc VB Bamboo White. They are very different price points with Nails Inc VB Bamboo White being quite pricey, that said it’s probably one of my favourite every colours, the quality is beautiful, it dries quickly and last longer than most. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in Eat My Dust is far more affordable and is my go-to colour when I need something that will dry very quick. It’s a fun pastel blue which isn’t too in your face and although I don’t find it particularly long lasting it does have pigmentation and shine.

A new discovery is Bondi Sands Fake Tan Lotion, I’ve been going between the dark and light lotion this month (if I’m honest it’s because I have misplaced the dark one). It applies really well with no streaks and doesn’t take too long to dry, the colour isn’t quite the darkest but I just love that it fades very evenly whereas I find myself having to painfully scrub other tans off to avoid patchiness.

Looking forward to trying some new products in April, even some brighter colours.

Although L’Oreal True Match is probably my favourite foundation ever, I still don’t trust drugstore foundations anywhere near as much as I do highend foundations. I think there is still something in my mind that tells me higher price= better product but of course that isn’t always the case.

My newest drugstore discovery is Maybelline Dream Flawless Nude which I had previously ignored until I saw it on Grace’s skin and it really left her with a flawless, airbrushed finish. There have been a whole range of reviews on this foundation and it probably isn’t one that suits everyone but I’ve been loving it but it’s so affordable it really is worth a try.

It is a runny texture and since I haven’t tried many fluid foundations I don’t have much to compare it to. I quite like to use my fingers to apply foundation but a brush really works with this foundation (I’ll share my new favourite brush soon!), I simply apply a little to my face and buff it in. It blends effortlessly, feels silky smooth and is very light in texture. It covers all redness and really helps even out my skin but without masking my skin.

I do however see there being a downside in that there are only seven shades and I believe there is only one shade darker than I am using, I’m a light/light-medium shade so this isn’t one for anyone medium+.

At under £9 I am really impressed by this foundation, I haven’t reached for anything else since I got it and although it might not be my absolute favourite, it is up there and perfect for normal day wear.

Wearing only this foundation on the skin in photo above, with no concealer/powder

We all know that I love boring brown eyeshadow palettes and the thought of putting colour on my lids actually scares me. However this Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow  Palette (in Luminous Browns) seems to be the perfect middle grown between colours and boring browns. It has three ‘safe’ colours and an autumnal rusty orange colour which I surprisingly loved. I never thought I would wear an orange eyeshadow but the surrounding colours really made it wearable and the quality of the shadow itself was impressive; pigmented and blendable. It’s probably one of the better drugstore eyeshadow palettes which I have tried. 
To make the orange even more wearable I piled up the mascara and used my favourite Too Faced Better Than Sex as nothing gives me more volume. I added black liner, Clinique Bronzer and a little highlight under the brow with Benefit High Grow Glow to finish the look along with my everyday Lipstick MAC Patisserie
What is your go-to autumnal eyeshadow palette? Have you tried any great drugstore products recently?