Fashion Week is usually quite a busy one and although I always tell myself I won’t be doing much I always end up saying yes to way more than I should and there just seems to be so many events even if I don’t actually go to that many shows. Add that to the change in season and my body slowly trying to adjust and it usually becomes a very busy and a bit of a stressful time but I have a few bits that I come back to for a little TLC.

My favourite way to end a stressful day is with a hot bath, a good cleanser and some extra skincare bits that I may sometimes miss out. I have been unable to stop using the Omorovicza Thermal Cleansing balm, it’s pretty expensive and I’m more than half way through mine but it’s just the most luxurious and relaxing one I have. It’s a great one to use for a facial massage as it’s quite an oily and can be used all over the face and eyes. I like to spend an extra 10 minutes on this and really get my blood flowing around my skin, it’s really relaxing and really helps revitalise my tired skin.

Following that I will take care of my eye area which is always affected by my lack of sleep and I find a good cooling eye cream really helps relax me before bed. I follow that with a nice heavy night cream such as the Monu Extra Rich Night Cream one which I have really been loving this week (and I even wear it during the day!). I find that as soon as my skin gets a little dry my makeup just doesn’t last as long and really looks cakey, a good cream can help combat this and add radiance back to into my skin.

My favourite pre-sleep product however is the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray as I find it to really help me unwind and get a good nights sleep. I have the original and the Sleep Plus version, I choose between them depending on just how tired I am and find that even if I don’t get eight hours sleep, I am always a little more rested when I use this.

A great product for the morning is the Skyn Iceland Cooling Eye Patches, they come in their own little sachet so are perfect for travel and I like to put them on any time that I feel my eyes are a little puffy and I find that they really help cool and de-puff my eyes.

What products get you through a stressful time?

I realised whilst analysing my stats at the end of last year that although my Glossy Box posts don’t get too many comments they do get read quite a lot so I am hoping that these reviews will run all year.

I received the January box this morning and realised they had made a few changes to the box. The normal box ‘menu’ now comes in more of a leaflet/magazine form which I am in two minds about; you get more information but looks a little cheaper than the card they use to use. I feel like it is moving towards the magazine supplements which other beauty box include as it has a letter from the Glossy Box team and a little about new year resolutions.

This months box is conveniently a detox box to help you recover from the indulgent holiday season. I opened the menu first (I like the layout) and was quite happy with the content but when I actually opened the box there was an unexpected little extra which made me like the box more. I love it when I see brands I love and trust in the box mixed with just a few new brands as I feel it’s easier to digest, one new brand at a time. Inside was Monu, Elemis Fresh Skin, Jason, Duck Island Limited and Paul Mitchell. The standard product I wasn’t wow’d by nor disappointed by is the Duck Island Limited Body Lotion, I like it, will use it but it doesn’t stand out. On the menu they mentioned the Paul Mitchell Super Strong Shampoo and conditioner so I was a little disappointed to find that I got the Conditioner and not the shampoo, I don’t love conditioner so this may be pushed aside.

The Jason Lips Bee Healthier is a product that I already own and at a regular price of £1.99 it isn’t really a treat although everyone needs a good lip balm. Stand out products for me were a Elemis Fresh Skin Skin Glow Facial Exfoliator as I have never tried it but am always on the look out for a good exfoliator and the Monu Aromatic Mask. The mask was the top product for me, I love Monu but have actually only tried it though Glossy Boxes, I have been meaning to buy some for myself so was excited to see a new product to try! It’s a clay warming facial mask which is nice, especially in the winter and I will be trying it tonight.

The added extra was a sleeping mask which I am super excited to use! It’s perfect for during the day naps when it’s still a little bright in my room even with the curtains closed.

What did you get in your Glossy Box?
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